What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connect

At home, you can watch movies not only on the TV screen, but also using the projector. To use it, you need to prepare the screen. The image is transmitted by the device usually through a special matrix that works in transmission. The main advantage of these projectors is that they provide a larger diagonal image than most television screens. This device transmits information received from an external source. It can be a USB flash drive, a computer connected with a cable, or another.
What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connectUsing a projector has the following advantages:

  1. When viewing, you can easily adjust the screen size.
  2. Easy to install during installation.
  3. Small size of the device.
  4. The comfort of such viewing for vision.
  5. Relative cheapness of the device in comparison with other systems used for watching films.

The projector can be used with proper setup and installation as a computer display, particularly for video games. The
What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connectprojector can be used for games [/ caption] However, when buying a projector, you need to take into account its shortcomings:

  1. The projector is not suitable for broadcasting TV programs.
  2. If the brightness is not sufficient for daylight viewing, the room must be shaded beforehand.
  3. To ensure high quality sound, you will need to use an additional speaker system.
  4. When using pendant models, fine adjustments must be made to obtain a high-quality image.

Make sure the projector is set up correctly before use.

Why do you need a projector in a home theater system

Projectors can be used to watch movies, create presentations, display images for comfortable viewing. At home, you can use it to watch videos on a large screen, and in some cases play computer games. As technology advances, picture quality is getting better, closer to what you get when viewed from a TV screen.
What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connect

How a home theater projector works

There are various types of projectors on the market that have their own strengths and weaknesses, which must be considered when choosing. If we consider the display technology in detail, it looks like this. There is a lamp inside the device, which provides powerful illumination during the show. When the light stream passes through the optical system, it is divided into three colors, green, red and blue. The light then passes through a modulator, which can be liquid crystal or micromirror matrix. It has a pixel structure, allowing you to build a high-quality image.
What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connectThe control unit is designed to work with the pixel matrix. Image focusing is performed by using a lens that brings together streams of different colors and finally forms an image.
What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connect

What types of projectors are there

There are mainly three types of projectors on sale: LCD, DLP and LED. Each of them will be discussed in more detail below.

LCD projectors

These devices are the most affordable. In them, the image is formed using a liquid crystal matrix. The popularity of such projectors is largely due to the affordable price. This technology was further developed in the form of 3LCD, the main difference of which is the use of three liquid crystal matrices instead of one. These models provide higher quality but are more expensive.

DLP projectors

This type is similar in price to LCD projectors, but provides higher image quality. Such a device, using a mirror matrix, smooths out image imperfections and makes it more vivid and impressive. However, these projectors have a disadvantage, which is commonly referred to as the iris effect. It implies that rings of several colors can form around objects moving on the screen.
What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connect

LED projectors

The devices under consideration can be used with different types of lamps, which increases the choice. They ensure high quality of work and at the same time are energy efficient.

How to choose a home theater projector

The design of various types of such equipment can differ significantly from each other. One of the most important elements of such equipment is the lamp used. The quality of lighting largely determines the level of viewing comfort. High pressure discharge lamps are often used as the light source. Their main disadvantage is their relatively rapid wear. Replacement is usually required after 2000-4000 hours of operation. In some cases, their resource can reach 8000 hours. In practice, the replacement has to be done after 3-4 years, and in some cases more often. In order to extend the life of such lamps, manufacturers began to use UHP technology. These lamps use a discharge for illumination that occurs between tungsten electrodes. These lamps are compact yet provide an even and intense glow.At the same time, high quality color reproduction is ensured.
What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connectUHP lamp [/ caption] These lighting fixtures gradually decrease in intensity as they wear out. The service life often does not exceed 2000 hours. Changes were made to their device that helped to partially compensate for the problems mentioned. HCX lamps also have a relatively short lifespan that is comparable to that of other projection lamps. Metal halide lamps create light due to the discharge of an electric arc that is created in a gas under high pressure. They differ from UHP lamps in the composition of the gas, in which additives are made that improve the quality of spectral radiation, contribute to its uniformity. As a disadvantage, a gradual loss of quality is noted as the service life expires, which can reach up to 50%.
What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connectP-VIP lamps are considered to be of the highest quality compared to other varieties. Their service life is 6000-8000 operating hours. An important feature of such lamps is constant brightness throughout the entire life of the lighting fixture. Xenon lamps use compressed Xenon to fill the bulb. Such lighting devices provide high power and intense luminous flux. High power and quality of work led to the fact that they are used for projectors in cinemas.
What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connectThe use of gas-discharge lamps, due to their inherent disadvantages, is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Instead, LED lighting is gradually becoming more popular. The use of light-emitting diodes has made it possible to extend the life of the device, increasing it to 20 thousand hours. Such lighting devices allow for a high-quality display without special requirements for the surface on which the display is performed. The disadvantage of such lamps is the insufficiently strong luminous flux compared to other types of lamps.
What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connectLaser lighting projectors provide excellent picture quality for home theater [/ caption] Laser lighting devices work well, have a long service life, but are expensive. Therefore, the most attractive option can be considered hybrid lighting, which combines the advantages of laser and LED. Home Theater Laser Projectors – Best Projector Models: https://youtu.be/zPlD_Edkrp8

What characteristics to pay attention to

When choosing, you must carefully consider the various characteristics of the projector. Following is noteworthy:

  1. The brightness of the light source should be sufficient for comfortable viewing of films. It is recommended to choose models that provide an illumination of 1000-2000 lm.
  2. It is necessary to take into account the format of the resulting image and the aspect ratio of its sides . For a home projector, use 16:10 or 16: 9 is fine.
  3. It is worth paying attention to the uniformity of the illumination of the entire screen . There should be no darker or too light areas here. In the technical specifications, a parameter is used that is equal to the ratio of brightness in the center of the screen and at its edges, but it is not always indicated.What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connect
  4. Consider the presence of noise during the operation of the projector . Typically, the source is the ventilation system used in the appliance. You need to be sure that the sound will not interfere with the comfortable viewing of the film.
  5. You need to check the level of contrast . It has a significant impact on viewing quality in shaded rooms. If you plan to view in good lighting, then you need to take into account the brightness to a greater extent. It is believed that for comfortable viewing, this characteristic should be in the range from 1000: 1 to 2000: 1.

Since the projector displays files from external sources, it is important to consider what connectors it has for a cable or for a flash drive. In the latter case, the video file can be displayed without connecting to a computer.

Which projector to choose for home theater – TOP best models for 2021

It is convenient to use the rating to select a projector. With its help, the user will be able to choose the appropriate option or find his own, which will suit him more.

Optoma HD144X

What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connectThis is a budget projector that delivers high quality video display. Viewers like high-definition images and a comfortable viewing experience. However, as a disadvantage, it should be noted the limited color depth and the lack of a wireless interface. It provides Full HD resolution, there is a high brightness of the image. The projector has a USB port. The device supports MHL and HD. When showing fast movements, a rainbow effect may occur.

Optoma W308STe

What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connectThis projector can be used even in small rooms thanks to its short throw optics. It can change the aspect ratio when displayed in accordance with the video being shown. The projector can be used not only for displaying video, but also for computer games. There are a variety of settings, including automatic settings, to ensure high image quality. The disadvantages are the insufficient depth of the black color and the appearance of the iris effect.


What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connectThis projector is considered one of the most popular for home theater applications. It provides high contrast, but is inferior to competitors in extreme brightness. Due to its low latency, this device is also suitable for gamers. Provides 4K video quality and best-in-class HDR content reproduction. The disadvantages are brighter display angles and relatively high cost.

Epson EH-LS500

What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connectThis ultra short throw projector uses laser technology to deliver a high quality display. Provides a luminous flux of up to 4000 lm. The model is designed to be installed at a short distance from the screen. There is not enough black depth here. The fast response speed will make this projector attractive for gamers. The luminous flux can be adjusted in a wide range depending on the specific use of the device.

Epson EH-TW9400

This device can provide high-quality display at various installation distances – from close to the screen, and at a distance. Viewers can view content in Full HD. The optics can be controlled automatically.
What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connectThe disadvantages include a weak depth of black color, the presence of noise during operation, as well as a relatively high cost. It provides a 4K video display, but at the same time processing is performed, converting it to Full HD. Buyers note the high quality of the image obtained on the projector. How to Choose the Best Home Theater Projector as of 2021: https://youtu.be/L5QWSNIquP0

Instructions and diagram for connecting a home theater to a projector

Installation is required to prepare to watch movies with the projector. To do this, you will need to do the following:

  1. You need to hang a screen on which the film will be shown . At this point, it is important to choose the correct location and set the correct distance from the projector. It must be remembered that the light of external sources – for example, stars or street lamps – should not fall on the screen. If necessary, you will need to use blackout curtains or blinds in the room. The height of the bottom edge should be comfortable for the audience. Usually it is within 62-92 cm.
  2. You need to choose a place to install the projector . To do this, it can be placed on a bedside table, hung from the ceiling or placed on the floor. During installation, you must ensure the distance to the screen specified in the technical documentation. Usually it is defined in relation to the screen diagonal. Next, the projector is mounted. For this, it is installed and a suitable height is provided.
  3. Now you need to configure the equipment . The first step is to fine-tune the focus. Most models have a built-in electronic adjustment function. You need to adjust the clarity and sharpness, and then check how good the image is on the screen.

What is a home theater projector, how to choose and connectAfter making all the necessary adjustments, you need to see how they will look on the screen and achieve the maximum available quality. Another video about connecting a projector plus an overview of the Epson EH-TW6700 home theater: https://youtu.be/3-wsz82TBCg Happy shopping.

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