Review of satellite operator Sputnik TV Saratov: tariffs, frequencies

Access to unlimited Internet and high-quality television have become an integral part of the life of a modern person. Provider Sputnik TV provides a full range of services related to information technology. Both individuals and entrepreneurs will be able to become clients, and you can connect the Internet not only to an apartment or office, but also to a private house.
Review of satellite operator Sputnik TV Saratov: tariffs, frequencies

Provider overview

Sputnik TV is based on the official website – Here users are provided with up-to-date information regarding the range of services, the cost of tariffs and payment methods. The list of services also includes online services:

  • Tariff change.
  • Detailing.
  • Suspension / renewal of the service.

Any registered user can use them.
Review of satellite operator Sputnik TV Saratov: tariffs, frequencies

Section “About the company”

Here contains all relevant information about the provider. The user has the opportunity to get acquainted with a short history, learn about the partners who cooperate with the LLC. This section of the site contains licenses obtained by the company. There is an address and a map that allows you to quickly find an office and get a convenient route. Here Sputnik TV Saratov indicates the telephone number for communication.

Review of satellite operator Sputnik TV Saratov: tariffs, frequencies
Licenses Sputnik TV Saratov [/ caption] Phones and contacts:
Review of satellite operator Sputnik TV Saratov: tariffs, frequencies

Provider services

The company provides services for individuals and businesses. To select the appropriate option, you will need to go to the corresponding menu item on the site. The following services are available for private (natural) persons:

  1. Internet + TV . You can connect 48 or 118 terrestrial channels, choose the optimal Internet speed indicator – 30.50 or 100 Mb / s.
  2. Internet . There are no traffic restrictions. Choice of speed options 30.50 or 100 Mb / s. The cost of the service is from 350 rubles per month.
  3. Television . The user can connect 49 or 118 channels (“Ether” or “Basic” package). Additional services – you can purchase a receiver. Its price is 1,380 rubles (as of October 2021). The cost of the service is 200-280 rubles per month.

[caption id = "attachment_6293" align = "aligncenter" width = "623"]
Review of satellite operator Sputnik TV Saratov: tariffs, frequenciesActual rates from Sputnik TV [/ caption] Internet and TV can be connected in the private sector. The speed is up to 100 Mb / s. The tariff scale provides several options for the speed and cost of the service. You can connect one of them at the user’s choice. The indicated amount includes wireless Internet access.
Review of satellite operator Sputnik TV Saratov: tariffs, frequenciesFor business, the following offers from Sputnik TV Saratov are valid:

  • Static IP address
  • Business TV.
  • Internet.
  • Video control.
  • Free Wi-Fi

Connection of corporate clients is free. Favorable rates are provided. You can clarify the cost with the operator during the application for connection. The connection speed is high – up to 100 Mb / s. No breaks occur, which allows video conferences. There are also no traffic restrictions. The connection is made within 1-2 days from the moment the application is left on the official website or at the office in Saratov and in other cities where the provider operates. If in the process of work there are technical problems, the masters eliminate them in a short time. Static IP address is a service that is in high demand. It allows you to get a fixed address of a dedicated line. Distinctive feature – there is no IP change after reconnection. Such an address is required when there is a need to work on your own server.Also, when creating a site or at the time of remote work (access by technical means to the general computer network of the enterprise), it is required that the IP address remains unchanged. [caption id = "attachment_6303" align = "aligncenter" width = "1171"]
Review of satellite operator Sputnik TV Saratov: tariffs, frequenciesServices for business at the link

Sputnik TV, where the provider works, offers a service for installing video surveillance. You can view the recordings remotely. For work, special programs are used. The service will ensure the safety of office and warehouse premises, as well as improve labor discipline. Technical capabilities make it possible to carry out control at a distance, for example, using mobile devices with programs installed on them. Professional consultation is provided free of charge. Another service of Sputnik TV Saratov (the official website provides up-to-date information on all changes in tariff plans) is the connection of business TV. It allows you to watch 46-116 channels (depending on the package). The cost is 250-500 rubles per month.Free Wi-Fi allows you to create stable coverage in your office or enterprise. With the help of wireless technologies, presentations and commercials are shown. There is no limit on duration, speed, traffic volume, number of sessions. The current list of channels from Sputnik TV Saratov at the end of 2021 can be downloaded from the link below:
The current list of channels from Sputnik TV

Other pages of the site – what useful information is available

Sputnik TV Saratov provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest news. The “Service” section provides users with the following services:

  1. Balance check.
  2. Access to your personal account.
  3. Firmware (for routers, receivers).
  4. Repair of digital equipment.
  5. Setting up TV channels (here you can also see the list of available channels and their topics).

On our site you can download files with information on the frequencies at which television channels operate. Frequencies of Sputnik tv Saratov for watching television channels digital and analogue – download and view the list:
Frequencies for tuning digital channels
Frequencies for tuning analogue channels The documents section contains files of forms for various applications. Here you can also download the agreement, read the rules for the provision of communication services and television broadcasting. Forms of receipts for payment, agreement for termination of services or their renewal are also presented in the list of files available for download.

Review of satellite operator Sputnik TV Saratov: tariffs, frequencies
You can check and top up the balance and personal account of Sputnik TV by following the link
Payment for services is made by PayMaster payments. You can choose a convenient payment method:

  • Bank card.
  • At Sberbank.
  • At the provider’s checkout (in the office).
  • Electronic money.

You can also give cash to the courier or deposit funds at the terminals. Money transfers are accepted. When making payments, you need to pay attention to the following parameters: account number is the subscriber’s personal account specified in the service agreement. It must be 6 digits long.

Attention! If the personal account consists of 5 digits, then zeros are added in the account number for payment. Example: 000111

The subscriber pays for the communication services provided to him in exact accordance with the tariffs that were connected. Detailed information about them is available in the contract. Prices are valid from the moment you start using the services until the parties terminate the contract. The first payment must be made immediately after the connection and signing by the parties of the acceptance certificate of the work performed. The subscription fee is paid monthly. You can deposit cash, bank transfer is accepted. Payment terms are up to the 10th day of each month. The user can get all the information he is interested in by calling the information and reference service.

Important! Funds must be deposited into the account without fail. The absence of a receipt does not exempt from payment.

If the user still has questions or doubts about how to use this or that equipment, the site has a section with instructions. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions and also:

  • About payment through Qiwi terminals.
  • How to make payments correctly.
  • About TV channel settings, image quality.
  • How to activate the “Trust Payment” service through your personal account.

The how-to section provides videos to help you set up your PC connection. In the section “Vacancies” you can find information about the specialists that the company needs (you need to follow the link placed there to see the current offers). Video on service packages and payment for services Sputnik TV – Internet and TV provider in Saratov:

Balance check

The subscriber can find out the balance of Sputnik TV in the corresponding section. Here you can find up-to-date information about the funds that are on the personal account. Also, the user has the ability to quickly replenish it. To do this, you need to enter the personal account number in the appropriate field and select the appropriate option: “check balance” or “pay”. The Sputnik TV Saratov option to check the balance allows you to instantly find out about the balance of the account. This helps you control costs and charges, prevent disconnections from services, or quickly top up your account when there is little balance left.
Review of satellite operator Sputnik TV Saratov: tariffs, frequencies

Personal account and registration

The Sputnik TV section of the personal account is located at the link and allows you to create a personal subscriber page. Difficulties in the process should not arise, since when you go to the corresponding menu, you only need to specify the basic data about the subscriber. The fields indicate the username and password that will be required for the subsequent entry into the personal account. In the field that opens, you will see the full name of the user with whom the service agreement was concluded and basic information, such as the personal account number and the balance on it.
Review of satellite operator Sputnik TV Saratov: tariffs, frequenciesIn the event that an error occurs after entering the username or password, it is recommended to call the phones indicated on the website. The operator will provide the data required to enter. Additionally, a service contract number may be required.

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