IPTV playlists of films, cartoons and series in m3u format for 2021

IPTV playlist allows you to watch movies, cartoons and series in high quality on the appropriate
set-top box or on a computer / phone. To create your own, as well as download the current playlist, check out the step-by-step instructions, accompanied by screenshots for your convenience.

How and where to download working playlists with films, cartoons and TV series?

To find and download playlists of movies and cartoons in m3u format:

  1. Go to the site iptvmaster.ru .
  2. Copy the link you need and paste it into your player. Copy link

Creating a playlist of IPTV Film in m3u format

The most common structure of an IPTV playlist is shown in the picture. An IPTV playlist begins with the # EXTM3U characters
– this is a kind of header from which the playlist format becomes clear to the device.
IPTV playlist structureAfter the title there is a line
#EXTINF , which carries information about the media files that will be played with it.
Desired lineIn
#EXTINF (extended information) to be described the ground:

  • duration, in this case “-1” (-1 is used when the exact file length is unknown);
  • the name of the file being played, respectively – “365 days of TV”.

In addition to the duration and name, there are a number of additional parameters.

IPTV playlist Examples:

  • “tvg-name” – the name of the channel and program;
  • “tvg-logo” – channel logo;
  • “audio-track” – audio track of the channel (Russian, English, etc.);
  • “group-title2” – the name of the channel group (Kids, Educational, etc.).

IPTV playlist structure with additional parameters:
Extra options

In the IPTV playlist, you can use links to media files, both local and global.

http: // is a global or local link to a media file.
Link#EXTINF is followed by – a link to a file that will be played by the player for IPTV. Step-by-step instructions for creating:

  1. Create a new text document in Notepad. Right-click on the desktop and select “New” – “New Text Document”.Notebook
  2. Open it up. Make a note of # EXTM3U.Open file
  3. You need to learn how to get links to movies from sites and video hosting. Open any site, select a movie and open the page with it. Simultaneously hold down 3 buttons on the keyboard: “Ctrl + Shift + i”. The developer tools will open.Get links
  4. Switch to the “Network” tab and start the movie. Movie
  5. Open the menu with the right mouse button and in the “Type” column find the line “Video”. Copy the link by clicking the right mouse button again.Copy link
  6. Paste it into Notepad. Paste into notepad
  7. Collect the films you want and save the text document by choosing “File” – “Save As”. Add “.m3u” after the name. Click “Save”.Desired films

How do I watch playlists?

To watch IPTV, you need to install a simple program and pay for a special rate from a local TV provider. Not everyone wants to pay extra money if there are other ways. To watch IPTV for free you need:

  1. Select a player and configure it.
  2. Download an actual, working playlist or create one .
  3. Load into the program and run.

List of the best programs for viewing playlists on your computer:

Instructions for opening playlists:

  1. Open the downloaded program.
  2. Open the settings by clicking on the gear icon in the lower right corner. Customization
  3. Check the box for “All Settings”. Restart the application.All settings
  4. Going into the settings, specify the path to the created or downloaded file. File path
  5. The TV program for the available channels will be installed automatically. TV programmes

List of the best players for Android:

  • Kodi;
  • Perfect Player;
  • Lazy Iptv;
  • Ottplayer.

To launch a playlist on an Android or iPhone device:

  1. Download any of the programs from the official website, Google Play or App Store.
  2. In the phone settings, specify the playlist by selecting it on your device.

Setting up IPTV on your TV is as easy as on any other device:

  1. Install the player from the official application in your TV’s office store. Installing the player
  2. Search for the Peers.TV program. Required program
  3. A limited number of TV channels are available immediately after installation. To watch what you want, go to “Settings” and click on “Add playlist”.Channel address
  4. Specify the web page where the file is located. Specify web page

Working and actual self-updating IPTV playlists M3U for 2021: movies, cartoons, TV series, adult video

The presented playlists are self-updating:

https://youtu.be/BXvurzAR0MM When creating the correct playlist without errors, using special programs, you can watch movies and TV shows that you like. If you do not want to create it yourself, you can simply download what you are most interested in using the actual links.

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