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TNT TV channel has long and seriously earned the love of viewers throughout the vast territory of Russia, including the near and far abroad. All this is due to the good mood that he gives every day on the waves of his ether. TNT is not interested in politics and sports, because it has set itself another task – to make life a little brighter and more fun, and this is facilitated by its original content, available to a wide audience of the country, including residents of the Urals, where the channel is broadcast in local time. The variety of high-quality content of the TNT TV channel online in Yekaterinburg can be assessed on the page of our website and there is absolutely no need to register for this – live broadcast right now plus two hours in Moscow:
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live… On round-the-clock air there is only that which can cheer up and distract a little from the serious everyday life and everyday routine. For this purpose, humorous shows are best suited, such as “Improvisation”, “Open Microphone”, “Stand Up” and, of course, the channel’s calling card – “Comedy Club”, which once opened the way to life for most young and talented comedians than in fact, he continues to study to this day. Endless passions in “House-2” and its “City of Love” will call loyal fans to the screen and make them empathize with the participants of the most famous and scandalous reality show in Russia. Well, and, of course, where without serials. Moreover, TNT does everything with its own hands. Popular sitcoms “SashaTanya”, “Interns”, “Univer. New hostel “,” Patriot “and others, every day on weekdays are broadcast in whole blocks, but still not enough.

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