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TNT Music (TNT Music) is a portal of high-quality modern music, which replaced the once popular A-One TV channel at the combat post in the spring of 2016. From the moment of the first broadcast, TNT Music has managed to prove itself well to the audience and at the present time, without losing its position, continues to delight all music lovers with music videos of Russian and foreign performers. You can talk about TNT Music indefinitely, so in order to evaluate its quality of service, you just need to go to our website page and watch and listen to TNT Music online for free in guaranteed excellent HD quality – live broadcast:
; The main principle of TNT music is to give young people, and to those who still consider themselves to be such, only the best, to entertain and tune in to a positive wave, and this can only be provided by a properly selected soundtrack. The channel’s creative team is always full of fresh and innovative ideas, providing loyal listeners with first-class content, which is once again confirmed by the high ratings of TNT Music. In rich on-air broadcasting, everyone will find something tasty for their ears and eyes. For those interested in live performances, live concerts of the most famous artists around the world are available, and for TV series fans, an extensive video library with the participation of the first stars of the film industry is offered. In addition, the TNT Music broadcasting network is full of thematic projects dedicated to show business. It even has its own Top Chart hit parade,which every Friday reviews the top 20 music videos of the past week.

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