Samsung TV Remote Disassembly Instructions

Disassembling the remote control may be required to clean the contacts and microcircuit from accumulated dust and dirt inside the device. You can do this yourself. The main thing is to know the location of the removable parts and fasteners.

Features of disassembling the remote control from the Samsung TV

There is no particular difference in the design of the remote controls, they may differ in overall dimensions and location of buttons. Consider only the general principle of disassembly. Disconnect the device yourself only to clean the buttons from dirt. If the malfunction of the remote control is a breakdown of a microcircuit or other part, contact a specialist who has the necessary equipment for repair with this question. This will keep the console operational.
Disassemble the remote

What tools do you need?

To disassemble the console, you will need simple tools that everyone has, but do not forget that the work is carried out only for the purpose of cleaning the device. Basic tools:

  • Phillips and flat screwdrivers;
  • knife.

After preparing the necessary tools, free the table from unnecessary items and prepare a small container for collecting screws.

Samsung TV Remote Disassembly Instructions

Before starting work, inspect the device and study the location of the mounts. They are mostly found in the battery compartment. Disassemble in stages, it is advisable to arrange the removed parts in the order of their removal. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Turn the remote upside down with the buttons and slide the back cover towards the indicator light. A gap appears on the front base. Grab the body and pull to the desired direction. Flip the remote and spinThe battery compartment will open. Pull out the charging elements to expose the fasteners. Remove the screws using a Phillips screwdriver.
  2. The rest of the remote control can be held in place by plastic clips or glued together. There are 2 openings on the right side. If the developer does not provide for the use of special glue, carefully slide along the borders with a flat screwdriver, thereby prying the case. The seams are split across the terminal areas.
  3. After completely removing the cover, access to the rubber buttons opens. Disconnect the board, but do not disconnect the sensor from it.
  4. Use a knife to remove the board next to the battery compartment by gently lifting on both sides. Extract board
  5. Remove the infrared LED from the receptacle without breaking the contact.
  6. Wipe the chip track area and keyboard with rubbing alcohol. This will clean the contacts from dirt and prevent them from sticking.Rub with alcohol
  7. After cleaning the control panel and its elements, reassemble in the reverse order.

If the body of the device was glued with glue, the latter will be needed again to fully fix the removable parts.

Do not use liquids with a low percentage of alcohol or water. This can damage the microcircuit and the device in general.

Possible malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

If the TV does not see the remote control, check the connection and determine which of the two devices has a breakdown. For this:

  1. Connect the equipment to the mains. The problem could be a wire or socket.
  2. If the TV does not work, start it from the key, which is located on the body of the equipment itself. If it does not work, contact the wizard, since the malfunction may be in the TV itself.
  3. If the TV turned on from the main button, and nothing happens when you press the remote control, then the problem is specifically with the remote control device.

The main breakdowns of the TV remote control are:

  • Mechanical failure. They often happen in families with children, who may accidentally drop or hit the device, flood it with water, etc. In this case, a complete replacement of the remote control is required, since the microcircuit often breaks when hitting. Place the new remote control out of the reach of children.
  • Batteries. All remote controls are powered by charging elements. Check the charge before disassembling the device. To do this, purchase new batteries and test the remote control. If there is a signal, then the problem was caused by dead batteries.
  • Chip. It will not be possible to eliminate the damage. A common failure is contact failure or some more serious problem.
  • Buttons. The malfunction appears when the remote control has been used for a long time. The gasket between the contacts of the microcircuit and the buttons is gradually erased, which does not give a normal signal.
  • LED lamp. If replacing the batteries does not help, then the problem lies in the electronics. You can replace the lamp yourself, having the necessary equipment, but it is better to contact a specialist.
  • Quartz resonator. Breakage occurs if the device is dropped. It is more expedient to purchase a new remote control.

If you find any (even minor) malfunctions in the device, it is advisable to pay attention to it right away. This makes it easier to eliminate them.

Connection and subtleties of setting up the remote control

There should be no problems with connecting and setting up the TV remote control. If you have any difficulties, you can use the instruction manual. There are 2 types of devices:

  • Button. It can be used immediately after installing the batteries. It has no special settings, this type is universal. You just need to know the name of the keys and what function they perform.
  • Sensory. Has a more complex signal transmission process. Insert the batteries first and press the power. Then use the “Return” and “Guide” buttons. Hold for a couple of seconds until the “Bluetooth” icon appears. This indicates that the remote has “found” the TV.

If the LED on the remote control flashes continuously, pay attention to the incorrect setting. To fix the problem, turn off the TV and turn it back on after a few minutes, and then make the settings again.

When purchasing a remote control device, make sure it matches your TV. To do this, open the battery compartment cover and look at the special number.

Useful Tips

There are several preventative measures and helpful tips that can help keep your remote control running longer:

  • You will need an alcohol-based solution and paper towels to clean the device. To clean hard-to-reach areas, use ear sticks or a match and wrap cotton wool around it.
  • Lay out the parts in sequence to facilitate reassembly.
  • Keep the device away from water and food.
  • In order not to look for the remote control throughout the apartment, decide on its permanent storage location.
  • If there are “antennae” contacts in the battery compartment, insert the charger very carefully so as not to bend or break the contact.
  • Sometimes some devices (microwave oven, router, etc.) affect the operation of the remote control. They emit radio waves that can demagnetize the battery. Do not leave the device near this equipment.
  • To keep the contacts clean, wrap the remote in cellophane wrap.

To prolong the operating life of the device, follow simple rules of use and storage. So you will protect the remote control from dirt and negative mechanical factors.
Samsung remoteMalfunction of the remote control is not uncommon. Sometimes the problem can be minor, and this is not a reason to replace the remote control. By using the necessary tools and operating tips, you will avoid more serious damage and further repair of the remote control.

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