What you need to know about Orion Express satellite broadcasting provider

Orion Express (Viva TV) is a modern satellite television system. More than 40 channels are available through the Orion Express satellite TV provider. Broadcasting is done in digital quality.

History of the formation of the company

Orion Express, a satellite TV broadcasting provider, is one of the largest Russian operators. He is one of the largest players in the broadcasting market in the Russian Federation and Europe. The composition includes:

  1. Orion Express LLC.
  2. Sky Progress LLC.
  3. Telecard (has its own website, it can be used to register a personal account, select packages from this provider). What you need to know about Orion Express satellite broadcasting providerTelecard coverage area of ​​the satellite operator, according to the official website [/ caption]
  4. LLC.
  5. Vision (Kyrgyzstan).

The provider began its work at the end of 2005.


The provider provides high-quality services in the following areas:

  • Digital TV.
  • Placement of television channels on satellites (140 ° E and 85 ° E).
  • Channel service.
  • Release of TV channels into air broadcasting.
  • Delivery of TV or radio content on the networks of other cable TV operators.
  • Satellite Internet two-way (VSAT) with high speed up and down.

The broadcast quality meets international requirements and standards.

Satellites and coverage, antennas

The orion express provider broadcasts using the technologies of the Express AM2 satellite. Power indicators correspond to modern requirements. There are enough of them to cover a large area. It includes:

  • Russian Federation with territories such as Kamchatka or Chukotka.
  • All CIS countries.
  • Eastern Europe (up to the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea).
  • Territory of Northern China.
  • North of India.
  • South Korea.
  • Japan.

What you need to know about Orion Express satellite broadcasting providerFrom October 2008, broadcasting from the Express AM3 satellite began. This included in the number of viewers people who live in Siberia and the Far East. It is important to take into account that programs are broadcast with an offset from Moscow time by + 4-6 hours. The broadcast of the company’s television programs is played from the following satellites:

  • Express-AM5.
  • Horizons 2.
  • Intelsat 15 (NASA satellite).

What you need to know about Orion Express satellite broadcasting providerViva TV satellite TV coverage [/ caption] The last of the listed devices for receiving and transmitting a television signal has been operating in orbit since 2009. The warranty period is 17 years.

Signal receiving equipment

Before choosing equipment, you need to take into account that the channels are encoded in Irdeto. Any receivers can be used. With regard to this equipment, the company has chosen a position of technological neutrality. The main equipment that you need to purchase in order to use the provider’s functionality:

  • Receiver with built-in card capture reader (for Irdeto coding or model with CI slots for pcmcia).
  • Conditional Access Modules.
  • Irdeto module.

What you need to know about Orion Express satellite broadcasting provider Brands and models are not limited to specific manufacturers as the channels are broadcast to users at low bit rates.
What you need to know about Orion Express satellite broadcasting provider

Important! When choosing, it should be borne in mind that not all commercially available receivers are capable of operating at low speeds.

Receiver models recommended by the provider: ARION AF3030 IR, ARION AF-3300E, Topfield TF6400IR, Topfield 5000CI. Additionally, you need to purchase an Irdeto module. Golden Interstar GI-S790IR can be installed. Also, such receivers as:

  • Openbox X820.
  • Openbox
  • Dreambox 7020.
  • Dreambox 702
  • ItGate TGS100.

The antenna should be 0.9 meters in diameter. A linear polarizing converter may be required as additional equipment that can enhance reception and improve the quality of received channels
. Mandatory elements of the kit: cable for connecting the dish, equipment and TV, tuner,
access card . A linear polarization converter is installed to access additional TV channels that are not included in the standard package. The access card is valid for 6 months.

Channel packages from Orion Express – current prices for 2021

The official website https://www.orion-express.ru/ contains current channel packages that a subscriber can use. You can use standard channels that are broadcast throughout the country. Also, the choice is presented by packages. Orion Express satellite TV, providing a total of more than 50 domestic and 20 foreign TV channels. The packages presented on the platform include sports, music, entertainment, news and children’s TV channels, as well as the best channels with films and series.
What you need to know about Orion Express satellite broadcasting providerThe Orion Express package is broadcast from the Intelsat 15 satellite. Image standards can be set to be optimal for the user. Several options are presented: standard definition (SD), high definition (HD). Broadcasting is carried out in MPEG2 / DVB-S or MPEG4 / DVB-S2 formats. The satellite receiver has a built-in card reader, which is used for Irdeto encoding. Satellite receiver with CI slots are used for conditional access modules. Current offers from satellite TV provider:

  • Satellite broadcasting for the whole family. The packages include more than 50 digital TV channels and 13 all-Russian TV channels. Continent TV package is distributed without loss of image quality throughout the country. What you need to know about Orion Express satellite broadcasting providerLK Continent TV [/ caption]
  • Telecard (by packages for the Russian Federation). What you need to know about Orion Express satellite broadcasting providerOfficial site telecard [/ caption]
  • Telekarta Vostok – broadcasting is made specifically for subscribers who live in Siberia or the Far East. After installing the equipment and connecting it, they get access to 46 TV channels.

Log in to your Orion Express account at http://cable.orion-express.ru/:
What you need to know about Orion Express satellite broadcasting providerOrion Express personal account on the official website [/ caption] The offer for Siberia and the Far East includes 11 free all-Russian TV channels. They are broadcast in different hour versions. The cost of the service is about 280 rubles / month.

Price and rates

Using the example of the Orion Telekarta group of companies, the packages will be as follows:

  • Pioneer (80 channels – 90 rubles / month).
  • Master (145 channels – 169 rubles / month).
  • Leader (225 channels – 269 rubles / month).
  • Premier (250 channels – 399 rubles / month).

You can pay immediately for a year of use or deposit funds every month. If you use packages directly from Orion (https://www.orion-express.ru/), then you can choose a package without a monthly fee. It includes 6 channels: First, Russia, Sport, Star, Culture, Vesti. A package of 42 channels for 2388 rubles per year. They are subdivided into etheric, cognitive, sports, children’s, news and others. Additionally, this package includes radio stations. Orion Express, the official website of which offers various services to enhance the signal quality, presents its subscribers with an optimal combination of price and quality. Tuning of antennas and equipment should be made taking into account the peculiarities of the terrain and region. Experts will help you to properly set up signal reception. You need to considerthat it can be difficult to pass in some places. The reason is that there is not a sufficiently low point of the satellite’s orbit. https://youtu.be/LFdxmEMy5sM

Channel tuning, connection, operating frequencies and problems

Approximate technical characteristics of broadcasting channels that can be used in the setup process. Information will be required during debugging of the receiver, for diagnostics and signal search:

  • The carrier frequency is 11044 MHz.
  • Polarization – horizontal.
  • Symbol rate – 44948 Ks / s.
  • Error Correction Code (FEC) – 5/6.

Please note that performance may vary from region to region or country to country. https://youtu.be/1Z5akJFnTSc

How to pay for the service

If Orion Express packages are used, payment is made by card. Other companies that are part of, for example, Orion Express Telecard, can accept funds through your personal account (making payment online), using bank payments.

Registration in your personal account, billing

If we consider the personal account of Telekarta Orion Express, then registration is made on the official website https://www.telekarta.tv/. First you need to go to a special section of the menu. The user is offered several options to choose from:

  • By phone number.
  • By email.What you need to know about Orion Express satellite broadcasting provider

Registration of a personal account by phone number will require entering in the appropriate fields:

  • Phone numbers.
  • User data.
  • Card numbers.

What you need to know about Orion Express satellite broadcasting providerA confirmation code will be sent to the specified phone number, which will also need to be entered in the appropriate field to confirm the identity of the subscriber and complete the process of registering a personal account. After successfully entering the received code, you can create a password. It is recommended to memorize or rewrite it, as it will be required to enter your Personal Account. At this stage, you can change your login. Registration by e-mail is carried out in a window called “Another way of registration”. To start the procedure, you will need to enter the access card number. Then the current mail address is indicated. In this case, the confirmation code will not be sent to the mobile phone, but to the receiver. Its validity period is 24 hours. During this period of time, it is necessary to complete the registration process – enter the code in the appropriate field. All that remains is to find the password,to enter your Personal Account using the link https://www.telekarta.tv/ – at the moment, registration of a new subscriber of Viva satellite TV takes place using this link.
What you need to know about Orion Express satellite broadcasting provider Login to your personal account telecard – a new client is being registered through this site [/ caption]

Attention! If the email address is the same as when activating the access card, then the confirmation code will be sent directly to the mail.

If we consider the personal account of the installer on the Orion Express – telecard, then it should be borne in mind that registration takes place for partners and subscribers in different ways. Installers will need to enter various information and data in paragraphs. This is necessary in order for the company to have detailed information about the partner’s form. The entrance to the personal section for individuals (service users) is carried out with the help of cards that are issued to customers. In the corresponding field, you must enter the number. After that, access to the Personal Account will be opened.


The main advantages of the Orion Express company are the affordable cost of TV and radio packages, high and stable image quality, clear and rich sound, a large selection of channels of various topics, constant technical support for users, carried out by phone. How to check the balance – by card number. Detailed information regarding the state of the account is available to the subscriber in the “My Account” tab. Here you can go to account replenishment. Is there a Promised Payment service – yes, it can be connected in your personal account.

Reviews of satellite TV Orion and its subsidiaries

I use a satellite dish from Telekart for a television signal in a private house. The broadcasting quality is satisfactory, it did not fall below average values ​​even in heavy snowfall and in windy weather. The installation was carried out by the company’s employees, so there were no difficulties with setting up and adjusting the channels.

Sometimes the picture may freeze for a few seconds, but in general it is not critical for this kind of TV signal. Free channels work (sometimes disconnected), but after a call to the operator everything works again.

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