Watch Astana TV HD live online

The information and analytical Kazakh TV channel “Astana TV” belongs to the nationwide and allows you to watch online free prepared content in two languages:

  • in Russian;
  • in Kazakh.

Among the audience of the TV channel there are about 10% of the elderly, for whom the editors have prepared educational TV programs, informational news. Also, a live broadcast on Astana TV for more than 50% of the female audience forms constantly entertaining programs, interesting and exciting TV shows in HD quality – you can watch the live broadcast now:
After a hard day at work, the program today gives you the opportunity to enjoy the interesting talk show “Sayasi Ring” or watch the social program “Aitarym bar”. For women who do not stop following media figures, world and domestic celebrities, the live broadcast offers an interesting program – “El auzinda”. A day off can be easily spent at home, watching the travel show “Bizdin aul” for free in good quality, combining useful and pleasant information. Thanks to talented journalists, cameramen and editors, through talk shows in the studio, the presenters can implement any ideas on the air, providing interesting, high-quality content.

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