Watch TV Buryatia and Ulan Ude online – live

On the territory of Buryatia, there are about eight TV companies responsible for broadcasting, both local and federal channels. The main ones are the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company “Buryatia”, which is a branch of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, “Tivik”, and “Arig Us”, the first non-state company located in Ulan Ude. The last two of them at different times collaborated with TV6, TVS, Ren TV and TNT channels, and later started producing their own programs, which are very popular with the audience of the region, and broadcast in Buryat and Russian. In addition to its own content, television in Buryatia and Ulan Ude, in particular, broadcasts Russian federal channels, information, sports and entertainment topics. On the page of our site, without making any special efforts,you can watch all channels of Ulan Ude and Buryatia online in local time for free and without registration, while in excellent quality.
The best federal channels All you need is a compact gadget and fast internet.

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