G20s Air Mouse review: setup, training and troubleshooting

The G20s Air Mouse is a wireless air mouse with built-in position detection, sensitive accelerometer and intuitive voice input. The device can be used as a regular remote control, mouse, game joystick for Android.
G20s Air Mouse review: setup, training and troubleshooting

G20s Air Mouse Specifications

The G20s air mouse is a multi-purpose gyroscopic controller. The device has a backlight and a microphone for interacting with Smart TV. The model is developed based on the gyroscope of the MEMS system. G20 (S) is the next stage in the development of the G10 (S) console
. There are no shortcomings in the gadget that affected the usability of the previous model: the keys are flat, hard to feel with your fingers and a double Home / Back key. There are only two modifications:

  • G20 – model without a gyroscope (in mouse mode, if a cursor is required, control is via the D-pad);
  • G20S is a variant with a full-fledged air mouse.

G20s Air Mouse review: setup, training and troubleshooting Technical characteristics of the remote air mouse G20s:

  • Signal format – 2.4 GHz, wireless.
  • 6-axis gyroscope sensor.
  • 18 working keys.
  • The working distance is more than 10 meters.
  • AAA batteries * 2, you will need to buy two more.
  • Body materials: ABS plastic and rubber inserts.
  • Package weight: 68 g.
  • Dimensions: 160x45x20 mm.
  • User manual (EN / RU).

The G20s pro air mouse works over a wireless communication standard, so neither its direction, nor the presence of obstacles on the way will affect the quality of hand tracking. The model confidently transmits a signal at a distance of up to 10 meters. The power key can be programmed via the IR remote control.
G20s Air Mouse review: setup, training and troubleshootingThe g20 air mouse supports voice control. It can provide people with a unique and powerful tool to easily control PC, Smart TV, Android TV Box, media player and set-top box directly without wires, which have a USB connector to install the transmitter. Powered by two batteries. Details about the
principle of operation of the air mouse – setting, types, user manual.
G20s Air Mouse review: setup, training and troubleshooting A technique that can be controlled with an air mouse [/ caption]

Purpose of the device

Users buy air mouse g20 for more convenient control of Smart consoles on Android. The gyroscope built into the air mouse allows you to control the set-top box using the mouse cursor – it follows the display, repeating the movements of the hand. There is mic, which is useful for entering the title of videos.

Air mouse overview

Air mouse g20s pro is built with high quality, although it creaks under excessive pressure. Matte plastic, like a soft-touch. In general, the design is pleasant and comparable to the expensive models from Apple. The airplane has 18 keys, one of which is for power supply – it can be programmed via the IR channel. When operating the g20 airplane with prefixes (sometimes with other devices), there are often difficulties with remote activation, because the connected connector is de-energized. The system does not respond to key presses if Smart TV is inactive. For this, the developers have added a programmable button – it is most often assigned to “Power” for convenient remote switching on of the TV. In this case, you can select any key from the original remote control.
G20s Air Mouse review: setup, training and troubleshootingProgrammable remote control [/ caption] The air mouse function is realized by a 6-axis gyroscope. When you move the device in space, the mouse cursor moves on the screen. The function is activated by a special button on the body of the remote control.

The microphone indicates the ability to use voice search. The air mouse enters sleep mode 20 seconds after the user leaves it alone. Interestingly, the instructions do not mention this feature.

Features of g20s aero air mouse:

  • Works on different systems with Android TV software – just plug it in and start using it.
  • Ergonomics : the remote control model fits perfectly in the hand, the surface is not easily soiled, the shape of the buttons is comfortable (unlike the previous series).
  • The buttons on the g20s air mouse  click quietly and do not interfere with others (a little louder than on the Xiaomi MiBox ), they are pressed easily.
  • The central D-pad gives the command ENTER, instead of DPAD_CENTER (the D-pad looks similar to the one from Xiaomi).
  • Double power key , working according to the IR and RF standard (if configured, then the POWER command is given to the default).
  • Activation of the programming mode – for this you need to hold down the power key for a very long time – this is done so as not to interfere with the clamping of the button to activate the power menu.
  • There is no need to double-click on a key to wake up the remote from sleep mode or perform an action (just press it once, and the command will be immediately processed).
  • Activating mic sends a command to the Google Assistant .
  • Mic turns on and works for 20 sec . after activation with the remote control, then it turns off (you do not need to hold the key).G20s Air Mouse review: setup, training and troubleshooting
  • The microphone perfectly picks up the voice , if you bring the devices to your mouth, hold in a lowered hand – this does not affect the recognition quality (you also need to speak loudly).
  • Voice control : Press the Voice button on the remote control to find the channel you want to watch. This is easy and convenient to use.
  • White backlight allows you to conveniently use the remote control in the dark to turn it on and off.

After studying the reviews about the g20s air mouse, it became clear that the gyroscope also has no complaints. It retains its state – that is, if the air mouse is turned off, then neither reboot nor waking from sleep mode will activate it. You need to press the key again. Air Mouse G20S with microphone, gyroscope and programmable button – review, configuration and calibration of the air mouse: https://youtu.be/lECIE648UFw

Air mouse setup

An instruction is included with the device – it describes in detail how to use the airport. How to set up air mouse g20 in short:

  1. Hold down the power key. When the indicator starts flashing strongly, the remote control activates the learning mode (the flashes should become rare, then the button can be released).
  2. Point the training console (standard for the set-top box) to the signal reception window, and press the button that you want to assign. G20s counts the signal if the light stops for a while.
  3. The indicator will blink. The training is over if it stops.
  4. The data is saved in the system.

G20s Air Mouse review: setup, training and troubleshootingRemote buttons [/ caption] To delete the assigned code, press and hold the “OK” and “DEL” keys. If the indicator blinks frequently, then the procedure is successful. Also, the c120 air mouse system has three modes of air mouse cursor movement speed. You need to hold and hold the “OK” key, along with the volume “+” and “-“. Increasing it increases sensitivity, decreasing it decreases it.

Problems and solutions

The system has an automatic calibration of the g20s air mouse. Power surges and temperature rises cause the cursor to float. Then, in order to correctly configure the g20s air mouse, you need to: put the device on a flat surface and leave it for a while. To complete the calibration, you need to press the button to turn off the sleep mode. Among the disadvantages of an air mouse for smart TV are:

  • The shape of the “Back” and “Home” buttons – it would be more convenient if they were round, like the others; G20s Air Mouse review: setup, training and troubleshootingDimensions of the remote control [/ caption]
  • The “OK” button in the default state should send the DPAD_CENTER signal (it can be reconfigured if the system has root rights);
  • It would be more convenient if the sound control keys could be assigned, like the power button.

All in all, the G20s Air Mouse is literally the ultimate smart console remote. There are no major flaws in it. You can buy air mouse g20s online or in offline stores. The remote looks stylish and easy to use. All functions work flawlessly in good working order.

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