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The TV channel Inter has been broadcasting on the territory of Ukraine since 1996. Unlike other national media resources, programs here are broadcasted in two languages ​​- Ukrainian and Russian, which is quite a rare phenomenon for modern television in the country. Inter is one of the most popular channels operating on the territory of Ukraine, since it covers a wide thematic spectrum in order to interest any viewer. You can always watch the channel, Inter live on our website in HD quality – live broadcast:
The air of the new day regularly opens with “Morning and Interom”, which energizes and helps everyone wake up, regardless of age. After all, here you can find out the latest news, get useful advice, and funny morning cartoons are waiting for kids. From the channel’s own projects, it is worth mentioning separately the travel show “Eagle and Reshka”, which, due to its popularity among the audience, has managed to collect ten seasons and acquire other versions. The category of soulful programs can easily be attributed to the famous talk show “Concerns Everyone”, the romantic “Let’s Get Married” and the Ukrainian analogue “Wait for Me”. On weekends, charming Andrey Domansky will share his original recipes in his show Cooking Together. As for the news,the situation in Ukraine and abroad is regularly informed by the operational releases of the Podrobnosti program.

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