Overview of the Cadena CDT-1793 receiver, connection, setup and firmware

High-quality broadcasting of television channels is not available in all regions of the country. The Cadena CDT-1793 prefix will help to correct the situation. The device allows you to improve the quality of the picture and sound through the use of modern technologies. The digital signal is easily converted to analog, after which the image is displayed on a TV screen or projector.
Overview of the Cadena CDT-1793 receiver, connection, setup and firmware

What is the prefix, what is its peculiarity

The compact digital receiver has a built-in tuner. It is powerful enough to provide reliable reception of open-air channels. Broadcasting is performed at high purity, which positively affects the quality of sound and images displayed on the screen. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the reception range and broadcast quality depend on the place where the antenna is installed and the terrain. The features of the set-top box are as follows:

  • Compact body.
  • Advanced functionality.
  • Subtitle support.
  • Teletext.
  • Postpone viewing.
  • Sleep mode.
  • The presence of a media player.
  • Remote control included.
  • Create a list of your favorite channels and programs.

Overview of the Cadena CDT-1793 receiver, connection, setup and firmwareIt also provides the ability to record programs and films. It is allowed to use external drives and other connected storage devices. The device can read and play files in any format – audio, video, photo.

Features of operation, technical characteristics, appearance of Cadena CDT-1793

The manufacturer recommends turning off the device during the period when it is not in use. For safety reasons, it is not recommended to use the device during a thunderstorm. Strong gusts of wind or precipitation can adversely affect picture or sound quality. During use, it is important not to overheat the structure. Do not install it close to a wall or heating devices, close ventilation openings, cover the top attachment. Operating voltage values ​​are standard for the region 110V-240V. If the values ​​are higher or lower than the recommended ones, the device cannot be operated. Vibrations or falls can damage the device.
Overview of the Cadena CDT-1793 receiver, connection, setup and firmwareThe receiver can be connected to any brands of TVs. The main purpose of the operation is to provide viewing of digital TV broadcasts in places where reception is poor. The device supports the modern high definition (HD) format. Main technical characteristics:

  • Device type – digital TV tuner.
  • Remote control for 28 buttons.
  • The manufacturing features of the device are external.
  • PC connection type – standalone.
  • There is a progressive scan.

There is no radio and video capture function for this model. There is no stereo sound. Video – 720p, 1080p resolution. The output video format is 4: 3, 16: 9. The appearance meets all the basic requirements that consumers place on modern devices. There is a remote control sensor on the front panel. The processor is powerful enough to ensure fast operation of all applications and functions.

Important! For safety reasons, it is not recommended to put containers with water on the attachment.

Receiver ports

The receiver has all the inputs necessary for comfortable use of the equipment. You can connect to the set-top box:

  • HDMI cable . It is used when there is a need to improve the quality of the image displayed on the screen. The picture becomes clear, the colors are bright.
  • RSA . They must be connected according to the established rules – taking into account the colors.
  • SCART cable . Used for older TVs. This port is not available on this set-top box.

Overview of the Cadena CDT-1793 receiver, connection, setup and firmwarePorts on Cadena CDT-1793 [/ caption] External storage devices can be connected to the device. For this purpose, the design provides USB 2.0 Type A ports (1 piece) and an antenna input. There is a composite video output. The USB connector is used to connect various storage devices to the receiver, into which you can transfer video, audio, photo, and then play them on the TV screen, this connector is also used to connect external hard drives of various sizes or flash cards on which information is recorded. Also, these devices can record films, shows or programs broadcast on TV.


The set with the attachment includes the following items:

  • Receiver for receiving television channels.
  • Remote control.
  • A set of batteries (batteries for the remote control) type 3 A – 2 pcs.
  • 5 V power supply – 1 pc.
  • Instructions for use of the device.

A warranty card is also included. Overview of the Cadena CDT-1793 receiver, connection, setup and firmwareStandard package
for Kadena devices [/ caption]

Connecting and configuring Cadena CDT 1793 DVB T2

Before you start watching channels, you will need to connect the equipment and configure it.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, all manipulations should be carried out without accessing the device to electricity (do not plug into an outlet). The TV must also be de-energized beforehand.

All connections of cables, cords and devices with information (external drives, flash drives) can be done only after disconnecting the set-top box from the mains.
Overview of the Cadena CDT-1793 receiver, connection, setup and firmwareConnecting the receiver in practice [/ caption] It is recommended to check the recommendations in the instructions. The next step is to connect the antenna to the socket. The power supply is connected to the set-top box. Then you can plug the TV and the receiver into an outlet. You need to immediately insert the batteries into the remote control in order to make all the necessary settings later.
Overview of the Cadena CDT-1793 receiver, connection, setup and firmwareConnecting Cadena CDT-1793 [/ caption] After that, the main power button on the receiver (on the front panel) is turned on. When connecting for the first time, as well as after resetting the settings to factory defaults, an image of the main menu will appear on the TV screen. The next step is to configure the equipment. You can use the remote control to control menu items, move between them and select items suitable for the user. With its help, not only brightness and contrast indicators are selected, the volume level is set, but also the language in which the menu, program guide, and region will be displayed are selected. The next step for tuning is searching for channels. To do this, press the “OK” button on the remote control. This is the start of automatic tuning. The screen will display those channels that are available for broadcasting in the area.The receiver also allows you to select the type of channel. Further, further search will be carried out according to the set user parameters.
Overview of the Cadena CDT-1793 receiver, connection, setup and firmware Channel search on Cadena [/ caption]

Attention! If the device uses an active antenna powered by the receiver, then turn on the power supply before searching for channels. The action must be performed in the antenna menu.

Overview of the Cadena CDT-1793 receiver, connection, setup and firmwareAfter completing the search for channels and all other settings, it is necessary for the set-top box to remember the changes made. To do this, you need to click on confirmation (“OK” on the remote control). When you turn on the receiver again, all the channels found, changes made in the menu settings will work. Additionally, at the stage of settings, you can set the time, date and time zone. Download instructions for the digital receiver Cadena CDT 1793 – complete manual in Russian:
CADENA_CDT_1793 complete manual in Russian Overview of the Cadena CDT 1793 DVB T2 receiver: https://youtu.be/-fsRWlD34XM

Firmware for Cadena CDT-1793

The installed current or factory (when first turned on) firmware version can be viewed in the corresponding menu item. It is more convenient to navigate the opened section using the navigation buttons. The current version of the firmware for the Cadena CDT-1793 receiver can be downloaded from the link http://cadena.pro/poleznoe_po.html


There is no need to purchase additional ventilation equipment. The main cooling unit is built into the body of the device. There are
Overview of the Cadena CDT-1793 receiver, connection, setup and firmwareventilation holes at the bottom of the Cadena CDT-1793 receiver [/ caption]

Cadena CDT-1793 prefix does not turn on and other problems and their solutions

Users identify several main problems during operation:

  1. No signal – the reason for this situation may be a malfunction of the tuner. You also need to check the quality of the cable connections, as loose cords or antenna wires can cause no signal. The signal may also be absent during the period of technical work on the provider’s side.
  2. The equipment does not respond to commands from the remote control . Routine battery replacement may be required to resolve the issue. Serious faults are resolved at the service center.
  3. Channel search is not performed (the receiver does not see them) . In this case, you need to check if all the wires necessary for the operation of the equipment are connected correctly. Another reason is a failure that occurred directly in the system. To solve it, you need to enter the submenu and reset the existing settings.

Users do not indicate any other problems.
Overview of the Cadena CDT-1793 receiver, connection, setup and firmware

Pros and cons of this Cadena model

Pros: compactness of the device, full support for the Russian language, the presence of all the necessary functions and capabilities. In the process of setting up, there are no difficulties even for beginners. You can create channel lists, record a program or movie. Good picture and sound quality. Cons: Firmware update issues may occur. This requires a stable connection speed and must be fast.

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