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TNT TV channel is one of the seven most popular entertainment media resources in Russia. Over the long history, he has managed to acquire an impressive viewer audience not only in the country, but also abroad, where his broadcast is available via satellites and, of course, the Internet. TNT’s concept is to provide entertainment services. For this reason, it is impossible to find news bulletins on the air, and mentions of politics occur exclusively in a joking form, for which the famous residents of Comedy Club and subsidiary humorous projects are responsible, including such hits as Open Microphone, Comedy Battle “,” Once upon a time in Russia “,” Improvisation “and” Stand Up “. The entertainment TV channel, whose abbreviation stands for “Your New Television”, guarantees a great mood for everyone,who will join his large family, regardless of location. After all, you can watch TNT online in any time zone, even Irkutsk time on our website around the clock and in HD quality:
TNT Kemerovo online – 
live broadcast . TNT Novokuznetsk online – 
live broadcast . TNT MUSIC –
live broadcast . TNT HD Moscow –
live broadcast . TNT online Barnaul –
live broadcast . TNT online Yekaterinburg –
live broadcast . The channel’s on-air network also includes rating series with a focus on young people and those who are still young at heart. These are “SashaTanya”, “Interns”, “Fizruk”, “Univer. New hostel “and many others, created, like most TNT projects, by the creative efforts of talented scriptwriters of the production companies” Comedy Club Production “and” Good Story Media “.

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