What is Yandex station – an overview of a smart column with a trained Alice

Using a variety of services and services from Yandex every day, it is difficult not to hear about the existence of a smart Yandex column, which has won a significant market share due to its capabilities. Below is a detailed description and an up-to-date overview of the device.
What is Yandex station - an overview of a smart column with a trained Alice

How does a smart speaker from Yandex work with Alice on board

Yandex station is a smart voice assistant that answers questions received and performs its functions by means of voice control. Alice is able to quickly and accurately recognize the user’s voice, even if the room is noisy, or if the voice comes from a distance. After the microphone has picked up the sound, the received information is sent to the cloud, where it is processed and compared with the specified parameters. After processing, the assistant answers the question or activates the desired option. Voice assistant Alice works in question-answer mode. If the user is silent, the speaker is in standby mode. After the owner has addressed Alice or uttered the set phrase, the column switches to operating mode.
What is Yandex station - an overview of a smart column with a trained AliceYandex station – Alice has almost limitless possibilities [/ caption] The presence of an assistant in the smart column makes the product unique. Alice is always attentive and listens to the conversations of people in the room in order to quickly respond to directions. In order for a person not to repeat the code word Alice several times during the dialogue, the system recognizes intonation, saves the dialogue and waits after each instruction for about 5 seconds to receive a new command. The assistant gives the answer within 2 seconds. Alice has taken over the functions of a housekeeper – she sets alarms, reminds of daily duties at the request of the owners, calms the children, in general “makes every effort” to make life easier for the owners.
What is Yandex station - an overview of a smart column with a trained Alice

What a smart speaker from Yandex can do

The device belongs to the smart category, determines a wide range of functional capabilities and modern options, which include quick response to sound commands and a flexible system for building a dialogue with a person. It is difficult to list all the skills of the available Yandex smart column skills, among the most commonly used are:

Playing music

Despite the fact that we are talking about a music speaker, music playback will not be possible without first connecting. Alice has 5 speakers built into her body, making her a top-notch audio file player. The sound is perfectly audible from the most distant rooms. However, there is no built-in music on the device, in order to start playing music, you will need to establish a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone or tablet. After the light ring shows a stable connection (stops flashing), you can start enjoying your favorite tracks. It is important to remember that Alice will not hear calls while playing music.
What is Yandex station - an overview of a smart column with a trained AliceWhen buying Alice, many users first encounter Yandex.Music. After getting used to it quickly, the owners mostly only play music through this service. Because it is fashionable to like it, you can get the best recommendations for new songs.

Column like a set-top box

Yandex column is sometimes called a set-top box, which acts as a remote control and a speaker via HDMI. It is enough just to ask the assistant Alice to turn on a specific film, as the desire will come true. In addition, with the help of voice, it is possible to stop video playback and continue playback. When buying a gadget, you can set up a Yandex Plus bonus subscription and watch movies and TV shows on KinoPoisk for 6 months for free. In addition, 6 months of “Plus Multi with Amediateka” subscription will be added. When it ends, the standard Plus subscription is connected for free for another 6 months.
What is Yandex station - an overview of a smart column with a trained Alice


In order for Alice to be able to perform her main functions, including answering the questions asked, access to the Internet is required. In order to activate the column, the button on the control panel is pressed and held until a blue glow appears. You can connect to your home Internet through the owner account in the settings system. In case of difficulties, the owner can always go to the help section about the difficulties of connecting to WI-FI and get acquainted with the content. As a last resort, you can also write to the support service. In addition, it is worth knowing that Alice can also work on the mobile Internet. However, to quickly and automatically connect to your home Internet, you need to enter network passwords.
What is Yandex station - an overview of a smart column with a trained Alice

Voice control

Voice control is responsible for the operation of the entire gadget. All functions and options of the device are opened with the help of a voice. As soon as the owner speaks the code word, the device with the voice assistant sends the received information into the speech recognition cloud. Further, depending on the request, there will be a response or drive the smart home system.

Alice is famous among competitors for the high quality of sound recognition.

What is Yandex station - an overview of a smart column with a trained Alice

Virtual Home Assistant

Smart home control is allowed from any device or application with Alice, which can be installed on a computer or smartphone. A prerequisite for starting smart home control is the presence of a Yandex.
What is Yandex station - an overview of a smart column with a trained AliceYandex station – what can it do? [/ Caption] A visual home assistant will help control not only Yandex products, but also various third-party equipment. It will be easier and safer to live in your home. Alice will become the control center of the entire house. To turn off the TV, just say the command. Yandex implements diverse user ideas. For example, people who have to get up early in the morning for work, at the same time with the lighting of the light, they often use the start of the coffee maker. The user can simultaneously activate a whole network of devices. Instead of getting up, manually pressing the switches and the coffee maker, all you have to do is say your request.


The frequency range is 50 Hz – 20 kHz. Woofer -130 W; Tweeters -210 W. The kit includes: HDMI cable, power supply and instructions, and Alice directly. There are 4 colors on sale – white, gray, lilac and black. The device supports the Yandex smart home ecosystem. The coverage area leaves 7 meters (voice reception). The body has 5 speakers. Despite the fact that the sound does not travel 360 degrees, the volume is not displeasing.
What is Yandex station - an overview of a smart column with a trained Alice

Design and dimensions

It is worth noting that the Yandex column weighs about 3 kilograms, which is quite a lot for a miniature product (141 by 231 by 141 mm). The design is made in a restrained and minimalist style. However, not all users appreciated the elegant style. Speakers are covered with audio cloth, the body is made of aluminum. The casual look is accentuated by a shimmery panel. In the upper part there is a panel, which is the control center. In the center are the two most important buttons – activating the voice assistant and mute the microphone. The power connector and HDMI are located at the bottom of the wall. In addition, a passive cooling radiator is installed on the same wall. The developers took into account the tendency of the device to overheat and took action.
What is Yandex station - an overview of a smart column with a trained AliceThe casing is removable, some users think that the sound is better without it. However, the aesthetic side of the issue will be completely violated. In addition, the risk of damage to the integrity of the device increases. It is worth mentioning that the developers have released a limited edition red Alice, which is available in installments (about 400 rubles per month).

Light identification

In order for the user to always know what the column is doing, there is a light indicator, each color of which means a particular state:

  • Purple rotates in a circle – the received command is being processed.
  • A steady purple glow – the device is ready to receive a voice command.
  • Purple flashing reminds of an event.
  • A blue glow appears when playing music.
  • Green intermittent blinking means the alarm is ringing.
  • When the light is red, there is no network.

How to connect Yandex station to a computer and subsequent setup of a smart speaker

First of all, the column is connected to the power line. The device will boot up on its own and begin to tell you step by step what to do. The Yandex application is preliminarily installed on the phone, which can be downloaded from the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.yandex.searchplugin&hl=ru&gl=US, authorization is in progress. In the application settings, the service point where the station is located is selected, then the Internet network is selected. For synchronization, it is enough to present the smartphone to the speaker. After the connection has been established, it is possible that the column will start updating. We’ll have to wait until the update is complete. Further, it remains only to enjoy the operation of the device.
What is Yandex station - an overview of a smart column with a trained AliceParticularly noteworthy is the process of connecting to a TV using HDMI. The user must understand that the sound will not travel through the cable. Manufacturers do not foretell that this trouble will be eliminated soon. This feature of pairing Alice and the TV in some way limits the use of the device as a video set-top box and media player.

Column settings

In order to use all the functions of the column to the maximum, you will need to understand its settings and select the desired parameters. The setting is made after connecting the power supply. The connection to the TV is established using the supplied HDMI cable. After the application has been opened, you must say the passphrase: “Alice, set up the column.” If smart devices were added in advance, then you need to click “Smart column with Alice”, then the name of the column is selected.
What is Yandex station - an overview of a smart column with a trained AliceThe volume is adjusted with a light ring. However, in most cases, owners prefer to control the smart speaker using their voice. How to connect Yandex station to a computer and set up a smart speaker, as well as integrate a smart home into the system – video instruction: https://youtu.be/ry64nzeMvu0

Column price

After familiarizing yourself with all the characteristics and capabilities of the device, you involuntarily want to know how much Yandex’s smart speaker builds, and the station costs about 13 thousand rubles. According to customer reviews, the column is worth every ruble given. It is especially convenient and profitable to purchase a column for those who regularly use Yandex services. The device truly brings joy and entertainment to the whole family.
What is Yandex station - an overview of a smart column with a trained Alice

Reasons why you should buy Yandex Station

Today it is difficult to surprise someone with a speaking subject. People are accustomed to constant progress and are not surprised by the emergence of new chatty assistants on the market. The Yandex platform has gained popularity largely due to its design and functionality. Reasons that can force a person to buy a new resident in the house:

  1. Sound quality that surpasses alternative compact playback systems as well as smartphones.
  2. Ease of use . As mentioned above, to connect the speaker, it is enough to bring a smartphone with a pre-installed application. You do not need to be a technical expert to operate the device. It is enough to say out loud what is required of the speaker, and the desire will be fulfilled in the same second. There is no more need to walk around the apartment and look for a control panel or a mobile phone to switch songs, you just need to say a command.
  3. Control of other devices . Depending on the technical equipment of the house, the speaker can process the spoken commands and redirect them to the desired interior item, for example, turn on a light bulb or make coffee.
  4. Stylish and laconic design will be a great addition to any interior, be it a bedroom or a kitchen. Restrained colors and streamlined shapes make the device versatile.

Yandex station with Alice on board – purchase in 2021, new video review and first impressions: https://youtu.be/3dGUDixTqnM

Reasons to ponder

Despite the huge list of advantages and capabilities, the smart speaker is not suitable for everyone. Some buyers are confused by the following points: Yandex station is constantly on. As a result, the speaker will listen more than it is supposed to, which causes the owners to feel awkward and distrustful. Despite the fact that technological progress does not stand still, many people cannot get used to the idea that it is now possible to talk to robots and generally inanimate objects. The manufacturers tried to diversify the possible options for Alice’s answers to various kinds of questions and expanded the list of phrases used. Lively and logical speech causes shock and embarrassment in people, especially in old age.


When buying any gadget, the question of price unwittingly arises. Products from Yandex do not belong to the budget sector, so you will have to spend money to purchase a column. The first review of Yandex.Station Max – now with 4K, better sounding and a remote control, so Alice has learned something new: https://youtu.be/Sl9ac5BJxfs Conflicting opinions have appeared between consumers. The main advantages of the Yandex speaker are – durable material, simple and fast launch (registration) system, modern design, interesting options and quick response to voice commands. The price for a device with a voice assistant is fully consistent with the quality. Alice is purchased not so much for listening to music as for creating an emotional atmosphere in the house. Indeed, in the first weeks after the purchase, it will be difficult to break away from conversations with a smart assistant. Thus,smart Alice is able not only to make life easier, but to make it more emotional and fun. The device does not require a long setup before use, it quickly responds to requests and commands. Austere and local design will be a great addition to the interior. If there is a desire to buy a smart assistant in the house, then Alice is the best option.

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