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The national Ukrainian TV channel 1 + 1 occupies a leading position in the country’s television space and is part of the largest holding “1 + 1 Media”. The channel was founded in 1995 and positions itself as a family one. Throughout its development, 1 + 1 was not afraid to experiment and today is an example of professionalism and quality in the chosen infotainment field. On the page of our website, a live broadcast is available and you can familiarize yourself with the content of the 1 + 1 TV channel online and with free access in HD quality – a live broadcast of the Ukrainian channel one plus one:
The content offered by 1 + 1 has been carefully selected to suit the needs of every viewer, regardless of age. On the daily round-the-clock air: foreign and domestic serials of various genres, including those created with the direct participation of the channel, entertainment and educational programs with high ratings, which is not the last merit of the charismatic and charming hosts. The TSN news service is considered one of the most authoritative in Ukraine. Thanks to the well-coordinated and efficient work of the channel’s journalists, the viewer will learn about all social and political events in the country and the world, extremely quickly and informatively. Every morning, the Ukrainians are tuned into a working mood and energized together with the first cup of strong coffee “Snidanok c 1 + 1”.Here, the latest news in the field of fashion, show business and politics are covered in an easy and relaxed way, and movie and modern pop stars constantly take part in culinary projects. Serial production 1 + 1 deserves special mention. For a long time of creative work, the very name of the channel in the title credits is a definite sign of quality. And fruitful cooperation with the popular studio “Quarter 95” gave loyal viewers such famous comedy series as “The Last Moskal”, “Matchmakers” and “Servant of the People”. In addition, Kvartal 95 broadcasts on the air 1 + 1 a number of humorous programs and show concerts, among others it is worth noting Kiev Vecherniy, League of Laughter and Vecherniy Kvartal. 1 + 1 creates and produces their own shows. “Dancing with the Stars”, “Blind Wedding”, “Money”,”The Right to Power” and many other 1 + 1 projects have been in great demand by the audience for many seasons. It is noteworthy that the “pluses” became at one time the pioneer of Ukrainian television in the adaptation of popular foreign shows and continues to successfully cooperate with many world studios, such as Pixar and Disney.

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