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In the countries of Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States, the Auto Plus TV channel has been on the air for 16 years now. The channel is dedicated to cars and everything connected with them. The subject of the channel, despite its focus, includes programs about racers and races, car travel, tests of new models and retro shows. Watching Auto Plus TV channel live online is available for free:
A feature of the channel was a lot of its own exclusive programs, such as:

  • our tests plus – test drives of modifications of cars of famous brands entering the market;
  • there is a choice – a comparison on the air of cars of different brands and modifications;
  • used cars – all about how to buy a non-new car and stay in the black;
  • with my own eyes – a description of the largest events in the automotive world;
  • between finish and start – the program describes the preparation for the race of cars, pilots, and also talks about those with whose help famous racers win their victories.

The list of our own exclusive material does not end on these programs, and viewers can see even more interesting things for themselves. On the site, users can watch the live channel around the clock, free of charge. For convenient viewing, and so as not to miss the release of programs, users are provided with a daily TV program.

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