Satellite receiver General Satellite GS B528: review and firmware

The GS B528 two-tuner receiver was the first mid-range Tricolor receiver to feature Ultra HD support. Now, you can easily watch movies and broadcasts in 4K on any screen (supporting this resolution).

Also, due to the fact that the receiver is a two-tuner, it can be used to watch television on several devices at once.

Also, it should be said that the GS B528 and
GS B527 are two identical models providing the same functions.
Satellite receiver General Satellite GS B528: review and firmware

Digital two-tuner satellite receiver GS B528 – technical characteristics, appearance

The appearance has already become classic for the General Satellite manufacturer. A small black box with a glossy top panel (on which the power button is located) and matte side panels. On the right side panel there is a compartment for a Smart-sim card. The other side panel is empty. All other ports are located on the back. The front end is worth mentioning. Unlike other more budgetary models, the GS B528 receiver received a small LED screen, which displays the time and channel number. Previous versions were actively scolded, precisely because of the lack of at least some kind of screen.
Satellite receiver General Satellite GS B528: review and firmwareOther technical characteristics are shown in the table:

A sourceSatellite, Internet
Console typeWithout connecting to the user
Maximum image quality3840×2160 (4K)
InterfaceUSB, HDMI
Number of TV and radio channelsOver 1000
Sort TV and radio channelsThere is
Ability to add to “Favorites”Yes, 1 group
Search TV channelsAutomatic from “Tricolor” and manual search
Teletext availabilityPresent, DVB; OSD & VBI
Availability of subtitlesPresent, DVB; TXT
TimersYes, more than 30
Visual interfaceYes, full color
Supported languagesRussian English
Electronic guideISO 8859-5 standard
additional services“Tricolor TV”: “Kino” and “Tele-mail”
Wi-Fi adapterNo
Storage deviceNo
Drive (included)No
USB ports1x version 2.0, 1x version 3.0
Antenna tuningManual tuning of the LNB frequency
DiSEqC supportYes, version 1.0
IR sensor connectionJack 3.5 mm TRRS
Ethernet port100BASE-T
ControlPhysical button “ON / OFF”, infrared port
IndicatorsStandby / Run LED
Card collectorYes, smart card slot
LNB signal outputNo
HDMIYes, versions 1.4 and 2.2
Analog streamsYes, AV and Jack 3.5 mm
Digital audio outputNo
CommonInterface portNo
Number of tuners2
Frequency range950-2150 MHz
Screen format4: 3 and 16: 9
Video ResolutionUp to 3840×2160
Audio modesMono and Stereo
TV standardEuro, PAL
Power Supply3A, 12V
PowerLess than 36W
Case dimensions220 x 130 x 28 mm
Life time12 months


The ports of the Tricolor GS B528 are located on the rear panel. There are 9 of them:

  • LNB IN 1 – antenna connector.
  • LNB IN 2 – antenna connector (two-tuner model).
  • IR – port intended for an additional IR sensor of the remote control.
  • AV – connector for connecting to old TVs.
  • HDMI is a new generation port that allows you to connect any screen to the receiver.
  • Ethernet port – wired Internet connection.
  • USB 2.0 – port for USB storage
  • USB 3.0 is a port for operating a newer USB storage device.
  • Power connector – 3A and 12V connector that supplies the set-top box from the mains.

Satellite receiver General Satellite GS B528: review and firmware


The Tricolor GS B528 receiver is standard:

  • The receiver itself is GS B528.
  • Remote control.
  • Power supply with wire.
  • Instructions and other documentation.

More than the specified components, nothing is provided in the kit.

User manual for the GS B528 receiver: connection and setup

GS B528 requires preliminary configuration for normal operation. But in order to complete it, the set-top box must first be connected:

  1. Everything you need to get out of the box, and also take care of the HDMI cable in advance, since it is not included in the package.Satellite receiver General Satellite GS B528: review and firmware
  2. Next, the receiver is connected to the power supply, and then to the outlet.
  3. Depending on the type of connection, either HDMI or an analog wire is connected to the TV.
  4. For full operation, the Tricolor TV receiver requires an Internet connection. This can be done directly through the wire.

After connecting, you can make further settings.

  1. First of all, you need to turn on the TV and set-top box. After that, the first step will be to select the time zone and “operating mode”. Since this model supports work via the Internet, you can choose to broadcast via satellite, the Internet or a combined method. The latter is more stable.Satellite receiver General Satellite GS B528: review and firmware
  2. The next step is to configure the Internet, if you have connected it. This step is optional and can be skipped.Satellite receiver General Satellite GS B528: review and firmware
  3. If the connection is successful, the set-top box will offer the subscriber to enter his personal account “Tricolor”. Again, if connectivity and networking are not important, this step is skipped.Satellite receiver General Satellite GS B528: review and firmware
  4. Now the main thing is to choose a broadcast stream. For different subscribers, different options will be offered, differing in the “strength” and “quality” of the signal. For normal operation, you need to choose the option where both of these indicators will be at the maximum.
  5. After step 4, the set-top box will automatically start to select the region (and channels for it) and will automatically tune to the end. To do this, you need to wait a little, most often no more than 15 minutes.

Satellite receiver General Satellite GS B528: review and firmwareYou can download the user manual for the digital receiver GS B528 at the link:
B527_B528_Manual After completing all the steps, the prefix can be used.

GS b528 digital receiver firmware

The Tricolor gs b528 prefix runs on a special operating system developed by General Satellite. To introduce new functions, as well as to stabilize and improve work, the company is constantly releasing software updates – firmware. Their installation is necessary for the operation of the device and can be done in several ways:

Updating the receiver software directly

Very often, when the receiver is started, a notification about the release of a new software version appears. This is the first installation method: you just need to click “install” and wait for the download to finish. If such a notification does not appear, try to go to “settings”, “software update” and there should be an item “update”. This method is suitable for those who have connected the set-top box to the Internet.

Via USB stick

More complex, but more reliable way. New updates do not always appear on the receiver immediately. Often, at first, the firmware for the gs-b528 receiver can be said only from the official website at the link:

  1. Click the “download” button and the archive will start downloading to your PC.
  2. Using any archiver, the archive must be unpacked to a USB flash drive.
  3. In order for the device to start updating, you need to connect the USB flash drive to the included receiver, and then restart it.
  4. After that, the update process will start.


As in all classic GS models, cooling via coolers is not provided. The device does not consume much energy, so it has enough ventilation meshes throughout the body to cool it. Also, specifically to simplify heat transfer, the receiver is slightly raised above the ground with rubber feet. This way, the air flows not only along the sides of the device, but also through the bottom. This cooling is sufficient.
Satellite receiver General Satellite GS B528: review and firmwareTwo-tuner receiver Tricolor gs b528 is cooled using a circular ventilation system [/ caption]

What problems may arise during operation and their solution

The most common problems are related to device slowdown. This happens most often because the update is postponed too often. New software versions (especially for old receivers) greatly simplify their work and speed up them. If you notice that the channels began to switch for too long and the device also takes a long time to start up, check for an update. An error may also occur during the update. It usually occurs when the power of the device is turned off. Then the only option would be to install the update via a USB flash drive. But in this case, the device will be reset to factory settings. If the system becomes slow only after some time after startup, this may be a signal that the console is overheating. In order to fix this, you just need to disconnect the receiver and use cotton swabs and alcohol to wipe it off the dust.If possible, you should shine a flashlight on it. If there is dust inside, then you should take a vacuum cleaner and bring it to the net at the lowest power.

Important! Do not blow into the receiver, otherwise moisture particles can get inside, causing rust.

Satellite receiver General Satellite GS B528: review and firmwareIf, when starting the device, a message appears stating that “a short circuit has occurred”, then the device must be turned off and checked for a burning smell. If it comes only from the antenna connector, just replace the wire. If this does not help, you need to contact the service. In any other situations, when the device does not reproduce sound or picture, does not start or gives errors, you need to contact the service center.

Pros and cons of the GS B528 receiver based on reviews

This model, according to reviews on Yandex, has a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5. Advantages of the model:

  • It is still relevant and widespread. GS B528 can be purchased in almost any store for about 6,000 rubles.
  • Play content in 4K quality.
  • Frequent updates and stable software.
  • A small information screen appeared.
  • Large selection of channels (over 2500)

The cons are as follows:

  • High price . Although this model belongs to the “middle” price segment, some users complain about the price.
  • Complicated renovations . In small towns it is very difficult to find a specialist who would be engaged in repairing TV set-top boxes. And most often such repairs will be expensive, so it’s easier to buy a new model after a serious breakdown.
  • Less often, users speak out about a large number of advertisements and about crashes , after rain or snow.
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