What is Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, 2k hdr and 4k hdr specifications, how to connect

One of the latest developments of Xiaomi, which got a start in life in the summer of 2020 – multimedia consoles Mi TV Stick 2k hdr and 4k hdr, due to its compact size and weight of only 30 grams, will not take up much space, if only because of its appearance resembling a flash drive, and the size is an ordinary lighter and can even fit in your pocket.
What is Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, 2k hdr and 4k hdr specifications, how to connectIn addition, with this useful device, the need for cables is completely eliminated, since in order to appreciate all the delights of Smart TV, you just need to connect the set-top box to the HDMI port of your TV or monitor without wasting time. Using the Google Play store, you can download the most current streaming platform, as well as play your favorite toys or watch videos over your home network. The minimalism of the console allows you to take it with you wherever you go, to the dacha or on vacation. In addition, the Mi TV Stick does not require additional power, since it is recharged directly from the TV receiver.
What is Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, 2k hdr and 4k hdr specifications, how to connectMany applications and games can be installed through the Google Play store using the xiaomi mi tv stick [/ caption] The Mi TV Stick runs on Android TV 9.0 operating system, which includes voice search. Accordingly, to find the necessary content, instead of typing, it will be faster to use a bluetooth remote control and a microphone. And given that the Mi TV Stick supports a Chromecast player
, photos and videos from a phone or tablet are available for broadcast on a 1080p screen. Any entertainment and hobbies will bring even more pleasure when Mi TV Stick is at hand.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick 2K HDR and 4K HDR Media Boxes

The developers of the multimedia set-top box from Xiaomi have done a great job, and therefore the device exists in two versions – “basic” and “advanced”. The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick 2K HDR Media Extender has one gigabyte of RAM and is based on Amlogic S805Y with Full HD resolution. The Mi TV Stick 4K HDR is an order of magnitude higher. It runs on Amlogic S905Y2, has two gigabytes of RAM and has a 4K resolution.
What is Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, 2k hdr and 4k hdr specifications, how to connectMi TV Stick 4K HDR more advanced device [/ caption]

The package includes the set-top box itself, a 5-watt adapter, a USB-micro USB cable, a remote control and, accordingly, an instruction manual.

Why do you need a Mi TV Stick and what are its capabilities

Mi TV Stick is designed for modern people who use streaming services to watch their favorite video content. In particular, if a regular TV is not equipped with a Smart TV system. In addition, players based on the Android TV operating system are much more practical and more convenient to use than Smart TV, respectively.
What is Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, 2k hdr and 4k hdr specifications, how to connectThe mi tv stick is equipped with an Android TV system [/ caption] The miniature Android set-top box Mi TV Stick has enormous capabilities, once again confirming that size does not matter. With its help, you can watch videos on YouTube, any television channels, films, series, cartoons and even play using the remote control as a joystick. But, and if you need a specific joystick, then in this case you will have to buy it separately. Of course, not everything will be free. For example, you will have to pay a monthly fee for certain TV channels, at best, you will need to use free Internet applications. Watching movies is available thanks to the installed special programs. As for the advantages of the Xiaomi mi tv stick media player, it is worth listing, again, its compactness, convenient use and good performance, taking into account the price,which will not hit your pocket in any way.
What is Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, 2k hdr and 4k hdr specifications, how to connectXiaomi mi tv stick is a very compact media player [/ caption] You can’t do without cons. And first of all, this concerns the lack of a USB port, usually used to connect auxiliary devices (flash drives, “mice”, joysticks). For this reason, it is not possible to watch a video or photo on the TV screen by connecting a USB flash drive. To connect a joystick or mouse, you need to choose exactly those that support the wireless Bluetooth network. In general, all this is not too important and Mi TV Stick will be an excellent assistant for an unpretentious user.
What is Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, 2k hdr and 4k hdr specifications, how to connectMi TV Stick can be connected via HDMI extension cable [/ caption]

How to connect Mi TV Stick to TV?

First, you should connect the microUSB charger that comes with the set-top box to a power outlet. After that, the Mi TV Stick plugs into the HDMI TV port. If the port itself is not capable of direct interaction with the stick, then the adapter cable will come in handy, also included in the kit.
What is Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, 2k hdr and 4k hdr specifications, how to connectHDMI TV port for connecting a set-top box [/ caption] This is all you need to connect to a TV. Additionally, it is worth adding that in the settings of the TV itself, you will only need to change AV to HDMI, wait until Android TV boots up and after this procedure, adjust the stick.
What is Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, 2k hdr and 4k hdr specifications, how to connectConnector on the xiaomi mi tv stick [/ caption] When the set-top box is turned on, a recommendation to connect the remote will appear on the screen. AAA batteries are inserted into it, which are purchased separately, since they, as you know, are not included in the kit, and hold down the “Applications” and “Home” buttons, following the instructions on the screen, and then set the language and region.
What is Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, 2k hdr and 4k hdr specifications, how to connectConnecting the STB [/ caption] Then you need to connect to the Wi-Fi network and log in to your Google account to use the Google Play application. Step-by-step instructions displayed on the TV screen will help you do all this as quickly as possible. Full review of Xiaomi Mi TV Stick 2K HDR, software setup and installation: https://youtu.be/hdioWzqlL9g

Installing the browser on Mi TV Stick

Having become the owner of the Mi TV Stick set-top box, and having made all the settings, you can see that Google Play does not have the usual Google Chrome browser used to download ARK files, watch the latest news, and, in fact, ordinary surfing the Internet, which does not require the use of standard gadgets, such like a PC or smartphone. A natural question arises – how to install a browser on Mi TV Stick in order to enjoy all the advantages of the device? In fact, the list of apps specifically for Android TV on the Google Play store is quite small, as most programs, including Chrome, are adapted for touch control.

In this regard, the browser will have to be installed using the installation ARC file. The best thing for Mi TV Stick will be the Puffun TV Browser, for the reason that you can control it through the menu and the site window with a joystick on the remote control without using a “mouse”.

To install the browser, first you need to download the ARK file to your PC or smartphone, and then you should upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox to some other cloud storage. That’s all, actually.
What is Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, 2k hdr and 4k hdr specifications, how to connectGoogle Drive [/ caption] Setting up the Xiaomi mi tv stick media player: https://youtu.be/uibIpIcwQaQ

Practical experience of use

Just a great option for older TVs, for which buying a Smart TV is a waste of money. Works very fast. Watching YouTube, TV shows has become much more comfortable. The quality beats the price. And this is a big plus.

I got a prefix and I am happy with such a purchase. The child is just delighted. It turns off now closer to the night. The TV is far from new. 4K does not support, so this stick is enough for 100 percent. Third-party programs through Google cloud, the main thing is to have an account. Now a TV without Smart has a new life. Highly recommend.

Difference Between MI TV Box and MI TV Stick – Which is Better?

Both of these devices have certain differences, but at the same time there is not much difference in their use. In the event that at home there is a TV designed for 4K content, then the ideal option, of course, would be the MI TV Box, whose RAM is 1 GB more than the new Xiaomi. But when 1080p resolution at 60fps is more than enough, then the cheaper and more compact MI TV Stick will do. Any of these devices greatly enhances the functionality of a standard TV screen or computer monitor, and purchasing one of them will be a profitable investment. Despite the fact that the MI TV Stick has just appeared on the market already with Android TV 9, its direct competitor MI TV Box has just updated this operating version.
What is Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, 2k hdr and 4k hdr specifications, how to connect

How much does Xiaomi MI TV Stick cost in 2021

Again, if we talk about the price issue, the MI TV Stick is more affordable and its cost at the moment is half that of the MI TV Box and fluctuates at the level of 3000-3500 rubles, which is quite acceptable for every user trying to save their own budget. How to display a picture from a phone to a MI TV Stick: https://youtu.be/pTAL26AzYI8 The MI TV Stick Portable Media Player magically turns an outdated TV receiver into a real SMART TV, and the voice search function makes it as convenient as possible. You can watch your favorite shows, movies, TV series, videos on YouTube in Full HD quality, or spend your leisure time playing online anytime, anywhere, thanks to its compactness and weight and easy operation. This is definitely the best choice for a modern person who lives in a high-speed rhythm and prefers comfort.

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