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If there are TV channels for women, teenagers and children, then you need to take care of men too! Watching the Blockbuster TV channel online for free is a unique opportunity to watch exciting films with an interesting, twisted plot – live broadcast right now on our website:
The live broadcast is designed to a greater extent for the male population, who likes to relax in the evening with domestic or foreign blockbusters, action films, thrillers. According to statistics, the male audience of the channel is more than 55% of all viewers, only 45% of women are interested in live broadcasting. Here, viewers can enjoy a “dynamic picture”, thrills, intrigues, intricate detective stories for free in good quality. All this together guarantees a spectacular, memorable live broadcast, as well as a great mood. For those who prefer everything mysterious and inexplicable, the program for you today offers the TV project “Medium”, also for men who prefer military films, the films “9th Company”, “Last Frontier”, “Bull”, “28 Panfilov” are offered, “The Last Frontier” and many others.

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