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TNT or Tvoe Novoe Televidenie is an entertainment Russian channel, which is very popular primarily among young people, as well as viewers of the middle age category, designed to relieve boredom and give only a positive mood, which is facilitated in every possible way by its unique projects. The network of round-the-clock broadcasting of the TNT channel consists exclusively of entertainment programs and comedy series of its own production, designed for an audience with a good sense of humor. In the round-the-clock operating mode of TNT, any viewer, regardless of location, can choose a suitable show or series for himself in order to spend his leisure time with pleasure. To get acquainted with the entire wide range of products of the channel and watch TNT online completely free of charge, you can easily and simply right now on the page of our website – live broadcast as:
The year of birth of the channel is considered to be 1998, and before dwelling on a certain concept, he repeatedly experimented to find himself and he certainly succeeded. The TNT broadcasting zone extends practically throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation, and for remote regions, observing time zones, broadcasts are transmitted via satellites. TNT Kemerovo online –
live broadcast . TNT Novokuznetsk online –
live broadcast… Since 2014, the international version of TNT Comedy began to work, broadcasting 75% of the channel’s production. Today TNT, which is a member of the Gazprom-Media holding and is its undisputed flagship in the field of entertainment television, fully owns all rights to the content created. Including, two production companies – “Comedy Club Production” and “Good Story Media”, responsible for all the highest-rated projects, many of which were awarded various television awards. The legendary reality show “Dom-2”, “The Battle of Psychics” and “Comedy Club” are among the top-rated TNT programs, maintaining consistently high ratings over the years of its existence. Of particular note are the series produced by the media resource. 100% original sitcoms are especially loved by the audience.These include “Interns” about the everyday life of young doctors, “Sasha Tanya” – a spin-off of the equally popular “Univer”, “Fizruk” with the charismatic Dmitry Nagiyev, “Policeman from Rublyovka”, as a visiting card of Alexander Petrov and many others filled with sparkling humor and interesting stories that will not make anyone yawn.

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