SeasonHit service: functionality and download

SeasonHit is a free application where you can download or just watch TV shows with a choice of quality and translation. Works on Android devices. From the article you will learn more about the functionality and capabilities of this application, and you can also download the latest and previous versions of it using direct links.

What is SeasonHit?

SeasonHit brings all the most popular TV shows in one place. The application contains a huge database of content in SD / HD quality and various translations. The entire catalog is presented in MP4 format.
SeasonHitTo view or download content, the program uses services built into the device; the application itself also has a video player. If we take into account third-party programs, then it is recommended to use the MXPlayer for viewing, and the ADM or DVGet service for downloading. The main characteristics of the application and its system requirements are presented in the table:

Parameter nameDescription
The developerXakerD.
Language interfaceThe application is multilingual. There are Russian and English.
Device and OS requirementsAndroid devices with version 4.1.x and higher. Works on phones, tablets, TVs and media consoles.
Root rightsNot required.

If you have any problems with the operation of the SeasonHit application or any questions about its functioning, you can contact the official forum –

Application features

The SeasonHit app is free but contains ads. To disable it, send a small amount to the developer. After that, within 24 hours, your account will be assigned a premium status, and the ads will disappear the next time you turn on the program. This can be done on the home page or forum.

It is possible to download the hacked version of Premium for free. The link is below.

SeasonHit advantages and disadvantages

The SeasonHit app has far more advantages than disadvantages. They are as follows:

  • extensive selection of content;
  • the ability to select the quality of the video being played (from 240p to 1080p);
  • the desired series can be downloaded directly to the device;
  • there is a section “Favorites”, where you can add your favorite TV series, as well as sections “Watch Later” and “New”;
  • you can see your browsing history;
  • it is possible to enable notifications about the release of a new series in the series;
  • if you interrupted watching the series, playback will resume next time from the same place;
  • you can mark the viewed episodes.

The application has only two drawbacks:

  • not all TV series available for viewing are presented in high HD quality;
  • sometimes the application is rather slow and slows down.

SeasonHit functionality and interface

SeasonHit app has a user-friendly and intuitive user interface. The design is done in pleasant colors, but you can change the colors yourself. There are light and dark themes. You can also change the brightness. All changes will take effect after restarting the application.
Application designApplication interfaceThe app has an advanced search feature, so you can find exactly what you need. Search by genre, studio, country of origin is possible. In addition, you can enable sorting by title, current popularity level, date added, year of release, and rating. Almost all series have a detailed description, which lists the actors, directors, the year of release and the genre, there is a summary.
Description of the seriesIf you open the “Series” section in the movie card, you can select a specific episode from the list, as well as the translation in which the video will be played.
Series of TV seriesSeries in the appIn the open player, you can pause the video, go to the next episode, expand the picture to full screen, adjust the sound, etc.
Expanded pictureWhat else can you do in SeasonHit:

  • hide the show of series in the genre of “anime” from the “New” section;
  • import and export account settings.

Video review of the application on the TV:

Registration process

Registration takes place on the website – Then you need to enter the data specified during registration into the application. What should be done:

  1. Click the “Register” button. check in
  2. Fill in the required data, put a tick in front of the line “I agree with the terms” and click “Register”. Fill in the fields
  3. Confirm your mail by following the link from the letter.

Download SeasonHit app for free

The application can only be installed via an apk file, it is not available in the Google Play Store The links below are suitable for installation on all Android devices (phones, tablets, TB and set-top boxes), as well as on PCs with Windows 7 and 10 (if you have a special program).

Latest apk version

The most recent version of the simple application at the moment is SeasonHit You can download it from the link – What’s changed in the new version:

  • the work of some films and serials has been restored;
  • the library of the built-in player has been updated;
  • the position of the buttons in the player has changed;
  • when an incoming call to the device, the player is automatically paused;
  • when you click on the title of the series, its page opens in the browser;
  • fixed search for films by actors and problems with loading films.

The latest version of SeasonHit Premium can be downloaded by following this link –

Previous apk versions

In addition to the latest version, you can also download the previous ones. But it is recommended to do this only if the fresh variation for some reason is not installed on the device. From older versions, install on Android from v. 4.2 you can do the following:

  • SeasonHit The file size is 8.4 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit File size 8.2 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit File size 8.2 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit File size 7.9 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit File size 7.9 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit 2.3.8. The file size is 7.9 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit 2.3.7. The file size is 7.5 MB. Safe download link –

For Android from version 4.1, it is recommended to install (files can also be downloaded to devices with an older version of the operating system):

  • SeasonHit The file size is 6.9 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit The file size is 6.9 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit The file size is 6.9 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit The file size is 6.9 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit 2.3.6. The file size is 6.9 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit The file size is 6.9 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit The file size is 7 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit The file size is 7 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit The file size is 6.8 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit File size 6.6 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit File size 6.6 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit 2.3.5. File size 6.6 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit 2.3.4. File size 6.6 MB. Safe download link –
  • SeasonHit 2.3.3. The file size is 5.8 MB. Safe download link –

There are other, older versions of the application, but it is not recommended to use them, since in comparison with the listed ones they are still very raw.

Similar applications

The SeasonHit application has analogues and just similar services. Let’s present the most worthy of them:

  • Netflix. The most famous streaming service in the world with a huge database of diverse content. The paid application offers movies, TV series and TV shows for viewing in excellent quality. Built for Android TV and media consoles. You can search for hacked versions.
  • Deezer. Free and super popular service for listening to music. Allows access to unlimited audio on Android TV and / or media box. With the app, you can turn your TV into a powerful jukebox. Has convenient control.
  • NUM. Popular application for finding torrents on the most popular torrent trackers Rutor, TorLook and MegaPeer. It is a handy and completely free program. Using the application on your Android TV, you can not only search for torrents, but also watch them in the best quality.

SeasonHit is a unique application for watching and downloading TV series online on Android devices. With this program, you will get access to the most popular TV shows in the world for free. You just need to download one of the apk files presented in the article and install the service like any other application with a cache.

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