World Vision Foros Ultra – quality for a low price

World Vision is a well-established company in the market that manufactures a variety of equipment for working with terrestrial television and not only. Users of WV equipment speak only positively about the company: firstly, World Vision offers the best solutions in accordance with the parameters of an affordable price and high quality and functionality, and secondly, digital receivers of this particular company are distinguished by stable signal reception and confident reception at the border of regions. where the receivers of competing manufacturers are not doing well enough.
World Vision Foros Ultra - quality for a low priceThe manufacturer’s catalog of satellite receivers is represented by five receivers, differing in characteristics and capabilities. The World Vision Foros Ultra is the newest and most current model and is a direct continuation of the Foros line.

About World Vision Foros Ultra

The prefix has a few differences from the previous model. A small drawback immediately rushes – the manufacturer removed one USB connector from the rear panel of the device, leaving only one located on the front side of the console. But its user will be more than enough: this set-top box is weakly related to the “Smart” class, and does not need a large number of ports to connect various peripherals (drives, wireless mice and keyboards). The receiver in any case supports USB HUBs, which will expand the number of ports to the required number. The WV Foros Ultra model has been significantly improved in terms of wireless networks: now you can connect to the set-top box Wi-Fi modems based on the Ralink RT5370, Ralink RT3370, Ralink RT3070 and Mediatek 7601 chips, as well as 3G modems from Huawei (E173 and E1550) …This is not necessary, it will not affect the quality of the broadcast and the signal, but it will open access to online TV, cinema, weather and other useful online applications.
World Vision Foros Ultra - quality for a low price


The World Vision Foros Ultra is powered by a GUOXIN CPU, model GX6605. This is a single-core processor with a clock frequency of 600 MHz, which is quite enough not only for a fast system operation, but also for a pleasant use of online services without braking or freezing. 64 megabytes of RAM will ensure fast opening of all services, and 4 megabytes of flash memory will be enough for firmware updates. The receiver is combined, and allows you to connect two separate broadcast sources:
satellite channels in the DVB-S / S2 standard (including T2-MI transponders) and cable terrestrial channels in the DVB-T / T2 (digital) or DVB-C standard.
World Vision Foros Ultra - quality for a low price

Contents of delivery

By purchasing a set-top box, you will find the following contents in the box:

  • receiver WV Foros Ultra;
  • remote control;
  • two little finger batteries for the remote control;
  • power supply unit for a 12 Volt set-top box;
  • 3.5 mm cable (mini-jack) – 3 RCA;
  • user manual.

World Vision Foros Ultra - quality for a low price

Set-top box interfaces and TV connection

The combo receiver is equipped with all the necessary ports:

  • input for a coaxial cable of a satellite dish;
  • cable entry for wired TV;
  • Ethernet input for connecting wired Internet;
  • HDMI-out;
  • combined RCA input for connecting old TVs (a special adapter is included in the kit);
  • input for connecting the power supply.

World Vision Foros Ultra - quality for a low priceInterfaces of the set-top box [/ caption] On the front panel there is a four-character segment LED display, buttons for switching channels, turning on the power, going to the menu and confirming the selection. Also, there is a USB port on the front panel.
World Vision Foros Ultra - quality for a low priceConnecting the set-top box will not take more than five minutes of your time. First of all, connect your TV and check for an output signal from the set-top box itself. Connection is available in two ways: via an HDMI cable (it is not included in the kit, you will need to purchase it) or a special adapter from the kit if your TV has RCA outputs. We strongly recommend using the HDMI cable: RCA technology for transmitting video and audio signals is outdated, and allows you to broadcast a picture on the screen in the maximum quality 576i / 576p, which is equal to a resolution of 768 × 576 pixels at a refresh rate of 24 frames per second. When using an HDMI connection, you can achieve Full HD quality, which is equal to a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
World Vision Foros Ultra - quality for a low priceAfter you connect the TV to the set-top box, all that remains is to connect the broadcast sources. The receiver supports both satellite TV channels and cable, while you can connect two sources at once. No additional settings are required: immediately after connecting all the cables, you can start using the set-top box. Setting up satellite channels:
Setting up satellite channels
World Vision Foros Ultra - quality for a low price Detailed instructions on connecting the World Vision Foros Ultra Combo set-top box to the TV and subsequent setup:
Detailed instructions on connecting the World Vision Foros Ultra Combo set-top box World Vision Foros Ultra Combo DVB-T2 S2 tuner and iptv set-top box with 100 Mbps LAN port:

World Vision Foros Ultra Firmware

All new World Vision Foros Ultra consoles come with factory firmware that was developed back in 2019. Most of the software functions when working with this firmware work, but often poor channel detection is observed when scanning T2-MI transponders, unstable operation of Internet services. WV regularly updates software for all products, including the Foros Ultra receiver. Updates consistently come every two months, but they must be installed manually – this is done in a matter of minutes.
World Vision Foros Ultra - quality for a low priceWorld Vision Foros Ultra software update via USB [/ caption] A general catalog with all products is available on the official website of the company: in the “Satellite receivers” section you need to find the Foros Ultra set-top box and go to the “Software and instructions” section. Find the latest firmware version and click on the download start button. To install the update on the receiver, you will need an empty USB drive, onto which the downloaded file must be written in the “.bin” resolution.
World Vision Foros Ultra - quality for a low priceFirmware file [/ caption] To update the set-top box, connect the flash drive to the set-top box, open the settings, go to the utilities and select the “Software update” section in the menu. A small menu will open where you will need to find the update file and click on the start button. The process takes less than a minute, and upon completion, the set-top box will restart. Download the current firmware for updating the software of the World Vision Foros Ultra set-top box at, download the firmware manual at the link:
Update instructions World Vision Foros Ultra software

Pros and cons of the device

The World Vision Foros Ultra is considered to be one of the best in its class. But even in spite of such great functionality, the console has two small drawbacks. The first drawback is that the manufacturer has removed the USB port from the back of the set-top box, leaving only one on the front side. There are situations when you need to connect two USB devices at once – for example, a modem and a storage device. The only way out in this situation is either to use the devices separately, or to purchase an additional USB hub in order to increase the number of ports.
World Vision Foros Ultra - quality for a low priceThe second drawback is associated with overheating of the system and its shutdown due to this. A number of users criticized this, negative reviews continue to be written to this day, but few of the users know about the need to update the firmware. The problem of strong heating of the set-top box is associated with outdated software that was installed at the factory. An indisputable advantage is the cost of the set-top box, its perfect functionality and the availability of web services, including Megogo and YouTube.

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