How do I install Wink on my Android TV and smartphone?

Wink is an application from Rostelecom that allows you to watch over 210 TV channels and legally access a large number of films and series. The catalog of this service is regularly updated with new products. The program can be downloaded not only to Smart TV, but also to TV devices and smartphones with Android OS.

Main features of the application

The main characteristics of the Wink application are presented in the table below.
Wink Rostelecom for Android

Parameter nameDescription
Date of issueJune 7, 2018
Interface languageRussian
App compatibilityAndroid versions 5.0 and higher
Application costis free
In-app purchasesfrom 15 to 4990 rubles per item
Number of downloadsmore than 1 million
Required access permissionscontacts, location, microphone, memory, receiving data via Wi-Fi

Key features of Wink on Android TV

Rostelecom is currently the largest digital services provider in Russia. Wink is an app suitable for smartphones, tablets and TV receivers. It has 20 free TV channels, more than 300 TV channels available for a fee, as well as:

  • cancellation of advertising;
  • high quality content;
  • video in 4K, Full HD and SD quality;
  • the ability to view content online and offline (by downloading to the device);
  • live broadcasts and recorded broadcasts of TV channels, shows and programs.

The main page of the application on Android TV, which contains a selection of the most popular films and TV series at the moment, as well as new films, looks like this: The
Home pagemain page of Wink on a smartphone with Android OS: The
Home page on andoidcapabilities and functionality of the Wink application on all devices are almost the same and in detail you can learn about them from the video review:

The price of the tariff plan on the Wink cinema platform ranges from 200 to 1800 rubles per month, so each user will be able to choose a suitable option for himself.

Downloading Wink on Android

Learn how to quickly and safely download Wink to your Android phone and TV.

To Android phone

The process of installing the Wink service on an Android phone is no different from downloading any other application through the Google Play Store. Download instructions:

  1. Go to Google Play on your device and search for the Wink program. It will be the first in the list that appears. Click the Install button.Google play
  2. To start using the Wink functionality, log into the application after its final installation and enter your authorization data (mobile phone number or email address). If you already have an account, the system will prompt you to enter a password, if not, the registration form will open.Use the app

Direct link to the Wink app in the Play Market –

On Android TV

There are two ways to download the Wink program on Android TV: through the Play Market or using the .apk file found on the Internet. The second option is suitable when, for some reason, it is impossible to download the application from the official store (it is simply not available on some Android TVs). Let’s take a look at the traditional download method first:

  1. Go to the Play Market on your TV and go to the Applications section on the home screen. Applications
  2. Search for Wink. It will be the first in the list that appears. Also, this application is often on the page with popular services.application
  3. Go to the tab with the application. Click the Install button.Install
  4. After the Wink app is downloaded and installed, click “Open”. Open
  5. Use your email address or mobile phone number to sign in to the service. The numbers can be entered from the remote control or from the phone connected to the TV through a special program.Address

After these steps, the Wink app will be ready to use on Android TV. Installing the program on Android TV using the .apk file:

  1. Download the .apk file with the latest version of the Wink application to your computer by following the secure link – The download will start automatically.
  2. Transfer the downloaded file from your PC to a USB flash drive compatible with your TV. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of your TV or set-top box.
  3. Allow third-party apps to be installed on Android TV. To do this, go to the TV settings and go to “Security and restrictions”.Safety
  4. Click on the “Unknown sources” item. Click
  5. A list of applications will appear in front of you, there, activate the file manager that you usually use (usually an icon with an image of a folder with files). File manager
  6. Go to the file manager installed on Android TV. Find the one you want to install in the list of files. Click on it and the installation process will begin.Go to the file manager

Further actions are similar to the previous instructions – you need to open the downloaded application (you can find it on the main menu page) and log in to it.

Additional Information

Additional points related to downloading and installing and operating Wink on an Android phone and Android TV.

Wink account features

Once you create one Wink account, you can use the Viewer Pairing feature. You will be able to simultaneously watch television through the cinema platform on five different devices at once (these can be TVs, phones, tablets or PCs). With just one account, you can:

  • use multi-pause: stop viewing on one device and continue watching from exactly the same place on another;
  • buy and download films / series permanently or by monthly subscription with access from all devices connected to the account (no additional fee is charged).

What if Wink crashes on Android?

If the Wink app crashes on your Android phone or TV, there are several ways to fix the problem. First of all, just restart the device and try to enter the online cinema again.

If the restart does not help, reinstall the application itself – delete it and download it again.

Another option you can try is changing the DNS server address. This is suitable for Android TV:

  1. Go to “Settings” on your device. Open the section “General” and then “Network”.Settings
  2. After making sure that the network connection is present, select “IP Address Settings”. Address
  3. Activate the “Enter manually” item. Enter manually
  4. In the “DNS server” column that opens, specify the following values: or Specify values
  5. Click on the “Finish” button, then click “OK” and restart the device.

Usually, these tips will help you solve the problem. If the application continues to crash, contact the application support service inside it or by writing to

How do I cancel my Wink subscription on Android?

On smartphones with Android OS and Android TV, you can deactivate the Wink subscription through the Play Market program. The disconnection process for the devices will be the same. Canceling Wink through the Google Play Market using an example of an Android phone:

  1. Go to the Play Market application store and go to the menu (three horizontal stripes in the upper left corner of the screen). Go to the store
  2. Go to the “Subscriptions” section by selecting it from the list that opens. Subscriptions
  3. Select the subscription you want to disable (click on it). On the page where you will be directed, click the “Unsubscribe” button.Disable
  4. Select from the list the reason why you decided to cancel your subscription and click “Continue”. Choose a reason
  5. Confirm the cancellation of the subscription by clicking on the corresponding button. Cancellation
  6. After deactivation, an inscription will appear at the bottom of the page stating that the subscription will be deleted. Inscription

Can you download the jailbroken Wink on Android?

On the Internet, you can easily find a hacked version of the Wink application, they are published in the .apk file format. You won’t have to pay for any subscription here. But such an application can be dangerous for the phone – there is no guarantee that there are no viruses in the file. By saving a couple of hundred rubles, you can get more damage than good. And this is due not only to the aforementioned viruses, after which the device will have to be reflashed, but also with the possibility of stealing your personal data – card numbers used for online payments, logins and passwords.

Similar programs

Wink is one of the best, but not the only online cinema. He has a lot of analogues. The most popular ones are:

  • Lime HD TV. This is an opportunity to watch online more than 145 TV channels, as well as movies and series on the big screen of Android TV.
  • Okko. Leading Russian media services provider. More than 80,000 movies, TV series and cartoons in excellent Ultra HD 4K and HDR quality without ads.
  • ivi. Partially free online cinema with many films and TV series in Ultra HD and 4K quality.


Yuri Vasiliev, Kolomna, 35 years old. The application is excellent – convenient functionality, a lot of films, etc., but it happens that the sound is ahead of the image, or everything completely crashes with an error. And this happens both when used on a TV and on a phone.
Ekaterina Mikhaleva, Yekaterinburg, 27 years old. In general, everything is good, simple and convenient. But the application sometimes hangs – no matter what I do. And I reinstalled, and I cleaned the cache in the settings – it still continues to freeze periodically. I use it from my phone.
Elena Utkina, Khabarovsk, 40 years old.The application is good, there are, it seems, even more films than on KinoPoisk. But very often, when you exit the application, leaving the movie unchecked, and then return to continue watching, a “Playback error” occurs and everything crashes. To download the Wink app from Rostelecom to a TV or phone with an Android system, you do not need to have special skills. Just follow the instructions and in 10 minutes you will be able to enjoy your favorite TV channels, movies and series.

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