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“Moscow … how much in this sound …” is a kind of unofficial slogan of the federal television channel TV Center, mostly aimed at residents of the capital. In addition, references to the city, in one way or another, can be traced in the names of the main programs of the channel: “Moscow Week”, “Our City”, “Business Moscow”, “City Day”, Chronicles of Moscow Life “,” City Council “,” Petrovka, 38 “. Based on static data, TV Center is also popular among viewers from other Russian regions and even the CIS countries, who are interested in what Golden-domed lives and breathes. Our website will allow you to join the audience of the TV TVC channel and evaluate its quality of work, where you can watch the live broadcast of the TV Center channel online for free and without registration:
In addition to news, the channel’s air content is made up of educational programs, as well as films for adults and cartoons for children, and therefore it can attract different age categories. TV Center belongs to the first digital multiplex in Russia and at the same time owns four temporary duplicates for broadcasting in all time zones of the country, using a satellite for this.

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