Antenna HQClear TV: is it worth the money and what is the manufacturer’s deception
The HQClear TV antenna is an innovative device that meets Japanese quality standards. When buying a device, you can not worry about its functioning, because the warranty period
Digital television
Homemade outdoor and indoor antenna for digital television
DIY do-it-yourself television antenna for digital television: dimensions, simple diagram, outdoor and indoor antenna for digital television, made by yourself. Just recently, television appeared in a person’s life.
Digital television
Setting up an antenna for digital television: how to accurately aim at a TV tower and catch channels
Настройка направления антенны цифрового ТВ
Digital television has completely replaced analog in Russia, however, the issues of tuning, choosing equipment, improving the quality of the transmitted signal, as well as choosing the right
Digital television
Antenna amplifier for TV: principle of operation, selection, DIY manufacturing
Усилители антенные
The problem of insufficiently strong TV signal, due to which the image quality on the TV screen decreases, is solved by using a signal amplifier coming from the
Digital television
Methods of making a DVB-T2 antenna for receiving digital television
Самодельная антенна для Т2
If you do not want to buy a DVB-T2 antenna for digital TV, you can make it yourself using improvised means. Since there is no design that could
Digital television
Indoor antenna for digital television: selection criteria and best models
Антенна для цифрового телевидения
Since 2019, Russian television is switching to digital broadcasting. The image quality gets better, but it does not exclude glitches. In addition to a good digital set-top box,
Digital television
How to make a Kharchenko antenna for digital TV with your own hands: calculation, assembly of a biquadrat
Антенна Харченко
Now there is an active change from analog TV broadcasting to digital. Since 2012, a unified standard for digital TV broadcasting DVB-T2 has been adopted for free viewing.
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