How to choose, disassemble and set up a TV remote control Rolsen

For many years now, it has been impossible to imagine a TV receiver without a remote control. The more perfect the model, the higher the requirements for such management. Today, some modern smart TVs even lack duplication of front panel controls.

Rolsen consoles – what kind of firm

The Rolsen remote control, as in the case of other brands, has more or less the same structure. Technically, this is a plastic case that houses the control chip and some auxiliary devices. The main chip affects sound reproduction and allows you to switch TV broadcasts. The Rolsen TV remote control guarantees the selection of the display mode and the establishment of the optimal brightness. With its help, they start manual and automatic channel search, make their additional tuning. The Rolsen remote control allows you to perform each action by pressing the keys installed on its front surface. In addition to the typical coordinating device, there is also a universal Rolsen TV remote control – but it cannot work in the usual “buy and switch” mode, which is typical for a specialized model.Additional configuration is required. How exactly to do it, you can find out by reading the contents of the article to the end.
How to choose, disassemble and set up a TV remote control Rolsen

How to choose a remote control for a TV of this company

When asked how to turn on a Rolsen TV without a remote control, there is a short answer – you need to use the control panel behind or connect to the TV receiver remotely via a smartphone with special software. But both ways of solving the problem are frankly inconvenient and can serve as an auxiliary solution. In the event of a breakdown or loss of the original Rolsen remote control for everyday work, you can focus on the externally identical (by photo or model name) remote control systems. It is also worth considering their characteristics in order to exclude device incompatibility. You don’t even have to buy a universal Rolsen TV remote control. It is quite enough to replace the old (damaged or exhausted) remote control based on the serial number.
How to choose, disassemble and set up a TV remote control Rolsen Roslenovsky remote control k11f fits many TVs of the same brand [/ caption]

The only problem is that this number may sometimes not be visible – for example, it is pretty much overwritten during operation. Then you will have to carefully study various photographs of the remote control, familiarize yourself with the location of the keys on them.

Popular Rolsen remotes

Choosing the right remotes for TV Rollsen, you need to pay attention to the universal model RRC-100. Also, the device confidently works with TVs of various brands, with DVD players, satellite tuners,
terrestrial receivers and audio equipment of various brands. By default, the system is designed to interact with electronic equipment of more than half a thousand different brands. However, the designers did not stop at this achievement. They provided for the option of self-learning (autonomous development) of goods from manufacturers not previously entered into the database. Rolsen LS100 TV remote stands out for its impressive look and proven quality.
How to choose, disassemble and set up a TV remote control RolsenTV remote control Rolsen LS100 [/ caption] This model is made of first-class ABS plastic. It has absolute compatibility with the original device, regardless of which TV receiver model a particular Rolsen remote control is intended for. A very decent build is also an advantage. It will definitely turn out to be better than that of alternative products from Asian countries. Therefore, increased reliability and visual appeal of the device is provided. Remote control for TV Rolsen RL 40S1504FT2C

How to set up a universal Rolsen remote control: instructions

Along with the standard remote control system, you can always choose a wide range of remote controls. It differs primarily in the specifics of its microcircuit. Such electronics are designed to connect not just one, but several devices at once. There are several options for how to set up a universal remote control for a Rollsen TV, including a TV set developed without Russian-language instructions.
How to choose, disassemble and set up a TV remote control RolsenThe universal remote control is configured using the [/ caption] codes. The universal remote control is configured most often by pressing the SET (TV) button combination. They are pressed until the red LED starts to glow. At this point, you must press the on / off button (Power) once. Next, you need to enter the code of the TV receiver. If it is correct, the indicator light will go out. Then you need to tap on the Mult button. At this moment, the remote control is oriented towards the TV off button. Only with this orientation will the Mult button cope with its function. An alternative is to press and hold the SET (TV) and Power knobs. Next, you need to enter the code of the TV set. You can find out such a code in the instructions or in the manual for the device.
How to choose, disassemble and set up a TV remote control RolsenCodes of some models of Rolsen remotes [/ caption] In some cases, one code is suitable for several types of TV receivers. Using Huayu remote control, as well as other models, you can configure all of them even without a code. True, the procedure will take a little longer.
How to choose, disassemble and set up a TV remote control RolsenUniversal remote control huayu [/ caption] First of all, you need to start the TV itself. For this purpose, use the Set or Set up key on the remote control. After pressing it, wait for the reddening of the sensor. The next step is to orient the universal remote control directly to the TV. It is included with the standard Power option. Then you have to wait for a response from the TV. It is extremely diverse – the appearance of a picture or sound, the transition between broadcast programs, and so on. As soon as this has happened, you must immediately press the mute key. Whatever remote control for the TV is set up, the procedure looks the same everywhere – with a pattern of a crossed-out speaker. This button also has the inscription Mute. Then the indicator will turn off for up to several minutes. It means that you can start using the device. Thosewho does not know the four-digit code or is afraid of the consequences of self-tuning the UPDU, it makes sense to contact the consultants in the stores. Any sales consultant will provide the necessary clarifications. Provided you have the right settings, you can fearlessly buy a remote control for your Rollsen TV and then safely use it to turn it on and off, to move between channels and adjust the sound.


The significance of the code (a special number assigned to the TV) for setting up the remote control is beyond doubt. With this combination of numbers, you can attach two devices to each other. Usually four-digit numbers are used. You can find the code in the instructions or in the user manual.

Downloading the virtual remote

Many people systematically
lose their remote control . But this does not mean that you have to constantly spend money on the purchase of spare and replacement of old devices. It is quite possible to simply download the Rolsen TV remote control (virtual) to your smartphone or other gadget. The corresponding program is called a universal TV remote control. Download link for the universal virtual remote control:
How to choose, disassemble and set up a TV remote control RolsenWith the transition between channels, changing the volume, setting the timer, starting it does very well on the main menus. Users can choose different views of the interface. Including the one that is closest to the interface of a real console.
Virtual remotes to control TV from a smartphone

How to set up this downloaded remote

The setup procedure is fully automatic. First you need to run the program itself. Next, you need to use the TV’s auto-search option. Then the program, having found them, will automatically enter them into its memory. You will only have to use it.

Universal remote control – how to choose a remote control for Rollsen TV

And yet the vast majority of people choose to buy a physical TV remote. Products of Gal, DEXP, Supra are in demand. Universal remote controls are useful for working with TV sets from LG, Samsung and other large companies. The original product is definitely superior in quality. But for TV over 5 years old, you won’t be able to find it, and you will have to take the “station wagon”.
How to choose, disassemble and set up a TV remote control Rolsen

Which remotes from other manufacturers are suitable

If you can’t get a Rolsen remote control system, you can, for example, opt for the IRC-6101DD. The remote control is produced in Moscow. Such a device will replace the basic version by 100%.

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