Lucky Patcher app: its features and installation

Lucky Patcher is an app for Android devices that allows you to change app permissions and features, block ads, and then create modified apk files. In other words, the program was created so that users can use the full version of applications without purchasing a license for money.

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher works with most programs and games. This utility is designed to change and expand the functionality of the application. You can easily run pirated versions of any software you are interested in.
Lucky patcher

Including the application is distributed to the popular online cinema Wink – with the help of Lucky Patcher, purchases of subscriptions and films on the platform will take place without payment. And also for the racing game CarX Drift Racing 2 – in which you can also make free virtual purchases.

The service analyzes the applications installed on your device and displays them in a sorted list. At the beginning there are those that Lucky Patcher can affect, and at the end of the list there are no patches for. After applying the patch, you can change the permissions of the installed application, transfer the application to the SD card, create a backup, block annoying ads, and much more. When making changes to the program, it is recommended to create a copy in advance to avoid possible data loss. The main characteristics and system requirements of the application are shown in the table.

Parameter nameDescription
The developerChelpus.
CategorySystem utilities.
Interface languageThe application is multilingual. Including there is Russian and English.
Suitable devices and OSDevices based on Android OS version 4.0 and higher. May not work on Android 11 as it has higher protection against patching.
Root rightsRequired for the full functioning of the program.
Official site

To get root rights, you can use applications such as KingROOT or Kingo ROOT or similar.

If you have any problems with the application or have any questions related to it, you can ask them on the official forum –

Functionality and interface

The application interface is convenient and intuitive. Immediately after turning on the program, scanning of all applications available on the device starts. You need to wait a bit. The verification time depends on the number of services installed on the device.
Scan programsAfter scanning is finished, a list of applications will appear. All names will be highlighted in color. Each of them has a specific meaning. Orange means that a custom patch was found in the application, green means there is a license check, red means nothing was found, etc.
Application listMain functions:

  • Removing ads. With the app, you can remove ads that annoy you when using the app or game.
  • Getting coins and gems. The service will give you the opportunity to get an unlimited amount of gold coins, money, gems, characters, weapons, lives, etc., and all this is completely free – in a couple of clicks.
  • Free purchases of paid apps. Provides the ability to get full access to the functions of the desired paid application. There is also a special Play Store mod – to bypass the license check for many Android apps and games – created by the same developer.
  • Change application permissions. With the help of the program, you can change the list of permissions that a particular application requires from the device.
  • Creation of modified APKs. You can create your own version of an application by making changes to the source.
  • Adding custom patches. This is the ability to create your own extension for an application or game, adding new features to it or unlocking paid content.

Adding functions Additional program features:

  • clone other applications;
  • create backup copies of applications;
  • delete selected saved purchases from the device;
  • disable applications;
  • transfer applications to the system storage, as well as to the SD card (such a function is now rare, although it was previously built into the phone);
  • code applications;
  • remove ODEX with changes;
  • view information about applications;
  • quickly go to the program control panel;
  • clear the data of the installed application;
  • change program components, etc.

Additional features

Thanks to Lucky Patcher, it will be possible to launch offline applications that initially needed a mandatory connection to the network.

In the “Information” section for each installed application, you can see the storage location, version, build, user ID, date of installation on the device, size, resolution, etc. Here, in the “Additional information”, it is shown what changes can be made into the program.
InformationTo select a patch in the app, go to Tools and then select Android Patches. There are four options here:

  • “Signature verification is always correct.” It is used when the application cannot be fixed (not patched) and in other similar situations.
  • “Disable apk integrity check”. Allows you to install unsigned modified applications. It comes in handy when editing or modifying programs.
  • “Disable signature verification in package manager-e”. Similar to the second one, but with its help you can install the modified application over the original one.
  • “Support patch for InAPP and LVL emulations”. For those who need to make a lot of in-app purchases but don’t have time to patch each one individually. Unfortunately, the tool can only be applied with Xposed.


The only drawback of the application is that some programs have protection against hacking, which Lucky Patcher is not subject to. Therefore, nothing can be done with such applications, here we need heavier artillery and professional services.

Free download the Lucky Patcher app in Russian

For obvious reasons, the Lucky Patcher application is not in the Google Play Store, it can only be downloaded via an apk file. Each link is suitable for installation on Android devices, as well as on a PC (subject to the presence of a special program on it). The service cannot be installed on ios.

All links are safe and virus-free. If you get a message about a danger, turn off the antivirus for a while. It sometimes reacts like that to third-party files.

Latest version

The most recent version for today is version 9.6.0. You can download it via this direct link – Also new include:

  • Lucky Patcher 9.5.9. The file size is 9.51 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.5.8. The file size is 9.49 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.5.7. The file size is 9.48 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.5.6. The file size is 9.47 MB. Direct download link –

Features of versions:

  • fixed work on Android 9;
  • updated translations into other languages.

Previous Versions

It is possible to download previous versions of the application, but it is recommended to do this only when there are no other options – for example, a new version of the program is not installed for some reason or it does not work properly on your device. What older versions are available for download:

  • Lucky Patcher 9.5.5. The file size is 9.43 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.5.4. The file size is 9.41 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.5.2. The file size is 9.58 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.5.0. The file size is 9.50 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.4.7 . The file size is 9.61 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.4.6 . The file size is 9.15 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.4.4. The file size is 9.21 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.4.3. The file size is 9.53 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.4.2. The file size is 9.18 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.4.0. The file size is 9.18 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.3.8. The file size is 9.18 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.3.6. The file size is 9.29 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.3.5. The file size is 9.29 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.3.3. The file size is 9.29 MB. Direct download link –
  • Lucky Patcher 9.3.0. The file size is 9.29 MB. Direct download link –

Earlier versions of the program can be found on the services Trashbox, and Uptodown, but it is better not to download them, since they are noticeably inferior to the above ones in terms of interface and performance. Also, the application can be downloaded using Torrent or Magnet links.

How to install / update Lucky Patcher?

Installing and updating the Lucky Patcher app is not as difficult as it might seem. To do this, you need to follow just a few steps:

  1. Download the APK file to your device. If you are updating the application, then load the new one over the old version, otherwise the performance (data retention) cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Go to the settings and check the box next to “Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources” (the action is performed once, then the device will remember your choice).
  3. Install the APK file using the file manager on your device.
  4. Run the application launch.

Lucky Patcher is not malware or virus, but Google may show you a warning. Disable “Play Protect” in the Google Play Store so that it doesn’t appear again. How to do this – below in the article.

Installation / update video instruction:

Possible problems and solutions

Every application, even the most advanced one, can sometimes have problems. Let’s analyze the most common mistakes that appear in Lucky Patcher.

Error nox

Nox is an Android system emulator that allows you to use almost all applications of the operating system on a regular computer. For example, platforms like Clash of Clans, Instagram, Subway Surfers, Kitchen Stories, and Tubemate. If these two programs are installed together, sometimes the notification “an error has occurred in the Lucky Patcher app” appears. The problem is solved by installing Xposed – this is a framework, that is, a “framework” used for the operation of special applications-modules. You can download it freely.

Application not installed

You may see an error called “Application not installed” or “Installation blocked for security reasons.” If you see this, you need to disable the “Play Protect” feature in the Google Play store. How to do it:

  1. Open Google Play, select the “Play Protect” option from the menu. Select options
  2. Deactivate “Scan device for security threats” by clicking on the switch. Scan device
  3. Confirm the action by clicking “Ok”. Confirm
  4. Please try to install the application again.

Shopping doesn’t work

If you receive a notification with the text “Error in the purchase process”, you are most likely trying to make a purchase in an online game. And the servers of such applications are not subject to the Lucky Patcher program. If the error occurs in a different situation, try installing a different version of Lucky Patcher – newer or older.

busybox not found

If the error “Busybox not found, LuckyPatcher may not work correctly” means that this installation application (Busybox) is not present on your device and you need to download it yourself. You can do this by following the link –

Similar applications

The LuckyPatcher app has a number of analogues. Let’s present the most worthy of them:

  • XMod Games. It can be used to hack apps on the Play Store. It also provides different mods for different games. For example, mods when playing the GTA series. Some of them can increase the player’s capabilities (life time, money, etc.), while others improve the graphics.
  • Freedom. You can get coins, gems and other resources for free. The service can block ads, bypass in-app purchases, and more. To work requires root access, without which the program is not able to work.
  • SB Game Hacker. It is a very easy to install and use tool for modifying Android games. It maximizes the gaming experience by helping users earn more coins and lives. Here you can also remove annoying ads and bypass the license check.
  • Game Killer. One of the most famous Android game hacking apps that makes it easy to get gems, coins and other game features. The application uses old memory modification technology, so it is compatible even with earlier versions of the OS.
  • AppSara. Has a very clean one button user interface. Applies to any Android device with version above 2.2. You can bypass the Google payment page and get coins or gems for free. There is no ad blocking feature, but no root privileges are required.

Opinions about Lucky Patcher

Yura, 22 years old. Cool app, universal! I used it to hack Critical Ops for free purchases, downloaded paid programs from the Google Play Store, and also clocked a bunch of coins in Minecraft! The main thing is to turn off the signaling on the phone about possible viruses.

Katerina, 30 years old. I stumbled upon this app while searching the internet for how to hack my daughter’s games. The program coped with the task perfectly. I want to note right away that there may be problems when launching / downloading Lucky Patcher, since the Play Store and Google think that the program will damage the phone, but this is not the case.

Egor, 18 years old. It is a good program for hacking games, removing ads and checking licenses. I first encountered it when I could not get past the tower in Mortal Kombat X. After applying the patch, the game went much easier, so it’s a great option for those who are stuck in the game in one place.

The Lucky Patcher application will help users of devices with Android OS get rid of annoying ads in applications and games, purchase the full functionality of many programs for free, “wind up” precious stones, lives, etc. in games. It will also delight you with other pleasant options related to work. various programs.

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