Review of remotes for Samsung TV – how to choose, configure, disassemble

The loss or breakdown of the Samsung TV remote control
is a problem that can be solved in several ways. If there is no way to restore or find the previous device, then you should take a closer look at the new models of remotes, and not necessarily the Samsung brand. Also, if there are problems or malfunctions with the remote control, then you should not immediately throw it away. After all, a lot of faults can be eliminated without the help of a wizard, if you study a little the settings of the console. We have a detailed article about the repair of remote controls – we
recommend that you familiarize yourself with it .
Review of remotes for Samsung TV - how to choose, configure, disassemble

About Samsung TVs

There are distinctive features of Samsung – TVs have powerful processors with 2-4 cores and most TVs already have the Eco Sensor system program installed, thanks to which the TV monitor changes the brightness of the image depending on the ambient light. What makes Samsung TVs special:

  • The devices are supplied in an LCD version with LED backlighting . The classic range of LED TVs and premium QLED TVs on sale are common;
  • Brightness and extended color gamut of transmitted images are provided by Wide Color Enhancer technology .
  • Dnle + series processor can make the picture better and clearer, no matter which tuner was purchased for a particular TV model;
  • any Samsung TV is equipped with the Dolby Digital Plus system , which smears out distortion and instability of sounds, minimizes noise.
  • you can choose any desired diagonal and the most popular extensions for today are HD Ready, Full HD, 4K UHD ;
  • waiting for the response of the given functions is minimal. The TV responds quickly thanks to the Tizen software , which is included in almost all models of this brand;Review of remotes for Samsung TV - how to choose, configure, disassemble
  • Movie Plus technology improves picture quality, which is especially important when watching moving objects.

How to choose a Samsung remote control for new and old TVs?

If the Samsung remote control is out of order, then on its front panel, first of all, it is important to find information about the model. The model number can be found on any part of the remote control and even under the cover. If there is no information on the control panel, then you can read it in the technical data sheet of the equipment or in the instructions for this control panel. First of all, you shouldn’t make a few mistakes:

  • throw out a remote control that is out of order at once, because it can help with the selection of a new one in the store;
  • for a specific model, you can find instructions on the Internet to find a similar remote control equipment.

Review of remotes for Samsung TV - how to choose, configure, disassembleIf there is a need to buy a remote control for an old Samsung TV, and you cannot find a native remote control model, you will have to choose a universal option. There are not so many criteria for this. It is important to pay attention to:

  1. Before buying, you need to determine that the remote control and the TV model are suitable for each other.
  2. If there is a compatible remote control for a specific TV model, then first of all it is worth determining its ergonomics and whether it has certain keys with functions.
  3. If the technology has backlit keys and customizable buttons, then setting up the remote will be much easier.

What types of Samsung remotes are there – varieties with features, prices, characteristics

On the market of technology, buyers are offered a variety of models of remote controls for Smart TV. These can be “smart” devices with a touchpad and gyroscope, and conventional keypads. Professionals divide this type of electronics into 2 main groups:

  • push-button remotes for Samsung Smart TV (the price of such remotes is from $ 5 to $ 15). These are standard models for TV remote control. On the surface of such remotes there are familiar buttons that are logically grouped according to their tasks and functionality;
  • touch panels (cost up to $ 20). More modern models of remotes with touchpads. Also, some models may have regular buttons. Such consoles can be equipped with gyroscopes and built-in microphones.

Review of remotes for Samsung TV - how to choose, configure, disassembleTouch smart and regular push-button remotes for Samsung TVs [/ caption]

Interesting to know! In terms of dimensions, the touch controls are quite small, so Samsung produces them in rectangular cases (rounded and curved models are also on sale).

How to set up a Samsung smart remote – instruction

Thanks to the information in the documentation that goes with any remote control, you can learn the intricacies of using the remote control. TV remote controls with buttons do not require any special complex configuration. In such electronics, you only need to insert batteries. Touchscreen remotes (for example, the Smart Touch Control model) require special knowledge to set up. The first step is to connect the remote control to the TV. To create a connection between the remote control and the TV, it is important to press the Power key. How to set up the Smart Touch Control for Samsung, how the smart remote works – video review:

Smart remote – setup, connect and learn

An intelligent remote control combines the functions of all home appliance controllers in just one smartphone. This gadget allows you to combine all the functions of a controller to control home appliances and entertainment electronics. Such a remote control can be integrated into a smartphone, so as not to buy remotes separately. The smart remote control is quite easy to use, now you don’t have to constantly look for the TV remote control, get out of bed to turn off the light, walk around the rooms to turn on the coffee machines, adjust the temperature on the air conditioner itself. It is enough to do a few simple movements when the smartphone is nearby. Open the app on your smartphone and select certain TV control functions.

Setting codes

To set up a universal remote control, it is advisable to know the three- or four-digit code of the required model. These codes are indicated by the manufacturer in the technical passport or on the manufacturer’s website, as well as in special reference tables. The name of the setting is “Code for setting up the remote control”. To configure the SUPRA UPDU, from TM Samsung, you should follow the algorithm of actions:

  1. First, turn on the TV.
  2. Aim the remote control in a straight position at him.
  3. On the panel of the device from the TV, press the “Power” button. It is important to hold the key for 5-6 seconds until the LED turns on.
  4. The volume icon should light up on the screen. You can try to change the sound parameters, if the TV reacted, then everything works.

Which remote application can be downloaded to a smartphone to control Samsung Smart TV

One of the smartest Samsung TV remote controls, universal IR control with DLNA server and virtual keyboard, can be downloaded from Google Play. For example, a universal virtual remote control can be downloaded from the link
Review of remotes for Samsung TV - how to choose, configure, disassemble

How to set up a downloaded remote control?

TV remote for Samsung is quite simple to set up if you download the application to your smartphone and follow the step-by-step instructions from the program. The application is suitable for any TV model and it is only important to know the password to connect it. An IrDA is important in a smartphone.

Universal remote control for Samsung TV – how to choose

This TV control option is compatible with almost every TV from the Samsung brand, as it is a classic option, and is a replacement for other models from other brands. The remote control is made taking into account the tuned microcircuit from durable ABS plastic. The universal model is relevant for most Samsung LED TVs.

  • Features of the remote control model BN59-01268D / BN59-01303A for TV SAMSUNG Original Smart Tv:
  • the console is endowed with the SMART HUB key, which will make it possible to fully use the control device in practice;Review of remotes for Samsung TV - how to choose, configure, disassemble
  • the distance at which this unit can be used is about 8 m.

Which remote controls from other manufacturers are suitable?

The remote control from another brand will be a great addition to the equipment and will make its use more comfortable if you did not manage to buy a remote control from Samsung. Brands of universal remotes suitable for Samsung TVs:

  • AirMouse;
  • HUAYU; Review of remotes for Samsung TV - how to choose, configure, disassemblehuayu universal remote control [/ caption]
  • Sikai;
  • AG;
  • ArtX;
  • CNV;
  • Chunghop;
  • IHandy;
  • Intelligent;
  • Qunda;
  • Ziperone.

Remote mouse for TV Samsung air mouse Samsung:
Review of remotes for Samsung TV - how to choose, configure, disassembleSetting up the remote control air mouse [/ caption]

The best models of universal remotes for Samsung TVs

  • Gal LM-P170;
  • One For All Contour TV;
  • Rombica Air R5;
  • One ForAllEvolve;
  • One For All URC7955 Smart Control.

How do I unlock the remote?

There are several ways to unlock the remote. The remote device has a “Hotel Mode” that suspends any actions with the remote control. You can try to switch channels if you have installed this mode. To remove this option, perform the following combinations:

  1. On the remote, press in turn on “Display”, “Menu” and then “Power”. Actions should be done with a certain interval of 2-3 seconds.
  2. If the picture does not appear on the TV screen, it is recommended to press the “Mute”, 1,8,2, “Power” buttons in turn.
  3. To unlock the remote control of the European assembly, combine the combination of buttons “Standby”, “Display”, “Menu”, “Mute”. Lastly, click on “Power”.

How to disassemble, open the Samsung remote control – basic repair

To open your Samsung Smart TV remote, it is important to first turn it over and slide the back cover down towards the indicators. If you slide the back of the puller towards the indicators, a small gap appears on the front of the remote control. The open gap makes it easy to grip the back cover to remove it. Removing the back cover reveals the battery compartment. It has certain elements of fasteners. A Phillips screwdriver is useful for unscrewing screws and body parts.
Review of remotes for Samsung TV - how to choose, configure, disassembleSamsung remote disassembled [/ caption]

Attention! In order not to lose the elements from the remote control in advance, it is better to take a small container for the screws.

If the TV stops responding to clicks on the remote control, then the Samsung TV user is advised to check the connection to determine exactly which device has a problem. Stages of checking the operability of the TV and the remote control:

  1. It is important to determine the operation of the equipment, turn on the outlet from the TV to the power source. If the plug is connected and the current is supplied to the outlet, but the screen does not turn on, then it is important to check the cable from the TV, because it can fray, the contacts can come off.
  2. If the plug and cable are not damaged, and there is current in the outlet, and the TV does not turn on, then you should turn it on by pressing the button, which is located on the case of the remote control. The performance of the TV is checked in this way.
  3. If, when you press the power button, the TV works, but the remote control cannot turn it on, then the remote control itself is most likely faulty.

How to connect a smart remote to a Samsung TV and what to do if the Samsung remote control does not work – basic repair: … By maintaining the classic design that is characteristic of Samsung remotes, many users will not have to get used to the new settings and unusual design of the remote control.

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