When Wireless Home Cinema Needs Best Options for 2021

A wireless home theater system enhances the usability of a multimedia center with a connected speaker system without the need for lead-in cables.

Home theater with wireless acoustics – what are we talking about?

A wireless home theater system eliminates cables that block your free movement around the room. Dolby Atmos technology
delivers realistic sound distribution. 3D support allows you to achieve a better level of perception of what is happening on the screen.
When Wireless Home Cinema Needs Best Options for 2021

When you need wireless home theaters

A wireless speaker system for home theater is preferable for use when the room is not expected to be renovated and there is the required number of outlets, by connecting to which you can place external speakers. Also, the use of such a cinema will allow not to spoil the interior with numerous wires. Another similar solution will be useful in the case of using wall-mounted speakers and two subwoofers.
When Wireless Home Cinema Needs Best Options for 2021However, the set may include floor and ceiling acoustics elements. Loudspeaker cables for connecting the rear speakers must be routed around the entire perimeter of the room. A home theater with wireless acoustics will be a smart decision if you want to improve sound quality and achieve a surround sound effect. You should also consider the availability of suitable premises and financial capabilities. Wireless home theaters cost an average of 60,000-80000 rubles. In other cases, you can get by with acoustics elements that are mounted on the ceiling or wall.
When Wireless Home Cinema Needs Best Options for 2021

Pros and cons of the solution

The disadvantages of installing a home theater with wireless acoustics include the presence of an extraneous source of high-frequency radiation. In this case, it will affect the quality of sound reproduction. Interference will prevent the speakers from functioning properly if there is a microwave oven or router nearby.

Also, for the placement of a home theater, you will need to allocate free space. If there is no such room, then it will not work to create conditions for high-quality audio signal transmission. And then instead of a multicomponent system, it is recommended to choose ceiling or wall acoustics.

In addition, setting up a home theater system with a wireless speaker system will require significant financial costs. The cost of such a media center will be higher compared to wall-mounted and built-in speakers. At the same time, the quality of the picture and the sound propagated in space will justify the investment.
When Wireless Home Cinema Needs Best Options for 2021Home theater without wires [/ caption]

Wireless placement options

To create a high-quality sound with the effect of presence, you need to use the 5.1 standard. This ratio assumes the connection of five speakers and one subwoofer. More advanced solutions are used for professional purposes and allow you to achieve perfect sound. There are two types of wireless cinemas – with connection without cables of rear speakers or all elements of acoustics in general. The last scheme does not provide for the presence of wired connections. The first group includes cinemas based on
soundbarsto which wireless subwoofers are connected. It usually uses an HDMI connector with ARC audio. It is the most compact audio system possible and offers low sound quality.
When Wireless Home Cinema Needs Best Options for 2021Wireless home theaters [/ caption] The second group consists of cinemas with AV receivers, in which the rear speakers are wireless. In this case, the center and front speakers are connected by cable. The network receiver provides high quality audio. How to build a wireless home theater with your own hands – video tips: https://youtu.be/EWskwuYHgbs Wireless satellites can be used as rear elements. Such a configuration is distinguished by high-quality work in stereo mode and advanced functionality. The third group includes fully wireless acoustic elements. There are no wires in it. This type of device belongs primarily to the premium class. Home theater with wireless acoustics – video review: https://youtu.be/Swr9ZvBkjaI

How to choose a wireless home theater system – what to look for

Before buying a wireless home theater system, it is important to research the specifications of the equipment. A 5.1 speaker set is the most common configuration. It is preferable to choose systems that support modern functions – Smart TV and the ability to watch videos in Full HD. The player must be equipped with connectors for connecting additional devices. To connect an external storage device for media playback, check the presence of a USB port. It is also worth examining the frequency range, most systems are endowed with a parameter of 30,000 Hz. Before purchasing, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the layout of the acoustics. This will help you understand what kind of system can be placed in the room. The sound power should be selected based on the area of ​​the room.The loudness of the sound of the speakers is also important.
When Wireless Home Cinema Needs Best Options for 2021 Installing a wireless cinema [/ caption]

Best wireless home theaters for late 2021-early 2022: top best wireless soundbars

The best wireless home theater systems are included in the rankings below.

  1. LG LHB655NK – home theater wireless with karaoke, working on the Blu-ray standard. The model is endowed with high-quality 5.1 sound. The multimedia system has a laconic black design. The player unit is compact. The configuration includes front and rear floor satellites and a passive subwoofer. Supported wireless connection via bluetooth and wired via Ethernet cable. The video is reproduced in 1080p resolution, there is 3D support. The cost is 27,990 rubles.

The pros are as follows:

  • the presence of a karaoke function with a variety of effects, a microphone is included;
  • recording to external media and USB connection is available;
  • support for LG Smart TV option;
  • rich FM tuner settings.


  • the presence of only one HDMI port;
  • no Wi-Fi connectivity.

When Wireless Home Cinema Needs Best Options for 2021

  1. The Logitech Z-906 is a compact home theater device. The manufacturer has taken care of embedding 5.1 surround sound into the speaker system. The set includes an active subwoofer and 4 satellites. The connection interfaces allow you to connect tulips, mini-jacks, fiber optic and coaxial. The purchase price will cost 38,790 rubles.

When Wireless Home Cinema Needs Best Options for 2021 Pros:

  • excellent surround and stereo sound quality;
  • up to 6 sources can be connected using the management console;
  • Dolby Digital support.


  • lack of Bluetooth standard;
  • inflated price tag.
  1. Samsung HW-Q950T is a fully functional premium home theater system. The high-tech sound system is 9.1.4-channel. The speaker system includes a base panel, center, side and front speakers, ceiling speakers with wireless subwoofer and two rear satellites. The cost of such an ultra-modern system reaches 80,000 rubles.

When Wireless Home Cinema Needs Best Options for 2021 Pros:

  • optimization for Dolby Atmos;
  • the presence of wireless modules Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
  • acoustics compatible with HDR10 +.


  • high price;
  • lack of support for google assistant.

Samsung home theaters in detail – how to choose and install.

  1. JBL Bar1 is a soundbar that supports up to nine audio channels and Dolby Atmos sound. The pair of rear speakers is removable. The extreme speakers can work autonomously. The cost reaches 69,900 rubles.


  • the total power is 820 W;
  • support for 4K video resolution and Dolby Vision;
  • dual band Wi-Fi, built-in bluetooth, Chromecast and Airplay;
  • microphones calibrate removable speakers.

When Wireless Home Cinema Needs Best Options for 2021 Disadvantages:

  • periodic failures when switching from TV;
  • The USB slot is not available for data playback.

JBL BAR 9.1 wireless soundbar with subwoofer, Dolby Atmos, satellites and sound: https://youtu.be/8ACOLAbWR9s

  1. The Onkyo HT-S5915 is a home theater system that supports Dolby Atmos. The acoustics system is equipped with AV receivers and has 7 amplification channels. The configuration is standard for a 5.1 sound system. Decoders for popular surround audio formats are built-in. The price tag ranges from 93,490 rubles. There is an automatic calibration system AccuEQ.

When Wireless Home Cinema Needs Best Options for 2021 Advantages:

  • receiver power reaches 160 W;
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS: X supported;
  • the ability to connect to wireless networks.

Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting the non-budget price tag.

  1. Sony HT-S700RF – 5.1 speaker set based on soundbar. The active subwoofer is the constructive center of the system. The monolithic case houses a pair of front and center speakers. The 2 rear satellites are floor-standing components. The price of a home theater is 40,900 rubles.

When Wireless Home Cinema Needs Best Options for 2021 Pros:

  • easy connection to TV via HDMI;
  • support for all necessary interfaces, including optical connector, USB port and bluetooth;
  • Dolby Digital supported;
  • remote control from the remote control.

The disadvantage is that the acoustics are of the wired type.

  1. Polk Audio MagniFi MAX SR is a soundbar with an excellent soundbar , complemented by wireless components. Transmission of multichannel digital audio is provided. Audio can be streamed. The home theater is compatible with many remote controls. The price tag shows 59,990 rubles.

When Wireless Home Cinema Needs Best Options for 2021 Pros:

  • 2 Wi-Fi bands;
  • supports Dolby Audio;
  • the package includes cables for the analog and optical ports;
  • high quality multichannel sound and enhanced stereo.


  • justified, but high cost;
  • the rear speakers sometimes flicker.
  1. Philips HNS3580 is a budget home theater with a power of up to 1000 watts. Playback is in Blu-Ray format. Patented SDA technology delivers multi-dimensional sound. The average cost is within 27,990 rubles.


  • volume control using Voice Adjust;
  • support for voice control and wi-fi connection /


  • lack of a wi-fi module;
  • limitation on the volume of external hard drives.
  1. Home theaters Samsung HT-J5530K are wireless systems and belong to the budget segment. Supports Blu-Ray 3D technology. The model allows you to play files through the USB port. The set of acoustics includes a center and rear speaker, as well as a subwoofer. The cost of such a system does not exceed 17,960 rubles.


  • perfectly balanced frequencies;
  • support for Smart TV technology;
  • the presence of a karaoke function;
  • creating audio effects using the Dolby format.

When Wireless Home Cinema Needs Best Options for 2021Among the shortcomings is a poor library of widgets for Smart TV. Wireless Soundbars: https://youtu.be/oRyRtZERvPA

  1. LG SL10Y Wireless Home Theater is a soundbar equipped with Dolby Atmos technology. Connection diagram 5.1.2 with a total power of 570 W. The price reaches 69,990 rubles.


  • the presence of all connection interfaces, including HDMI, wi-fi and bluetooth;
  • supports Chromecast;
  • superb sound and high quality stereo reproduction;

When Wireless Home Cinema Needs Best Options for 2021 The downside is the lack of rear power.

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