How to choose and connect a Samsung home theater

It is difficult to meet a person who has never heard of the Samsung brand. It is equally difficult to list all the electronics that this company produces.
Home theaters did not stand aside. Thanks to modern technological solutions and extensive experience in this area, Samsung home theaters are loved by many people around the world.

Pros and cons of Samsung home theaters

So why are Samsung home theaters gaining worldwide recognition? You need to start with high quality images and surround sound, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the events taking place on the screen. The stuffing of cinemas has the most advanced technologies, and the intuitive interface and capabilities make the product attractive to the consumer.
How to choose and connect a Samsung home theaterSamsung_HT-E5550K [/ caption]


The widespread popularization of Samsung home theaters is the inevitable future of every product. To understand what the brand conquered consumers with, it is worth understanding the benefits:

  1. Contemporary design . In addition to modern technological solutions, Samsung produces cinemas that can complement almost any interior.
  2. Variety of speaker systems . From simple and inexpensive solutions to surround sound with wireless speakers and a subwoofer.
  3. Image . Samsung is one of the leaders in the production of OLED, QLED and Neo QLED screens. All of them support 4K resolution , which allows you to bring the image closer to full reality.
  4. Support for many formats , including old ones: DVD, FLAC and others.
  5. The speaker system allows you to listen to music in the highest quality using home theater services, but it is possible to connect a smartphone via Bluetooth, USB, or even using an iPod.
  6. Easy to customize .

How to choose and connect a Samsung home theaterHT-c9950W bluray 3d – modern Samsung home theater with modern design then the following can be highlighted:

  • Most Samsung home theaters have a glossy finish. It easily collects fingerprints and dust.
  • Not all wires required for connection are included in the package .
  • High price.

It should be borne in mind that here are the main advantages and disadvantages of Samsung home theaters. The characteristics of specific models may differ, since technological progress does not stand still.

What Samsung Home Theaters Include

Each set of home theaters is arranged in its own way and includes a variety of configurations, however, the main equipment can be distinguished:

  • main unit;
  • 5.1 surround sound speaker system in Dolby Atmos format;
  • subwoofer;
  • connection cables, control panel, and other accessories depending on the model.

How to choose and connect a Samsung home theaterHome theater consists of several blocks [/ caption]

How to choose the right home theater

Among the many home theater options on the market, choosing the one that suits you best is not an easy task. It is worth paying attention to home theater kits. They contain everything you need to start enjoying in no time.

What criteria should be paid attention to

Each person has their own needs and capabilities, so you first need to decide on the purchase amount. The specifics will significantly narrow the search area.

Main unit

The main task of the main unit, or as it is sometimes called, the head unit is to amplify the speaker system and display the image on a screen or projector. It is he who is responsible for the number of supported audio and video formats. Modern home theaters are equipped with units that can work in 4K resolution or read Blu-Ray discs without much difficulty.


In addition to the amplifier itself, an important criterion is its power. The more powerful the acoustic amplifier, the louder and better the sound will be. It is necessary to choose taking into account the room in which the home theater will be located. For example, for an apartment building, a conventional speaker system with 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer will suffice, and the amplifier power is no more than 200-250 watts. The average volume value with such a kit ensures minimal sound distortion, so if you have a budget, then it’s better not to save on power.
How to choose and connect a Samsung home theaterHome theater 7.1 – connection diagram [/ caption]

Additional functions

Additional home theater functionality expands its capabilities and simplifies its use. Today, one cannot do without a wireless Wi-Fi standard, which will provide access to media content. Mobile application for home theater control. This option is often provided by manufacturers. Using a smartphone, you can play audio files, find a movie to watch, or simply control internal systems.
Karaoke is a good way to spend time with close friends or at a noisy party. To do this, you will need one or a pair of microphones, and do not forget about special discs with compositions. How to choose and connect a Samsung home theaterHome theater with karaoke function allows you to diversify your leisure time [/ caption]

Acoustic system

The speaker system is an integral part of any home theater. Two digits indicate the sound system, it can be: .2.0, 2.1, 5.1, 7.1, 9.2. Most home theater systems use a 5.1 sound system. The first number is the number of speakers, the second is the number of subwoofers. There are three types of speakers: floor-standing, wall-mounted and bookshelf. Before choosing, you need to take into account the size of the room, for example, shelf speakers are suitable for a small room, and for a large hall it is better to choose floor speakers.

TOP 10 best Samsung home theater models to buy in 2021

New, more advanced Samsung home theater models are released every year. Here are the top 10 models based on user opinions as of 2021.

10. Samsung HT-TKZ212

Good power, which provides high quality and loud sound. The built-in equalizer helps you quickly adjust the volume level. Supports USB and two HDMI inputs. Nice design and high quality case. Supports FM radio and comes with a remote control.
How to choose and connect a Samsung home theater


Home theater is made in modern design, high speakers, height is more than 1 meter. It is possible to program the remote control for any TV. Equalizer has several quality presets for several genres of music. When the sound is not particularly bright, the equalizer can easily correct this defect.
How to choose and connect a Samsung home theater

8. HT-KP70

This option stands out for its bass sound and wooden subwoofer. The set comes with a very sensitive microphone and long wires, the speakers can be placed very far from each other. Supports almost any file format.
How to choose and connect a Samsung home theater

7. HT-H7750WM

Great sound even without settings, the rear speakers are completely wireless. There are two HDMI ports. Supports many formats. Beautiful appearance and high-quality body material.
How to choose and connect a Samsung home theater


A decent picture with three-way acoustics makes you immerse yourself in the movie you are watching. Support for a large number of formats, including FLAC. It is easy to set up and has a stylish body.
How to choose and connect a Samsung home theater

5.Samsung HT-E455K

High-quality sound coupled with fat bass make this option the most successful among competitors. The set includes acoustics with a 5.1 sound system. Acceptable picture quality.
How to choose and connect a Samsung home theater

4. HT-X30

Home theater with 800 W speaker system. 9 preset equalizer options and great sound quality. Supports almost all media content formats.
How to choose and connect a Samsung home theater

3. HT-J5530K

The great functionality of the home theater and the 1000W speaker system make this option one of the best. Clever design that only requires 1 power cable. Externally fits into any modern interior.
How to choose and connect a Samsung home theater

2. HT-E5550K

Fat and deep bass with high-quality sounding power of 1000 W, decent high and mid frequencies, which many other cinemas cannot boast of. Multi-format support, easy to manage and configure.
How to choose and connect a Samsung home theater

1. HT-C555

Home theater with a nice design and high-quality build. Works silently, easy to connect. Well thought out port layout. Has support for most formats.
How to choose and connect a Samsung home theaterReview of home theater Samsung HT-D6750WK with support for blu ray, 3D technologies, Internet technologies and wireless wi-fi:

Should you buy Samsung home theaters

Home theaters from Samsung are one of the most popular on the market, they are in no way inferior to competitors, and sometimes even surpass them. To buy or not is a personal matter for each person, however, we can say unequivocally that Samsung justifies the price of its product.


According to the recommendations of most companies that produce home theaters, it is better to connect it to a TV of the same brand. The main argument for this position is equipment compatibility, but no one forbids connecting a Samsung home theater to an LG TV. Each home theater model is equipped with instructions for setting up and connecting. Manufacturers do their best to make the connection intuitive.
How to choose and connect a Samsung home theaterSchematic diagram of connecting a home theater with karaoke [/ caption]

Image output

Modern options support connection using an HDMI cable, it is able to provide high quality final image and sound. You need to find the HDMI port on the receiver, it will be accompanied by the inscription “HDMI Out” and connect 1 end of the wire, then find “HDMI In” on the TV. Inputs may sometimes be abbreviated as “HDMI” or “HDMI 1”.
How to choose and connect a Samsung home theaterConnectors for connecting a home theater [/ caption] Next, you must select on the TV reception from the port to which the wire was connected.

Outputting sound to the speaker system

Of course, HDMI provides high quality sound, but this method outputs the sound through the TV’s built-in speakers. To solve the problem, you can use the HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) technology, which is present on Samsung TVs. It will allow you to transmit the audio signal with one cable to the speaker system. However, if there is no such technology, you can use the classic way, through the RCA connector. To connect, you need to connect the corresponding color ports “AUDIO IN” on the home theater receiver and “AUDIO OUT” on the TV.
How to choose and connect a Samsung home theaterAudio cable for home theater [/ caption] This method is significantly inferior in quality to HDMI ARC connection. How to choose and connect a Samsung home theater HDMI connectors [/ caption]

Do not forget that during the manipulation of the wires, the equipment should be de-energized. This is necessary not only for safety, but also to avoid possible damage caused by static electricity.

Home theater Samsung HT-TXQ120T – new in 2021 in a video review:

Possible malfunctions

Home theaters rarely break down, so even if at first glance it doesn’t work, the first thing to do is make sure that all the wires are connected correctly. This often happens due to frequent screen changes, for example, if you periodically use the speaker system, either on a computer or on a TV. You should also make sure that the TV’s output device is receiving a signal from the correct source, such as HDMI-2, or that the home theater itself is sending the signal to the correct device. This is a common problem for movie theaters that have multiple output ports.

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