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The new channel is a relatively young media resource in comparison with its other competitors in the television space of Ukraine and, in accordance with this, is distinguished by creativity and a positive attitude. After all, it is not for nothing that he wears a life-affirming green color. To have a good and fun time, you just need to go to our website and watch the New Channel online for free and without registration in hd quality:
The new channel has been broadcasting continuously since 1998, gradually gaining sympathy, which is growing into the love of a wide audience. The concept of the channel changed several times, until finally it settled on the entertainment theme, saying goodbye to news and sports programs. At the moment, the New Channel shares its popularity with 1 + 1 and Inter, and all this is due to the friendly work of the creative team, which strives to offer viewers all the best. The on-air broadcasting network consists of rating shows of various orientations. Among the most famous projects are such as “Inspector”, “Who is on top?”, “Top model in Ukrainian”, “Varyaty”. And for fans of cinema, films and TV series, both domestic and foreign, are broadcasted daily.

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