Features and nuances of choosing a TV bracket on the wall

The wall bracket is a useful and functional accessory that allows you not only to place your TV in a convenient place, but also to save a lot of free space. Manufacturers offer a large selection of brackets with different functionality and designed for TVs of different diagonal.

The main advantages of TV brackets

TV brackets are a sturdy, metal fixture designed to be mounted in an easy-to-view location. All brackets are highly durable, since the integrity of the TV depends on it.

The main task of TV brackets is to suspend plasma models with thin screens in a vertical plane.


  • saving space;
  • low cost;
  • reliability and safety;
  • the ability to change the tilt of the TV;
  • suitable for any interior, as the mount is hidden behind the TV.

Bracket types

Brackets for hanging TVs are classified according to several criteria. First of all – by design features and mounting method.


Such brackets allow you to turn the TV down or up, changing the angle of inclination within certain limits. Thanks to this ability, it is possible to correct the tilt of the screen, obtaining the desired color rendition and contrast. Tilt brackets are used to mount any LCD and plasma TVs. There are products that allow you to hold models of different weights. Maximum load – up to 50 kg, diagonal – 70 “.


These products are of the most primitive design. They are the cheapest of the entire range on the market. The cheapness of fixed brackets is due to the limited capabilities of such models. It is not possible to turn the TV and change the viewing angle here. There are only two parts in the design – the suspension and the mount. It is capable of supporting 65 ”TVs and weighing up to 50 kg. There are brackets with increased resistance to loads, they can hold heavier TVs – up to 100 kg.

Swivel and swing-out

These brackets are equipped with an extended pivot function. The TVs suspended from them can be moved in four directions – down, up, right, left. Swivel type brackets are designed for small TVs – weighing up to 35 kg, with a diagonal of 55 ”. The angles of rotation depend on the size of the monitor – the smaller it is, the wider the possibilities for choosing the position of the TV. Swing-out brackets are an improved version of the swivel TV mount. They allow not only to rotate the screen in four directions, but also to move it back and forth.
Swivel and swing-out

Other types

There are models in the TV bracket market that are equipped with additional features. Brackets are on sale:

  • Ceiling. These are versatile pieces that are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. They are usually called overhead lifts. These brackets can be mounted both on the walls and on the ceiling.Ceiling
  • Electrically operated. They are equipped with a control panel. There is no need to get up and use force to rotate the monitor in the desired direction – just press a button. The mount is standard here. They are intended for TV models with a diagonal of 32 ”.Electrically driven

Criteria for choosing a TV bracket

When choosing a bracket, it is important to consider several points at once. In addition to the parameters of the holder, you have to pay attention to other points regarding the placement of the TV in the room.

Taking into account the place of installation

Before buying a bracket, choose a place where you intend to hang the TV. How to choose the type of bracket:

  • If the TV is located opposite chairs or sofas, then it is better to choose a fixed type model.
  • If you intend to look at the screen from a variety of angles, it is advisable to purchase a tilt or swivel mount.

Ultimate load

Any bracket is accompanied by instructions that describe the installation process. It also indicates the maximum load weight that the fastener can withstand. If you suspend a TV that is too large on a weak bracket, you will not be able to avoid falling.

TV diagonal

An important rule when choosing a bracket is taking into account the dimensions of the TV, its diagonal. The limit value is always indicated in the technical documentation. Recently, ultra-thin brackets have been gaining popularity. Their manufacturers assure that such products can withstand the largest plasma panels. But experts do not recommend using ultra-thin versions for hanging heavy TVs with a large diagonal.

Angles of rotation

Decide in advance how much the bracket will rotate. It depends on the peculiarities of the location of the sofa and armchairs in the room, on the position from which it is planned to look at the TV screen. Swivel holders are more complex, therefore they are more expensive than fixed counterparts.

Adjustment method

The ability to reposition the TV must meet the needs of the users. Consider whether you need to rotate the screen up and down, perhaps turning to the sides is enough. So you don’t have to overpay for unnecessary functions. If the room is small, such as a bedroom, there is no need to turn the TV in different directions. In large rooms where there are many seats, the screen has to be rotated so that the viewing is comfortable from a specific point.

TOP 10 best TV mounts

There are a large number of models on the TV pendant bracket market, differing in the way of adjustment, technical parameters and price. Next are the most popular brackets for small, medium and large screens.

Ergotron 45-353-026

Tilting swivel arm for wall mounting with long monitor reach. Designed for medium screens. Puts forward 83 cm. Country of origin: USA.
Ergotron 45-353-026Main characteristics:

  • the maximum weight of the TV is 11.3 kg;
  • the maximum diagonal of the TV is 42.


  • there is a height adjustment;
  • fastening elements are folded close to the wall;
  • large tilt angle – from 5 to 75 degrees;
  • it is completed with an extension element.

This bracket has one drawback – the cost is too high.

Price: 34 700 rub.

Holder LCDS-5038

Multifunctional pan / tilt model for a wide range of TVs. Distance from the wall – 38 cm. Adjustable with a slight movement of the hand. The angle of rotation is 350 °. Country of origin: Canada.
Holder LCDS-5038Main characteristics:

  • the maximum weight of the TV is 30 kg;
  • the maximum diagonal of the TV is 20-37 ”.


  • independent choice of the angle of inclination;
  • can be pressed against the wall;
  • high rotation range;
  • reliability;
  • completed with additional fasteners;
  • made of high quality alloy;
  • price.


  • an assistant is needed for installation;
  • ill-conceived storage of cables.

Price: 2 200 rubles.

Vogels Thin 345

This tilt-and-turn arm is the thinnest on the market. It can be moved away from the wall and rotated 180 °. Distance from the wall – 63 cm. Country of origin: Holland.
Vogels Thin 345Main characteristics:

  • the maximum weight of the TV is 25 kg;
  • the maximum diagonal of the TV is 40-65 ”.


  • a system of hidden cables is provided;
  • Completely complete with fasteners – no need to buy anything.

There were no drawbacks to this model.

Price: 16 700 rubles.

Kromax DIX-15 White

This bracket is made of high strength and wear resistant alloys. Only small TVs are hung on it. It moves away from the wall by 37 cm. The angle of inclination upwards is 15 °. Country of origin: Sweden.
Kromax DIX-15 WhiteMain characteristics:

  • the maximum weight of the TV is 30 kg;
  • the maximum diagonal of the TV is 15-28 ”.


  • the panel can be rotated 90 °;
  • ease of installation;
  • high quality workmanship;
  • convenient use.


  • there are problems with the bushings of the mechanism;
  • the fasteners included in the kit do not always fit in diameter.

Price: 1 700 rub.

Brateck PLB-M04-441

Electrically operated bracket. Distance from the wall – 30 cm. Country of origin: China.
Brateck PLB-M04-441Main characteristics:

  • the maximum weight of the TV is 35 kg;
  • the maximum diagonal of the TV is 32-55 ”.


  • control using the remote control;
  • hidden wire system;
  • you can program two fixed positions in the remote control.


  • no up-down tilt function;
  • price.

Price: 15 999 rub.

Vobix NV-201G

Swivel / tilt wall mount for mid-sized monitors and TVs. Distance to the wall – 44 cm. Country of origin: Russia.
Vobix NV-201GMain characteristics:

  • the maximum weight of the TV is 12.5 kg;
  • the maximum diagonal of the TV is 40 ”.


  • the TV easily moves horizontally and vertically;
  • lightweight but durable product;
  • price.

This bracket has no drawbacks, it is ideal for performing its functions.

Price: 2 100 rubles.

iTechmount PLB-120

Super powerful and reliable bracket with simple and ergonomic design. Designed for the largest TVs. Distance to the wall – 130 cm. Country of origin: Russia.
iTechmount PLB-120Main characteristics:

  • the maximum weight of the TV is 100 kg;
  • the maximum diagonal of the TV is 60-100 ”.


  • the screen is tilted up and down by 15 °;
  • high quality and reliability;
  • durable material of manufacture;
  • complete with a complete mounting kit;
  • hidden wire system;
  • the manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty.

There were no drawbacks to this model.

Price: 4 300 rub.


Advanced swivel type bracket. Compact and robust, it saves space in tight spaces. Distance to the wall – 20 cm. Country of origin: Russia.
ONKRON M2SMain characteristics:

  • the maximum weight of the TV is 30 kg;
  • the maximum diagonal of the TV is up to 42 ”.


  • simple control;
  • compact size;
  • complete with all fasteners.


  • there are screws that do not match the sizes of the declared fasteners;
  • problems occur during installation;
  • there is no instruction.

Price: 2 300 rub.


This is a tilt-and-mount wall mount for the largest TVs. The design has silent hinges. Masking with plastic pads is provided. Distance to the wall – 72 cm. Country of origin: Russia.
NB NBP6Main characteristics:

  • the maximum weight of the TV is 45 kg;
  • the maximum diagonal of the TV is up to 70 ”.


  • durable metal;
  • long-term service;
  • ease of adjustment;
  • complete with screws for different TVs.

This model has no drawbacks, but the reliability of the design raises doubts – the TV is supported by only two bolts.

Price: 4 300 rub.

Kromax GALACTIC-60

This bracket stands out from a number of similar ones for its increased strength. The tilt-swivel mount is designed for large TVs. Distance to the wall – 30 cm. Country of origin: China.
Kromax GALACTIC-60Main characteristics:

  • the maximum weight of the TV is 45 kg;
  • the maximum diagonal of the TV is up to 75 ”.


  • production material – stainless steel;
  • warranty – 30 years;
  • drives are not visible;
  • cables are protected from tangling and abrasion.


  • tight movement;
  • there is insufficient equipment with fasteners;
  • uninformative instruction.

Price: 6 700 rubles.

TV mounts provide maximum viewing comfort and save space. On the market, these products are presented in a wide range – you can choose the ideal option for a TV of any size.

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