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Armenia TV is one of the most rated media resources of the national television, which broadcasts news programs, socio-political reviews, sports competitions. Including humorous, musical and entertainment shows for young people. You can watch Armenia TV live online right now on our website, which provides this service for free and without registration – Armenia TV live broadcast in HD quality:
The TV channel began its round-the-clock broadcasting in 1999, and since 2012, it was among the first in Armenia to switch to the Full HD quality format. Among other things, Armenia TV is engaged in the production of its own television projects, including not only programs, but also films and series, which are very popular among the country’s viewers. It is worth noting at least the fact that the project “Ancient Kings”, created by Armenia TV in 2016, became the first Armenian TV series in 4K quality. The channel’s broadcasting network is very diverse and can satisfy the needs of the viewer of any age. After all, there is everything that will be interesting for both young people and adults. Owning the exclusive rights to broadcast football matches of the Champions League and the UEFA Nations League, Armenia TV gives all fans to enjoy the game of their favorite teams live.

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