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As it is sung in an old Soviet song: “The song helps us to build and live …”. And in fact, in fact, it is difficult to imagine life without music, which daily awakens feelings, gives a charge of positive emotions and inspires actions. Favorite melodies are always with us at different moments of life, when it is sad and joyful. No festive event is complete without music, be it a birthday or a wedding, and even if it sounds just in the background, creating a certain mood, the world becomes different and changes colors. You can watch music channels online in excellent HD quality at any time on our website for free – live broadcast: Music of the First:
Muz TV:
Bridge TV Deluxe HD:
Music Box Russian
MTV Hits:
On our site for avid music lovers, regardless of age and social status, there is a huge selection of live music channels online, where you can hear and see vivid clips of modern performers and ponastalgic to the hits of past years. Among the popular music channels where you can listen and watch music on TV online for free right now, it is worth noting such as:
Bridge TV ,
Muz TV ,
RU TV, Heat and this is not a complete list. Only the best content with the participation of domestic and foreign performers of various genres has gathered here. Round-the-clock broadcasts of media resources are flavored with the witty humor of their regular hosts, in addition, viewers will receive hit parades, interviews with show business stars and live performances.

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