Watch the Civil Defense project on ICTV live online

Viewers, those who love military subjects, world mysteries, will surely like to watch the Civil Defense project online for free on the ICTV channel. Here for every day a variety of programs, films and documentary series about military series, political secrets in HD quality are offered. The live broadcast of the project “Civil Defense” on the ICTV channel is often built on the disclosure of unknown historical facts, secrets and epochal events – watch for free right now:
Civil defense according to ICTV is, by and large, a special project that allows you to “lift the veil of secrecy” about the work of special services, law enforcement agencies, and intelligence officers. The program today provides viewers with the opportunity to find out the answers to many questions about the development of modern science and technology, the hosts will probably debunk a lot of myths, the programs are free of charge in good quality. Often, the presenters and editors, on whom the live broadcast depends, themselves admit that the sources and experts are directly active employees of the GRU, the military, whose names are still “classified”. The live broadcast is full of interesting information, allows you to find answers to many interesting questions about geopolitics.

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