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A distinctive feature of TV 3 from other federal channels in Russia is its specific concept, which focuses on mystical programs and films. The TV channel began its work in 1994, gradually spreading its broadcasting practically throughout the territory of Russia, capturing not only large cities, but also regions, by 2002 having an impressive reach of the audience throughout the country. You can watch online live TV 3 in good quality thanks to our website live absolutely free – live broadcast right now: 2006 became a significant development period for TV 3, since at this time it becomes the property of the large domestic holding “Prof-Media” , thanks to which he soon established the production of his own content.As a result of the re-profiling, TV 3 receives the additional name “Real mystical”, choosing for itself thematic specifics, preferring in its broadcasting such popular genres as mysticism, fantasy and adventure. Another rebranding took place in the spring of 2011, when under the slogan “Amazing”, TV 3 changed its former name to “True optimistic”. Currently, the media resource, following the preferences of regular viewers, broadcasts documentaries, feature films, cartoons and the most popular modern TV series. It is worth noting separately such projects that deserved the love of the audience, such as “Urban Legends”, “X-versions. Other news ”,“ Mystical stories ”,“ Parallel world ”,“ Ghostbusters ”, which, among other things, the content offered by TV channel 3,can be appreciated at any convenient time, thanks to our site online and completely free.

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