Live broadcast on Irkutsk time in good quality for free

Alternative Irkutsk Television Studio, or in abbreviated form, AIST is a regional channel of the Irkutsk region, has been broadcasting since August 1990. This is the city’s only media resource operating around the clock. AIST broadcasts news, political, historical and entertainment programs for all categories of the population. In addition, the residents of the region have access to most of the federal channels in Russia, the broadcasts of which take place in compliance with the local time zone. Using our website, you can watch online regional television of Irkutsk and digital television programs of the Russian Federation in Irkutsk time in excellent HD quality and completely free of charge – all channels in excellent quality:
TNT Irkutsk
Other federal channels To do this, it is not necessary to be near the TV, but it is enough to have a laptop, tablet or smartphone at hand and enjoy the most interesting content anywhere and anytime in real time.

Digital television
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