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In all the variety of genres presented on modern television, one of the most popular, mostly among the male audience, is detective. It is for such inveterate film lovers that the thematic channel “Russian detective” is designed, which can be found on the pages of our site in free access. Leave all non-urgent matters for later and go to the page of our website, which gives you the opportunity to watch the Russian Detective TV channel online for free and without requiring registration – live broadcast in good quality:
The resource owns a large-scale amount of content, a detective component. Here you can choose the best action-packed films and TV series of domestic production, which will give fans of this fascinating genre many hours of pleasure from exciting investigations, chases and shootings. Crime dramas are available in guaranteed flawless HD quality around the clock and every viewer is able to feel like a brave detective fighting for justice with an insidious criminal. Complex and intricate investigations, dashing chases and shootings – all this awaits on the channel “Russian detective”, which contains first-class TV series, including the cult “Streets of Broken Lanterns”, “Kamenskaya”, “National Security Agent”, “Cop Wars” and the list is endless.The channel’s content is constantly updated and among the popular representatives of the genre you can find novelty detectives, which have every chance of getting into the top clip. The audience of the resource starts from 16+ and no one will be bored here.

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