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TV “Ukraine” is one of the most watched channels in the country and, in accordance with this, has the status of a nationwide, occupying a leading position in popularity among viewers of all age categories. The media resource is mostly engaged in the production of its own content. This applies to TV shows and movies. Such series as “Cote d’Azur”, “Doctor on duty”, “Do not renounce” and many others, during the broadcast have earned the love of a wide audience. And the war drama about the famous Ukrainian woman sniper of the Great Patriotic War Lyudmila Pavlichenko was also created with the direct participation of the channel. The content of the TV channel “Ukraine” is collected on our website in full and you can watch it online at any convenient time in good HD quality – live broadcast for free:
Also among the most famous and rated projects of the channel is the discussion show “Ukraine Speaks”, which discusses burning topics and situations from which no one is immune. For several years of its existence, this program has influenced the lives of many people who turned to it. The TV channel “Ukraine” promotes the development of the spirit of patriotism among its viewers and devotes a lot of airtime to the history of the country, the tragedy of the free and, of course, the heroism of its outstanding personalities of the past. Such projects as “Nation Code”, “DNA. Portrait of a Nation ”,“ Resurrection of the Executed Revival ”. “Ranok with Ukraine” on the daily morning air, helps to wake up and tune in to a new day, Aleksey Sukhanov, host of the “Culinary Academy”, will teach you how to cook deliciously, and “Star Trek” will share the latest news from the world of show business.While about the main social and political events, Ukrainians will be informed by “Events of the day”.

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