Current NTV PLUS channel packages – prices as of autumn 2022

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NTV PLUS channel packages – an up-to-date list, the most popular channels in packages, the price of September 2022, night, children’s, adults, sports channels in NTV channel packages. Interested subscribers are advised to pay attention to the NTV PLUS offer – popular channel packages and the current price for autumn 2022. For example, a children’s package of NTV Plus channels – the price for September 2022:
Current NTV PLUS channel packages - prices as of autumn 2022

Current channel packages from NTV PLUS with prices and conditions for the main regions for the fall of 2022

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that in the spring of 2022, some foreign TV channels stopped broadcasting throughout the Russian Federation.

Television broadcasting provider NTV PLUS offers packages that take into account not only topics and interests, but also the financial component. Here you can learn more about the offers that will be valid for the main regions of the country: with a general list. So, the most profitable connection is NTV PLUS basic plus. The cost of this package is only 199 rubles per month. It includes 155 channels. In addition to federal channels, here are channels by thematic areas:

  • Baby.
  • Cognitive.
  • Entertaining.
  • Movies and series.

The advantage of connecting is that the subscriber will be able to save money, but will receive high quality broadcast, high-quality image and rich sound. The main part of the basic package can also be viewed online (using the Internet). You won’t need to pay anything for this. This feature will be convenient for owners of TVs with the Smart TV function. You can also watch programs and movies on any other device, including a smartphone or laptop. So, on vacation, on the road or in the country, your favorite channels will always be available for viewing. Another advantage is the option to archive TV programs. With its help, you can watch the program at any time and not adjust your plans in order to catch the live broadcast. This NTV PLUS package contains an impressive list of channels:
Current NTV PLUS channel packages - prices as of autumn 2022Or these:
Current NTV PLUS channel packages - prices as of autumn 2022There is another option that will reduce the cost of television – the Economic package.
Current NTV PLUS channel packages - prices as of autumn 2022For the use of this package, you will need to pay only 750 rubles per year. It will be possible to watch 71 channels. An important feature is that, according to the terms of the provider, only new subscribers can connect this package when registering an agreement. You can also connect any number of additional thematic packages to the package, for example, children’s channels from NTV PLUS. The minimum subscription period is 12 months.
Current NTV PLUS channel packages - prices as of autumn 2022The cost of a package of children’s channels (7 pieces) is only 129 rubles per month. The peculiarity of the package is that it contains channels that will be of interest not only to kids or younger students, but also to teenagers. Broadcasting involves showing cartoons, entertainment and educational programs. Various films and animated series are also included in the broadcast program. Other additional NTV packages that can be connected for an additional fee:

  • Entertaining – 8 channels (139 rubles per month).
  • Musical – 7 channels (149 rubles per month).
  • Night – 7 channels (169 rubles per month).

A package of Viasat TV channels is also presented. It contains a unique selection, the best collection, which consists of TV channels popular among viewers of different ages. There are topics for every taste here. You can watch cult world films, which also offer a variety of genres, from action to well-known Soviet films. You can also find in the package various documentaries about nature or history, educational scientific programs, both for the whole family and children, programs about everyday life or sports. The cost of the package is 299 rubles per month. The offer is a replacement for NTV PLUS movie hit. Full list of NTV PLUS channel packages with prices and list:
Current NTV PLUS channel packages - prices as of autumn 2022For those who are used to the best and do not want to part with it even when watching TV, a package of 5 channels is offered, called ViP. It is intended, first of all, for those who do not like or do not want to choose what to see for a long time, but prefer only the best. Here are channels for every taste. Users are offered current premieres, including Hollywood films. New and exclusive series are regularly broadcast, which users can watch simultaneously with the whole world. This package also includes movie hits, there are programs about nature and history. The peculiarity is that the picture and sound quality are always offered at the highest level. The cost of use is 399 rubles per month.
Current NTV PLUS channel packages - prices as of autumn 2022Another package that is relevant in 2022 is called Cinema Mood! Here is a list of NTV channels, oriented for viewing with the family. It is suitable for those who like to watch movies. With the proposed 4 channels, everyone will find for themselves what to watch on the weekends, or after a hard day’s work. Both a variety of cult films and the premieres of the current year are broadcast. The cost is 299 rubles per month.
Current NTV PLUS channel packages - prices as of autumn 2022For those who love sports, there is also a current offer from the provider – the Match Premier channel package. There are 2 additional channels here. You can select an option in the enhanced image. All significant events that take place in the world of sports every day are broadcast here.


Special offers allow you to save extra, but get the best TV deals and always stay in the center of events taking place in the world of television. In the NTV PLUS package price section, you can see current price offers for the main regions. So among the shares there is an offer of Online TV. You can try it at no extra charge for 30 days. Further – 199 rubles per month. Another relevant offer is television to the dacha
Current NTV PLUS channel packages - prices as of autumn 2022. You can connect through the promotion until 09/31/2022. The offer includes:

  1. The first 6 months – Basic package online. It presents more than 150 channels of different genres. Most of them can be watched online on different devices.
  2. The second 6 months – U! Dachny package. It includes more than 20 channels, including all federal ones.
  3. Additional theme packs can be connected in accordance with the offers that are valid for the Basic Online package. Special prices for equipment are also included in the offer. A set with a digital TV set-top box can be purchased for 4499 rubles. It will be compatible with any TV. There is a TV pause function and the ability to record programs and movies. An extended TV guide is also offered. The device helps to select the optimal frequencies of NTV channels, as they may differ depending on the region. Another offer allows you to purchase a kit with a TV module. Its price is 2999 rubles. This offer includes an enhanced electronic TV guide as well as the ability to control the TV remote control. It is necessary to follow the promotions, as new offers appear quite often,

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