Review of the Cadena CDT-1814SB receiver: instructions and firmware

Digital terrestrial receiver Cadena CDT-1814SB – what kind of set-top box, what is its feature? This receiver is designed to catch a signal from open channels (free broadcasting). The attachment guarantees high signal clarity, but still these parameters strongly depend on the area in which the Cadena CDT-1814SB receiver is located. Other significant features include easy installation, minimum unnecessary settings and low price.

Specifications Cadena CDT-1814SB, appearance

The attachment has the shape of a small cube and is made of matte black plastic. All 6 faces have their own purpose:

  • on the front panel there is a screen displaying basic information, a USB port and an infrared port;
  • on the top there are buttons: ON / OFF, channel switching and menu. Also, there is a light indicator and a ventilation grill;
  • the sides are ventilated only;
  • the rest of the ports are located on the back;
  • the lower part is rubberized and has small legs.

Review of the Cadena CDT-1814SB receiver: instructions and firmware The technical characteristics are shown in the table below:

Console typeDigital TV tuner
Maximum image quality1080p (Full HD)
InterfaceUSB, HDMI
Number of TV and radio channelsDepends on the place
Sort TV and radio channelsYes, the item “favorites”
Search TV channelsNo
Teletext availabilityThere is
TimersThere is
Supported languagesRussian English
Wi-Fi adapterNo
USB ports1x version 2.0
ControlPhysical button “ON / OFF”, infrared port
IndicatorsStandby / Run LED
HDMIYes, versions 1.4 and 2.2
Analog streamsYes, Jack 3.5 mm
Number of tuners1
Screen format4: 3 and 16: 9
Video ResolutionUp to 1080p
Audio modesMono and Stereo
TV standardEuro, PAL
Power Supply1.5A, 12V
PowerLess than 24W
Life time12 months


The ports are located on the front and back: On the front there is:

  • USB version 2.0. Designed to connect an external storage device;

The rear panel has other ports:

  • antenna entrance;
  • output for audio. Analog, jack;
  • HDMI. Designed for digital connection to a TV or other monitor;
  • power socket;

Review of the Cadena CDT-1814SB receiver: instructions and firmware

Complete set Cadena CDT 1814sb

When purchasing a Cadena CDT 1814sb receiver, the user receives the following configuration:

  • the receiver itself Cadena CDT 1814sb;
  • remote control;
  • power supply unit for 1.5 A .;
  • HDMI wire for connection;
  • batteries “little finger” (2 pcs.);
  • instructions;
  • warranty certificate.

Review of the Cadena CDT-1814SB receiver: instructions and firmwareCadena CDT 1814sb complete set [/ caption] Particular attention should be paid to the remote control. In appearance, it is standard, plastic, black. Powered by batteries. The functions and commands are standard: switching channels, changing the volume. Of the more interesting functions, we can highlight: the ability to add channels to favorites, turn on and off teletext and subtitles, as well as the ability to record content (in addition, it includes rewind, pause and start).
Review of the Cadena CDT-1814SB receiver: instructions and firmware

Connecting and configuring the receiver Cadena CDT 1814sb

Connecting the device to the TV is very simple. The main thing is that the antenna wire is within reach.

  1. First, you need to connect the Smart TV itself via HDMI to the set-top box. The wire is double-ended, so the ends don’t matter.
  2. Further, if you wish, you can separately connect external audio equipment (a wire for connection is not included in the kit, since HDIM also transmits sound).
  3. After that, the antenna itself is connected via the wire.
  4. The last step is to connect the power supply to the device, and insert the batteries into the remote control.

Review of the Cadena CDT-1814SB receiver: instructions and firmwareNow you can start setting up. To do this, you need to turn on the TV itself and the set-top box. If the device is new or a factory reset has been carried out, then at the very beginning the user will be greeted by the “settings” section. In order to make the settings, you should use the remote control. First of all, you will need to select the main language that will be used. After the language, the country is selected. Channel search will depend on this item. User manual for Cadena cdt 1814sb – how to connect and configure the receiver:
CADENA_CDT_1814SBAfter that, you need to press “search” and the device will automatically start searching for channels. Upon completion, the user will receive a message and the channels can be used. Then the user can go to the settings section and adjust the necessary parameters for himself. Such as resolution and aspect ratio, as well as language, other significant features. How to set up a DVB receiver Cadena cdt 1814sb:

Device firmware

The software of this unit is too simple to have any updates. Also, the receiver does not have access to the Internet, so there is no firmware for the device. But in case of any problems in the system itself, the receiver can be reset to the factory settings, and then the system will be reinstalled – this is the only way to change something in the system (except for the settings themselves).


The cooling here is completely mechanical. There are no coolers or other methods. The device is cooled by the air flow passing through all the walls of the structure. Also, the bottom of the receiver is rubberized and has small legs. So it avoids full contact with the surface, which means it cools faster. All these features prevent the receiver from overheating, since for such a small power consumption, more cooling is not required.
Review of the Cadena CDT-1814SB receiver: instructions and firmware

Problems and solutions

The most common problems are related to the lack of signal. In this case, the reason must be sought in the antenna. Check its connection, as well as its integrity, from the outside. Also, if your antenna is amplified, then it requires an additional power source. Problems with no sound or picture are solved as well. Perhaps the cable in the complex (if you used it) is of poor quality, try using a different one. Also, if the monitor does not have built-in speakers, they must be connected separately.
Review of the Cadena CDT-1814SB receiver: instructions and firmwareWorking receiver turned on [/ caption] If the set-top box does not respond (or responds poorly) to the signals from the remote control, then it is possible that the batteries in it are exhausted or the “window” itself for receiving the signal is dirty. Try wiping the front panel of the device and the remote control itself. This should only be done with a dry cloth. Problems in which the image has ripples or mosaics are solved as follows. Press the “Info” button on the remote and look at the signal strength. If this figure is close to “0%”, then you need to check the antenna itself. The channel is not recorded. Channel recording is possible only if a memory drive is inserted into the device. If it is not there, you need to connect it. Also, the device itself may have a small amount of memory. Ideally use around 32GB. Cadena CDT 1814SB and no sound – why the problem occurs and how to solve it:

Advantages and disadvantages

The device has an average of 4.5 points out of 5. Buyers point out the advantages:

  1. The price.   For such a device, it is quite low, in some places less than 1000 rubles.
  2. The number of channels (usually about 25), although their number depends on the region of the viewer and the signal.
  3. Easy installation and setup . The installation is almost completely automatic.

But at the same time, users have identified a number of significant disadvantages. For some, they may be more meaningful than the pros.

  1. There is no possibility of analog connection of the picture . At the same time, the sound can be connected separately, but the video is only via HDMI.
  2. Slow switching speed . According to buyers, it is about 2-4 seconds.
  3. Depending on the remoteness of the area from the city, the picture quality may deteriorate significantly .
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