Satellite receiver-server General Satellite GS A230: manual, firmware

GS A230 is a satellite receiver of the GS Group holding, tailored for the Tricolor. The tuner supports Ultra HD. Provides the ability to view 4K content. The production uses an STMicroelectronics microprocessor and a custom coprocessor.
Satellite receiver-server General Satellite GS A230: manual, firmwareSatellite receiver of GS Group GS A230 holding [/ caption]

GS A230 review – what kind of set-top box, receiver features

The digital tuner is equipped with multiple tuners and a 1TB hard drive, making it easy to record multiple TV channels while watching another program. The main feature is playback exclusively on the GS A230. This is due to the implementation of the recording in an encoded form, which makes it impossible to copy to a personal computer and various media.

For your information: the first 4K TVs do not support HEVC H.265, so these users only need the GS 230.

Technical characteristics, appearance of General Satellite GS A230

Main technical parameters:

  • 2 tuners DVB S2;
  • HDD 1 TB;
  • access to the network is provided via Wi Fi and LAN;
  • support for MPEG 2, MPEG 4 H.264 (AVC), H.265 (HEVC) codecs;
  • synchronization via WI FI with smartphones and tablets running Android and Mac OS;
  • Timeshift support.

The body is made of high quality plastic with smooth, rounded edges. For efficient organization of heat dissipation, the cover is perforated.
Satellite receiver-server General Satellite GS A230: manual, firmwareIndication on the front panel of General Satellite GS A230 [/ caption]

Ports and interface

The rear panel on the chassis contains numerous interface ports:

  • LNB1 IN – satellite tuner 1 input;
  • LNB2 IN – for tuner 2;
  • 2 USB ports 0 and 3.0, respectively;
  • HDMI – provides high quality of the reproduced picture ;;
  • port for connecting an external infrared receiver. Typically, the sensor is not included in the basic package;
  • S / PDIF – digital audio output;
  • Ethernet – uninterrupted synchronization over the local network;
  • CVBS – multicomponent video output;
  • Stereo – analog audio output;
  • power port.

There are enough connectors for comfortable operation.
Satellite receiver-server General Satellite GS A230: manual, firmwareRear panel GS A230 [/ caption]


The digital tuner package includes:

  • receiver;
  • power adapter – carried out from a 220 V network;
  • Remote Control;
  • cable for synchronization with the TV;
  • card for activation.

Additionally, users are offered a set of related documents for installation, configuration and operation. Digital receiver Tricolor GS A230 – overview, configuration and connection:
User manual for Tricolor GS A230

Connection and configuration

Immediately after switching on, the GS A230 receiver displays the standard StingrayTV interface. Receiver initial menu:
Satellite receiver-server General Satellite GS A230: manual, firmwarePressing the “Menu” key on the control panel by the user is accompanied by the display of an icon with the option of horizontal scrolling. To enter one of them, you need to press “OK” on the remote control. Satellite receiver-server General Satellite GS A230: manual, firmwareOn- screen menu “Applications”:
The main items are usually referred to:

  • “Gallery”, “Multimedia” and “Music” – allows you to play data from an external drive;
  • “Records” – playback of records available on the HDD, created by the GS A230 Tricolor receiver.

The custom settings section includes the following subcategories;

  • “Language” – edit menus and audio tracks;
  • “Video” – adjust the aspect ratio of the screen, frame, and so on;
  • “Audio” – change the standard sound parameters;
  • “Date / Time” – adjust the date, time zone, time;
  • “Network” – make changes to the Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection;
  • “Interface” – you can change the screen saver and the time after which it automatically appears;
  • “Blocking” – the ability to set a PIN access code and age restrictions.

A universal guide for setting up a General Satellite GS A230 digital receiver can be downloaded from the link below:
Universal guide for setting up a digital receiver In the section “About receivers”, users can find out the version of the software being used, initiate a factory reset, activate a software update.
Satellite receiver-server General Satellite GS A230: manual, firmwareAs always, the TV Guide is available on Tricolor consoles [/ caption]

Receiver firmware from Tricolor GS A230

Information about the firmware is located in the section “About the receiver”. To update the software if necessary, you must:

  1. Enter the main menu.
  2. Go to the section of user settings.
  3. Enter the section “About the receiver”.
  4. Activate the software update key.

The procedure is performed automatically, provided a stable Internet connection is connected. You can download the file for updating the receiver at the official link


The receiver is developed on the basis of the STMicroelectronics processor of the STiH418 family. A personally developed coprocessor is responsible for the stable operation of the conditional access system. Effective cooling is provided by a small radiator.
Satellite receiver-server General Satellite GS A230: manual, firmware

Problems and solutions

Using a digital tuner can cause some problems. It is important to know the clear order of action to correct the situation.

Problem Solution
The receiver does not wake up from standby modeChecking for the absence of interference when establishing communication with the remote control, rebooting the receiver
Does not turn onIt is necessary to check the power cable
Picture is not displayedChecking that the receiver and TV are connected with 3RCA to 3RCA cable or HDMI cable, dimming
Poor quality pictureChecking the signal quality, rebooting the receiver, switching to another channel
Lack of response to the remote controlChecking the serviceability of the control panel, replacing the batteries

Operation in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations reduces the risk of premature failure of the device.

Pros and cons of digital receiver from Tricolor GS A230

A digital set-top box has the following main advantages:

  • the presence of a hard disk with a capacity of 1 TB;
  • integrated Wi-Fi module of the fifth generation;
  • several separate tuners MPAG-4 and MPAG-2;
  • affordable price category.

The GS A230 is a network receiver that features the ability to seamlessly operate with multiple devices over a network. Highlight the ease of software updates. As disadvantages, they highlight the lack of main functionalities in the form of viewing the TELEARCHIVE. The built-in cooling fan of the internal storage runs continuously, even in standby mode. Consequently, the increased noise at night causes a feeling of discomfort and a small declared service life. Additionally, there is no possibility of organizing access to the HDD over the network. Lagging is not uncommon when playing 4K content.

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