How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TV

Convenient and reliable in use, modern Sony home theater systems are a great example of how the company has managed to combine quality and design in one cabinet. Japanese production guarantees that the technique will give the user extremely positive emotions. Home theater equipment from Sony confirms this opinion, since even budget options are equipped with an excellent speaker system. The assembly is carried out in accordance with the safety parameters, which guarantees long-term operation of the home theater and all its elements.
How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TV

Sony home theater device – what technologies are present

Sony’s home theater consists of the basic elements that are found in all such devices. The DVD player is capable of playing all existing (popular or rare) formats. This allows you to watch movies and shows in high quality or in recordings from your personal archive. Additionally, the kit includes:

  1. Sound decoder, which is necessary to improve sound quality, eliminate any interference and extraneous noise.
  2. Receiver.
  3. Columns.
  4. Sound amplifiers.
  5. Cables for connecting all elements to the system and TV.
  6. Subwoofer.

How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TVSony BDV-E6100 / M [/ caption] In order to get the whole range of positive emotions during the operation of a home theater, it is recommended to connect it not just to a TV, but to a full screen. This way you can achieve the feeling of being in a cinema. A special point that sets this brand’s DK apart from most others: even budget home theaters come with high-quality acoustics. Its total power is 700-750 W.

Important! In the models of the middle price segment, audio complexes are installed, the power of which reaches 1 kW.

The 5.1 system is actively used for installation in home theaters under the Sony brand. When choosing a model, you need to pay attention that some options have an improved acoustics option – 7.2. Also, the DC device boasts a large number of different functions and additional features.

Advantages and disadvantages

A high-quality and stylish modern Sony home theater, the price of which may seem high, differs from other devices in that the equipment not only passes control at all stages of production, but also has unique indicators in several parameters:

  1. Sound.
  2. Style.
  3. Image.

How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TVThe company paid attention to the design of all the components of the home theater. Experts use not only classical techniques, but also try to give the equipment an unusual look, which refers to the future, new opportunities and technologies. Modern models are developed according to the concept of Sense of Quartz. The laconic faceted shape of the speakers is a feature that attracts attention. That is why home systems are used to be installed in apartments with modern design and decoration. In addition, the company is also working on the high quality of the image displayed on the TV screen. An AV receiver or disc player is capable of delivering a video signal without distortion thanks to the development and innovation used in production. Sony BDV-N9200W Blu-ray Home Theater System,testing and basic setup: Users note the following advantages of Sony home theaters:

  • A large number of options that improve the quality and expand the capabilities of the device.
  • Surround sound.
  • Durability.
  • Build reliability.
  • Use of quality materials.

How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TVDesign of Sony cinemas at an ultramodern level [/ caption] The design and additional elements are well thought out, which allows you to install home theaters in different areas of the premises. Bold decisions in the styles and design of devices make them universal, since you can choose the best option for any interior. A number of other advantages:

  1. The ability to control all options and functions of the device using the remote control.
  2. The use of quality materials that guarantee the strength of the case and an excellent build.
  3. Support for all modern audio and video formats, reading modern discs and formats recorded on CD.

It is also recommended to consider the cons:

  1. Not all recorded formats are readable by the system quickly.
  2. The rear speakers can be quieter than others.
  3. Sometimes the menu hangs up.
  4. Not all settings can be made manually.
  5. Slow responses when operating with the remote control.

In some cases, advanced sound settings are missing (not for all models).

How to choose a Sony home theater, what are the technical solutions

The purchase of a home theater requires special attention to technical specifications. The devices implement the capabilities of the Hi-Fi system, there are speakers with good and powerful sound. This allows you to achieve various effects that are important when watching movies. The manufacturer has created a number of models that are compatible with iPhone or iPod mobile devices. Some solutions have 3D interfaces: USB-A, DLNA, Ethernet, Bluetooth, as well as the ability to connect to Wi-Fi. Many options have a radio among the options. That is why Sony branded home theaters are considered full-fledged entertainment centers.
How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TVImpressions of the 5.1 Sony HT-S700RF soundbar:

How to choose the best Sony home theater in price / quality ratio at the end of 2021

There are a variety of Sony home theater configurations available. It is rather difficult to choose a suitable option that can fully satisfy the needs of the user. Our rating of the best models can help in this. It includes not only new, but also proven models that have managed to prove quality and reliability:

  1. Home cinema Sony bdv e6100 – floor model, compact format. A set of functions and capabilities: Smart TV, FM tuner, TV tuner, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection ;, NFC chip, JPEG format reading, DTS-HD High Resolution. Speaker power – 1000 watts. The average price is 19,000 rubles. How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TVSony BDV-E6100 / M [/ caption]
  2. Home theater Sony bdv e3100 – a powerful 1000 W speaker system, ceiling installation type, reading CD, DVD, Blu-ray formats. 3D, DLNA support. Additional functions and capabilities include Smart TV, radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DTS-HD High Resolution. Sound quality – Dolby Digital. The average price is 25,000 rubles.How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TV
  3. Sony bdv n9200w wireless home theater – floor-standing type of system installation, speaker power 750 watts. Feature – wireless connection . Reading CD, DVD, Blu-ray formats, 3D support. Additional option – progressive scan, smart TV function, radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. The average price is 26,000 rubles.How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TV
  4. Home theater Sony bdv e4100 – can be installed on the floor or hung on the ceiling. The power of the speakers is 1000 watts. Supports all major disc formats. Among the functions are present – radio, smart TV, wireless Internet, surround sound and video, karaoke. The average price is 11,900 rubles.How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TV
  5. Home theater Sony dav f500 – modern design of the case, power 850 W, floor installation. Reading CD and DVD formats. There is a progressive scan. Additional features and capabilities – radio, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, HDMI cable, USB input, remote control, magnetic shielding. The average price is 49,000 rubles.How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TV
  6. The Sony HT-S700RF is a compact body that reads all modern video and audio formats. Powerful 1000W sound. Outdoor installation type. The average price is 38,500 rubles.How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TV
  7. Sony DAV-FZ900M model – floor-standing installation, 1000 W power, CD / DVD reading. Progressive Scan, Karaoke Mix, Radio, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, Remote Control. The average price is 31,400 rubles.How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TV
  8. Model Sony DAV-DZ970 – floor type of installation of elements, speaker power is 1280 W, reading all file formats, recorder, radio, karaoke. The average price is 33,000 rubles.How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TV
  9. Sony BDV-N9100W model – floor standing , wireless connection, stylish design, reads all formats of discs, speaker power 1000 W, surround sound. The average price is 28,000 rubles.How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TV
  10. Model Sony HT-DDWG800 – classic design, shelf type of installation, speaker power 865 watts. Reading all formats, clear sound, remote control. The average price is 27,400 rubles.

How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TV Review of home theater Sony Bdv e6100: You can choose any option you want.

Should you buy home theaters from this company?

Sony demonstrates a special approach to quality, so the products work for a long time without breakdowns. Any of the cinemas should be recommended for purchase if the choice is based on reliability, practicality and quality.

How to connect a home theater to a TV

Basic actions are standard:

  • First you need to connect the cable to the output port on your TV.
  • Then connect all audio and video components to the receiver.
  • Connect speaker
  • Connect the assembled home theater to a TV or screen.
  • Configure channels. You also need to check all additional declared functions for operability.

Possible malfunctions

Sony home theaters rarely fail. Major breakdowns:

  • The drive does not open, the indication PROTEST and PUSH are displayed PWR – the power amplifier needs to be checked.
  • The DC does not turn on, the fuse is blown – it is required to replace the power supply.
  • DK spontaneously turns off – malfunctions in the power supply, overheating of elements, a failure in the settings, the timer is on.

In 90% of cases, users do not notice any problems in the operation of home theaters from Sony.

General information about Sony and its home theaters – educational program for connoisseurs

Before buying a Sony home theater, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself a little with the history of the brand’s appearance. It is believed that the foundation of the corporation took place in September 1945. The first premises in which the founders worked were rented 3 floors in a shopping center. Offices and production facilities are located here. The work used equipment supplied by the Suzaki plant. The first device that was released under the Sony brand was a rice cooker. Already in 1950, the company put on the market the first tape recorder operating on reels. Then the work was aimed at creating a radio receiver capable of receiving all frequencies and waves. In 1951, the first portable tape recorders appeared. In the 1960s, cassette tape recorders, video recorders, integrated amplifiers, and televisions from this brand appeared.
How to choose a Sony home theater and connect to TVIn 1975, the VCR enters the market. Then the audio player and cassette deck appear. In the 1980s, the first turntable and portable player appeared, as well as the compact camcorder and the first boombox. The company launches a full-fledged children’s series of audio equipment. The power amplifier was produced in 1988. The next decade brought video recorders and the first home robot to connoisseurs of high-quality technology. In the early 2000s, headphones and game consoles appeared, audio equipment was developing and improving. Various home theater models are emerging. Today Sony remains at the forefront, releasing game consoles, home appliances, musical technical aids.

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