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The round-the-clock TV channel “Russian Roman” is aimed at fans of Russian melodrama, with all its sincerity and soulfulness peculiar exclusively to the Russian audience. Since the appearance of this media resource on the country’s television broadcasting, the need to search for an interesting and favorite film for a long time has completely exhausted itself. Indeed, from now on, in the channel’s programmatic grid, you can find exactly what the soul gravitates towards and while away your free time with your favorite characters, enjoying their touching love stories and empathizing with their drama. You can verify this by looking at the page of our website to watch the Russian Novel channel online for free at any time – the live broadcast is available for viewing right now:
The broadcasts are built in such a convenient way that one series can be continuously broadcast throughout the day and therefore the viewer does not have to wait for the next episode, but even if you still managed to miss something for various reasons, you can always fill this gap and use re-viewing in online mode. The main audience of the channel “Russian Roman”, of course, are the fair sex, which distinguishes it from other thematic resource, such as ”
Russian bestseller“, Designed for all categories of viewers. “Russian Novel” was created in order to give only vivid emotions to its devoted fans, showing on the screen all manifestations of the relationship between a man and a woman. No matter how difficult it is, belief in the best, hope for happiness and true earthly love, which is more valuable than anything on earth, will help to overcome all life’s difficulties.

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