Watch live broadcast of TNT + 4 online – novosibirsk time

The TNT entertainment channel has been broadcasting around the clock since 1998 and during its existence in the television space of the country, has managed to earn great popularity, covering almost the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Thanks to satellites located in four orbits, the TNT signal is available in any region and residents of Novosibirsk can watch their favorite TNT projects in their time zone, without missing out on anything. You can watch TNT online at Novosibirsk time on the page of our website at any time and in excellent sound and picture quality – live broadcast:
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online… The channel adheres to the concept of entertainment, excluding news, political and sports programs on its air. The target audience of TNT is young people and people under forty with a sense of humor. A huge team of professionals is working on the creation of comedy projects, which are being developed by the production centers – “Comedy Club Production” and “Good Story Media”, many of whom are former dancers. TNT TV channel occupies a flagship position in the Gazprom-Media Entertainment Television sub-holding and its quality mark confirms the high ratings of the content provided. Popular shows are on the air daily: “Battle of Psychics”, “Dom-2”, “Improvisation” “Two in a Million”, “Open Microphone”, “Stand Up”, as well as comedy series “Sasha Tanya”, “Interns”, ” University. New hostel “. All this is not a complete list of the channel’s products.

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