TV online for free Sverdlovsk time in good quality

Yekaterinburg TV company OTV has been broadcasting around the clock since 1997 on the territory of the Middle Urals, covering 105 settlements. The channel informs the residents of the region about all the most important news in Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region, and also creates its own programs that are of great interest to viewers. Russian federal channels broadcast
in accordance with the time zone. It is very easy to watch Sverdlovsk public television online, as well as federal online TV in Sverdlovsk time on our website – all channels are in good quality:
Russia 1
First channel
NTVMoreover, this is a completely free service. The most popular information, educational and entertainment programs of Channel One, NTV, Russia, TNT, STS and other federal channels of the country are available by Sverdlovsk time to all Internet users who have visited our website.

Digital television
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