TV mount on the wall with a turn – choose and fix

TV mount on the wall with a turn, why do you need it and how to choose it? A TV is present in almost every home. It is not uncommon to buy a second one. To comfortably watch TV on flat screens, special brackets are required. It is necessary to be able to make such a choice so that such a basis has all the properties the owner needs. How to choose a TV mount on a wall with a turn correctly will be described below.
TV mount on the wall with a turn - choose and fixSwivel mount for TV on the wall [/ caption] Such devices are designed to install a flat TV receiver on a vertical wall. When using brackets, you can use the following advantages:

  1. Compactness makes it possible to save space in the apartment.
  2. Acceptable cost for most users. The availability of brackets has led to their widespread use.
  3. Since the parts of the bracket are hidden behind the TV, there is no need to match it to the design of the room.
  4. The presence of a swivel mechanism allows you to set the screen at the desired angle.TV mount on the wall with a turn - choose and fix
  1. Correctly installed fasteners ensure that the television receiver is securely fastened.

Applying this method of installation, it is necessary to take into account the presence of such disadvantages:

  1. Mistakes made during installation can be costly for the owner. Poor mounting can cause the TV to fall, malfunction and injure viewers.
  2. To carry out the installation work, you must have professional knowledge and skills.
  3. When, over time, the owner wants to install a technical device in a new place, clear traces will remain on the old one on the wall.

Care must be taken when choosing a location for the bracket, as its installation is designed to be used for many years.

How to choose a TV wall mount

To select the correct bracket, you need to pay attention to the following:

  1. The mounting holes should be located on the back of the TV. In order to find a suitable device, you need to accurately measure the distance between them.TV mount on the wall with a turn - choose and fix
  1. The bracket must fit the diagonal of the TV . If it is more or less than the stated, then this may limit the possibilities of turning.
  2. Consider the size of the room in which the viewing will take place.
  3. Each mount is designed so that the weight of the TV will not exceed the maximum weight . When buying a bracket, it is important to ensure that this value is at least 5 kilograms more than the real weight of the TV.
  4. It is necessary to determine in advance from which points it will be convenient to view . If there are several of them, then the purchase of a swivel bracket becomes mandatory.

TV mount on the wall with a turn - choose and fix When buying, you must check the availability of all the necessary components.

What types of brackets are there

There are the following types of TV brackets:

  1. The ceiling is convenient in that it can be rotated horizontally to any convenient angle. Its distinctive feature is that the structure is not attached to the wall, but to the ceiling.

TV mount on the wall with a turn - choose and fix

  1. Tilting allows you to tilt the screen from the vertical at an angle of up to 20 degrees. They are attached to the wall. Horizontal rotation is not possible with these devices.

TV mount on the wall with a turn - choose and fix

  1. Tilt-and-turn mounts to the wall and rotates 180 degrees horizontally. They can deviate vertically by an angle of up to 20 degrees.

TV mount on the wall with a turn - choose and fix

  1. Fixed models do not pivot or tilt the flat TV. The advantage of such brackets is their low cost.

TV mount on the wall with a turn - choose and fix Considering only swivel brackets, they are divided into the following categories:

  1. Swivel wall mounts can be installed in any desired direction in the horizontal plane.
  2. Some models can not only be rotated, but also extended to a certain distance.TV mount on the wall with a turn - choose and fix
  3. There are corner brackets that are designed to be installed in the corner of a room. This arrangement of the TV saves space in the room, which is especially important for small rooms.
  4. The tilt-swivel allows not only to rotate horizontally to any desired angle, but also to tilt vertically as it is convenient for the user.

The choice of a suitable device depends on how the user plans to install the TV.

Swivel mount on the wall for different diagonals of the TV

The following is about the highest quality and most popular models of TV mounts. A description is given and their features are indicated.

Kromax TECHNO-1 for 10-26 inches

TV mount on the wall with a turn - choose and fixThis mount is tilt and swivel. The bracket is made of aluminum and has an elegant design. High mobility and secure fixation allow you to install the screen in almost any desired position. The kit includes plastic pads that allow you to discreetly store the electrical wires. Withstands a load of 15 kg. Designed for a screen diagonal of 10-26 inches. The Vesa standard is used with 75×75 and 100×100 mm.


The tilt-and-turn model has a compact design. There are ample opportunities for adjusting the pan and tilt. Designed for weight up to 30 kg. Can be used with 22 “to 42” TVs. Vesa standard with 100×100, 200×100 and 200×200 mm
TV mount on the wall with a turn - choose and fix

Holder LCDS-5038

Pan and tilt of the TV receiver are available. The kit includes all the necessary hardware and installation instructions. It is used for TVs with a diagonal of 20 to 37 inches. Complies with Vesa standard with 75×75, 100×100, 200×100 and 200×200 mm. Here it is possible to adjust the distance between the TV receiver and the wall. It is more convenient to hang this device together, rather than alone. As a disadvantage, it is noted that the place for storing the wire is not well thought out.
TV mount on the wall with a turn - choose and fixBest TV Brackets (32, 43, 55, 65 “) – Swivel Wall Mounts:

How to fix the TV swivel bracket

When carrying out installation, the following must be taken into account:

  1. It is generally preferred to mount the device at such a height that the viewer is in front of the middle of the screen when viewing.
  2. Avoid placing the device in the immediate vicinity of heating devices.
  3. When choosing a TV, you need to remember that its diagonal should approximately correspond to the size of the room.
  4. You need to make sure that there is an outlet for connecting a TV next to the place where the bracket is installed.

TV mount on the wall with a turn - choose and fix The installation procedure involves the following steps:

  1. A place for fastening is selected.
  2. A horizontal line is marked corresponding to the bottom edge of the plate.
  3. The bracket is applied to the mark made, after which the places where the holes need to be made are marked.

TV mount on the wall with a turn - choose and fix

  1. The holes are made with a hammer drill or similar tool. For a concrete or brick wall, ordinary dowels can be used, for a drywall wall, butterfly dowels are used that can withstand significant weights without damaging the wall.
  2. The bracket is secured with bolts.
  3. The TV is being installed on a bracket.

TV mount on the wall with a turn - choose and fixAfter that, it is connected to the network, to the set-top box and to the antenna. For installation on a plasterboard wall, consider the following:

  1. You need to drill a hole in the drywall sheet and in the wall behind it.
  2. If the distance to the wall is great, it is convenient to fix the bracket in those places where there is a frame metal mount.

When using a butterfly dowel, you need to take into account how much weight they are designed for. It is important that the TV does not exceed the specified value.

Installing the Swivel TV Wall Mount:

Errors and solution

Do not place the screen too far or too close to the audience. The optimal distance is one that is equal to three diagonals of the TV. Do not install in such a way that there is no gap between the TV and the wall. This is especially important in cases where there is a power outlet behind it. If the bracket is not installed on a load-bearing wall, the structural strength will be significantly lower. If mounting bolts are included in the kit, then it is not recommended to use other types of fasteners during installation, as this may become the basis for the termination of the warranty.

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