LazyIPTV Deluxe features and how to install it

LazyIPTV Deluxe is a famous Android client for playing IPTV. It allows you to view the currently fashionable IP-TV with maximum convenience. The application has an extensive number of functions and capabilities, which we will discuss in detail in the article. Also here you can find links to download the program for free.

What is LazyIPTV Deluxe?

LazyIPTV Deluxe is a replacement for the old LazyIptv application, which has recently ceased to function. This is a new IPTV player from the developer LazyCat Software. The functions of the service are not much different from the previous version, but their use has become more convenient.
LazyIPTV DeluxeThe player can be used to control the remote control on a set-top box or Android TV, as well as to operate on touch devices.

The service supports quite a few playlist formats, so finding a playlist that suits your interests and uploading it to the program is easy.

The main characteristics of the application and its system requirements are shown in the table:

Parameter nameDescription
The developerLC-Soft.
CategoryVideo players and editors.
Interface languageThe service is bilingual. You can customize Russian or English.
Device and OC RequirementsDevices with Android OS from version 4.2 and higher.
Availability of paid contentThere is. Cost – $ 2.49 per item.
Official site

If you have any problems with the application or just have questions about its functioning, you can contact the official forum –

LazyIPTV Deluxe features and functions:

  • support and management of IPTV playlists in m3u format;
  • lack of advertising (for a fee or when downloading an apk file);
  • support for archives of TV programs in various formats;
  • data synchronization between multiple devices via Google accounts;
  • support for internal (from playlists) and external TV guides (EPG) in xmltv and jtv formats, and their use in accordance with the specified priority;
  • support for structured “Favorites” / bookmarks and the history of the channels viewed;
  • support for Wizard guides;
  • function of reminding about future programs;
  • search for channels in the playlist;
  • support for auto-update playlists and the ability to use the cache when it is not available;
  • search for programs from EPG;
  • the presence of parental control;
  • group verification of URLs in all sources (in the playlist, EPG list, Wizard service);
  • 2 built-in players with archive support.

Video about working with bookmarks:

LazyMedia Deluxe functionality and interface

The user interface of the LazyMedia Deluxe application is equally user-friendly and understandable both when working on mobile devices and on TV receivers. For smartphones and tablets, the screen is usually divided into four, and you can customize single and double-tap operations for each.
Smartphone appIn the LazyIptv Deluxe TV control mode, you can use the remote control buttons: up, down, left, right, OK, menu. Each button can be configured independently.
TV modeRecently, the “Screen Density Adjustment” tool has been added to the TV interface. With it, you can reduce / increase the size of the entire interface in the application. Video review of the LazyMedia Deluxe app, describing its functionality and use:

Possibility to change the service address

The application has a function for setting the base address of the service by the user. This can come in handy if your provider no longer provides the service you like. You need to find a working mirror of the desired service and enter a new URL in the application for everything to work. Video instruction:

New system of settings for services and trackers

In the latest versions of the LazyIPTV Deluxe application, the settings system has been updated. It has become more advanced and functional, while the structure remains the same. “Alternative access” has been added to the service settings system. If your ISP directly blocks access, it allows you to enable access to the service through a proxy. It is recommended to activate when the service is really blocked, as the speed of use will be significantly reduced. Tracker settings are located in the “Torrent Settings” section. Each tracker is presented as a separate element, its activity and current status are shown. Here it is possible to reset the tracker settings to their original state. “Alternative Access” will be disabled.

Internal application player

Since version 3.01, LazyMedia Deluxe has its own built-in player based on Google’s Exoplayer. Its name in the application is LazyPlayer (Exo). You can set the internal player as the default player at any time. For this:

  1. Go to device settings.
  2. Go to “Player Settings”.
  3. Open “Default Player” and click on “LazyPlayer (Exo)”. Default player

Using the internal LazyPlayer (Exo) you can:

  • switch episodes when watching TV series (forward / backward);
  • change aspects;
  • stop and continue viewing by pressing one button;
  • see information about a particular content;
  • interrupt watching a movie / series, exit the application, and then return and start from exactly the same place (if the “Synchronization System” is enabled, then you can continue watching even on another device);
  • select audio track and subtitles;
  • automatically skip to the next episode of the series when the current one is over;
  • choose the image quality.

The player interface is practically the same when used on mobile devices and on TV.

Synchronization mode

LazyMedia Deluxe app can sync data between devices. This means you don’t need to back up and restore to keep the data in the app. Also, when using multiple devices, your data will always be updated. Synchronized data:

  • browsing history;
  • custom pages;
  • section “Favorites”;
  • marks about video viewing;
  • search keywords.

Account settings are not synchronized, they must be set manually on each device.

Ways to download the player LazyIPTV Deluxe

There are two ways to download the LazyIPTV Deluxe application to your device – through the official Android store or through apk files. The last ones have a pro version.

Download from Google Play Store

To download the program through the official store, follow the link –, and install it like any other application from the Google Play Store …

Latest apk version

You can download the latest apk-version of the LazyIPTV Deluxe application from the link – Its features:

  • optimization of EPG loading;
  • restoration of synchronization of playlists data;
  • new core exoplayer 2.14.0;
  • correction of minor bugs.

Previous apk versions

In addition to the new version, you can download the previous apk-variations. But they do this when it is impossible to install a fresh one for some reason. Previous versions available for download:

  • LazyIptv Deluxe v.1.17. File size – 6.40 MB. Safe download link –
  • LazyIptv Deluxe v.1.15. The file size is 6.55 MB. Safe download link –
  • LazyIptv Deluxe v.1.11. File size – 6.55 MB. Safe download link –
  • LazyIptv Deluxe v.1.9. File size – 6.26 MB. Safe download link –
  • LazyIptv Deluxe v.1.6. File size – 6.25 MB. Safe download link –
  • LazyIptv Deluxe v.0.35 beta. File size – 9.75 MB. Safe download link –
  • LazyIptv Deluxe v.0.33 beta. File size – 9.73 MB. The safe download link is http: //xn--%20lazyiptv%20deluxe%20v-kjta2y1g6a2mng.0.32%20beta%20%289.xn--73%20%29-o7g3h/.

LazyIPTV Deluxe playlists and downloads

A playlist is a list of files to be played, which can include video and audio in a specific format. In the context of the LazyIPTV Deluxe application, a playlist is an m3u file (can be in a zip / gzip archive) that is imported into the application for later playback. A playlist can contain either a link to a video stream (broadcast by a TV channel), or a direct link to a video file (for example, obtained from a popular video service). The LazyIPTV Deluxe application can use links to VKontakte and Youtube videos, as well as view torrent-tv playlists.

Where can I find playlists?

LazyIPTV Deluxe is an IPTV client, so there are no built-in playlists in the app. Users are faced with the task of where to get them. Conventionally, there are 3 ways to solve it:

  • Provider services. Usually large Internet providers provide IPTV services for free or for a nominal fee. Visit the homepage or call the support team of your internet and TB service provider. This is the simplest and least time consuming method.
  • Paid playlists. You will have to pay a little money for high-quality graphics and stability. Services where you can purchase access to iptv playlists:
    • Torrent-TV – (works with torrent technology, but supports regular http streaming via TS-PROXY);
    • Heat.TV –;
    • –;
    • –
  • Free playlists. Such lists are collected on special sites on the Internet, of which there are many. Disadvantage – no one guarantees the performance of your playlist for a long time.

The best way to find playlists is the new Wizards tool available in version 2.17. You can use it in LazyCat software: to add via Wizard Manager (link). Proven Places to Find Free IPTV Playlists:

  • B5% D1% 81% D0% BF% D0% BB% D0% B0% D1% 82% D0% BD% D0% BE.

Up-to-date playlists

Below are the current playlists taken from the forum. TB playlists:


Sources of TB programs (the link must be inserted into the column of the same name in the appendix):


How to upload a playlist to LazyIPTV Deluxe?

Unlike similar apps, LazyIPTV Deluxe stores playlists in its own database, which allows you to create favorites, store history, move playlist items from one to another, etc. Ways to add a playlist to the app:

  • From a file. The playlist must have been downloaded to the device in advance. When adding, you need to use the built-in file manager to select it on external or internal media.
  • From the Internet (by link). Provide a direct link to a playlist located on a specific server. You can also check the “Automatic update” checkbox, and then the playlist will be downloaded from the specified server every time you select it. This method is recommended when the playlist on the server changes over time.
  • From clipboard. Suitable for those looking for playlists on websites and blogs that publish a text version of the list. To add, simply copy the playlist text to your clipboard and select this method when adding a new playlist to the app.
  • An empty playlist. You need to create a new playlist as a source for copying channels from other playlists.

FAQ for using LazyIPTV Deluxe

Below are the frequently asked questions while using the LazyIPTV Deluxe app.

What if the EPG is not displayed?

Pay attention to the correct date and time stamping on the device. If the date / time is not set correctly, problems arise when trying to link the channel to the EPG.

What is a Wizard and how do I use it?

Wizards is a tool for importing playlists and TV program sources supported by the LazyIPTV app. It is an XML file (open or zip / gz compressed) with a * .liwizard extension describing the source of the playlist as well as the EPG for import and use on the target device. Basic operations are performed in the dispatcher, available in the side menu, which allows you to perform the following operations with Wizards files:

  • add;
  • delete;
  • update;
  • open.

After adding a file to the manager and opening it, users have access to playlists and EPG sources that can be imported to their device. A checkbox in the upper right corner of each item indicates that the file has not been imported yet. Video tutorial on using Wizards:

How do I use a TV program?

The LazyIPTV Deluxe app uses external TV programs to work. Programs are used in xmltv format (jtv will be supported later). To connect to an external TV program, you need to add the address / link to the “TV program source” column. You can use an unlimited number of sources and switch between them when opening any playlist. As soon as the information in the current version is no longer relevant, the TV program will be updated automatically. The update happens in the background and is cached.

The cached data for each source takes up 10-30 MB of space on the device, but it can be flushed to free up space at any time according to the user’s desire.

Why aren’t all playlists or channels syncing?

Only those playlists that are added by the link will participate in the synchronization of playlists between different devices. A playlist added as an internal file is displayed only on the current device, since the file is only on that device.

How to watch torrent-tv?

The application allows you to watch torrent TV through an external player. Playlists are in m3u format, but instead of http links, links with the acestream: // prefix or 40-character identifiers (a set of characters and numbers) are used.

It is recommended to use Ace Stream Media as an intermediary player. You can redirect the torrent stream to any video player you use (MXPlayer, VLC, etc.)

You can find free playlists on the network or use the standard playlists of the service by registering in advance and purchasing access rights (the first 3 days are free – for testing).

How to make a backup of your data / restore data from a backup?

The app has tools for backing up / restoring current data such as playlists, favorites and history. To make a backup, do the following:

  1. Select “Settings” (in the side menu). Settings
  2. Click “Backup data to file”. Backup
  3. Select a directory to save the backup file and then click the “Run” button. A file will appear in the form lazyiptvDDMMYYYY-HHMM.libackup (where DDMMYYYY-HHMM is the current date and time of the operation).

To restore data from a backup file:

  1. Select “Settings”. Settings
  2. Click “Restore data from file”. Restore
  3. Select the directory and backup file, and then click Run.

Similar applications

The LazyIPTV Deluxe application has a lot of analogues, but not all of them work correctly. Here are some of the most stable ones:

  • TVirl. IPTV. Use a standard Android TV player to watch your favorite TV channels. TVirl embeds your ISP’s IPTV channel or Internet service directly into the system, allowing you to work with a user-friendly interface designed for large screens.
  • OttPlayer. Watch IPTV from your provider or from other sources on your phone, tablet, set-top box or TV with centralized control through the site.
  • Russian live TV channels and FM radio. The application includes the best TV channels in Russia and Ukraine, as well as radio stations. Thanks to HD streaming, they will be available for viewing / listening on Android devices at any time.

LazyIPTV Deluxe is an IPTV player for Android devices. By itself, it does not broadcast anything, but only is a shell for IPTV playlists. To watch TV channels, you need to download the application, find the link to the playlist on the Internet and insert it into the player. After that, you can enjoy watching.

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